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What songs would you like to hear during the 97/98 world tour?
Name your favourite live Stones songs!

IORR will collect all the entries with your list of favourite live Stones songs, and also collect entries from the internet. When the deadline is reached, all entries will be collected, and a list of the top 25 songs will be put up on internet, and also published in the next issue of IORR.

You may not know, but the Stones do take all suggestions for songs seriously. Also, they do visit internet from time to time. By sending in your list of songs, you may be able to make sure your favourite song is on the list!

These are the rules of how to enter your favourite songs (you may also use the IORR internet pages, see page 31):

1. Use a separate sheet of paper, or even better, a postcard. Don't write any other messages on that paper. Or use this internet form directly!

2. Name 3 different songs maximum, the songs you must hear on the new tour.

3. Make sure your list of songs arrives by July 15 at the latest.

The result of this query will be available within one week after the deadline, so that Mick & Keith knows what songs they must play in order to satisfy their hard core fans! To make it extra fun submitting your list of songs, IORR will give away 3 great surprise gifts to randomly picked entries. So hurry, make up your list!

The entry of your favorite songs is now closed!

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