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The press conference June 10

The Rolling Stones held a press conference at their hotel today at 6pm, to announce their European Tour 2006. The following is a summary of the press conference. For more details see the new magazine IORR 56 due out in about two weeks time.

Michael Cohl - the tour manager - opened up the press conference shortly after 6pm, stating this was the most successful tour in history, with more than 4.5 million people seeing the Stones since tour start in August 2005. The tour have been visiting three continents and they are continuing to set industry records. And they just finalized the set list last night at the rehearsals at San Siro. PS. Nobody in the press seemed to catch that rather important bit...

At 6:11pm The Rolling Stones took the stage. Like they have been doing for 43 years by now. Many press people weren't even born when the Stones did their first press conference in the early 60's. No wonder The Stones - and Mick in particular - are better at doing this than any others.

Mick said hello to the press in Italian. In fact he said a lot more than hello, but as this editor is not Italian by language it is hard to reproduce. Italian fans watching the TV broadcast might fill in...

Some 250 press people from Europe attended the press conference. Photographers. Camera people. Writing press etc.

Facing the press it was left to right:
Keith, Ronnie, Mick, Charlie.
PS. The photos in the press were done at a separate photo session 10 minutes before the actual press conference and are not from the actual press conference itself.
Keith made himself comfortable by leaning his left hand on Ronnie's shoulder. He knew most tough questions would be directed at him, while Ronnie was a safe haven not expecting any hard questions. Charlie was looking like he always does; not too interested, still there because he is part of the band. Mick was as sharp as ever, ready for any question, smiling, very very ready.

The press conference lasted for around 20 minutes, with an opening session dedicated to each of the four Stones. Most of what was said was translated into Italian.

I feel great. I can't wait. Everything's cool.

I had a week off...

"The wonderful illutionist" (said by Ronnie).

AP asked Keith about the recovery. Keith wasn't sure how to respond. Mick came to his rescue saying: "It's six weeks". I.e. no big deal. Case closed.

When asked about touring plans next year, Mick said "No plans", while Keith said "We are hopeful".

Keith said he would be filming with Johnny Depp for a week in September. That's why nothing is supposed to happen vs. Stones touring mid September (IORR comment).

One question was asked by MTV Italy. What is the best part of life. They left for Charlie to answer that one. He mumbled "Waking up every morning". Nobody seemed to hear or pay any attention to one of the best and well formulated answeres of the entire press conference. But the RS management demanded an Italian translation, and after Ronnie repeating Charlie's answer, they got it right in Italian. Give it a second thought and I am sure you agree...

As always the press conference was over all to soon, so many not so interesting questions asked by the journalists, but then again they are not fans, they do this every day, and most of the time they run the show and not the artists. More in IORR 56...


The Rolling Stones arrived into Milan on Thursday July 6, and did three days of rehearsals at The Alcatraz. The following picture was taken at the Alcartaz on Thursday July 6, at an informal "press conference" that day, i.e. the band lined up for some photos for fans and press photograpers that was there at the time. They are all in a great shape of course!


The Stones have been doing 4 rehearsals in Milan. Three at Alcatraz, and a short one at San Siro around 5pm to 7pm on Sunday July 9 before the WC final started at 8pm. The following is a list of songs they have been rehearsing in Milan. These songs might be part of the opening show in Milan on Tuesday July 11. ... and others of course ...

Press reports

Meeting places in Milan

For meeting places and other info about Milan see the IORR Milan travel pages.

More about the press conference

See all the reports and great unique picures from the press conference in the brand new issue of the fan club magazine It's Only Rock'n Roll! IORR 56, due out later this month. Sign up for the IORR magazine on the IORR subscription pages.

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