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The Rolling Stones
Praia de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Saturday, February 18, 2006

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These pages will bring you all the details about one of the world's largest rock shows ever - The Rolling Stones at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Saturday Feb. 18. Details about the preparations, the TV broadcast, the DVD, the Stones, where to meet for fans and lots more will be added in here, as well as references to the actual show, with pictures and reports. If you have information please send it by e-mail to: [email protected] - Thanks!

Show day! Saturday Feb 18

Feb. 18 at 3pm: The front sections are supposed to be opened up at 4pm. Right now there are around 100,000 people lined up for the show, while another few hundred thousand are on the beach, on the street or on their way to the show.

Feb. 18 at 3pm: A tribute to the Stones. All made up by sand from the beach.

Feb. 18 at 9am: It is early morning in Rio and there are already more than 1000 fans in place on the Copacabana beach first open area in front of the B-stage.

Feb. 18 at 9am: We're wasting time!

Feb. 18 at 9am: The stage, the walkway from the Stones hotel to the backstage area, and the first 1000 or so fans in place. There's space for plenty more!

Feb. 18 at 9am: Boys!

Feb. 18 at 9am: Girls!

Feb. 18 at 9am: Coconut drinks!

Feb. 18 at 9am: Security...

Feb. 18 at 9am: More security...

Friday Feb 17

Feb. 17: The Rolling Stones arrived early morning today. See arrival details below. The stage has been all finished for a day or so. They are now working on security barriers and the other parts of the show. Locals fans are having a great time by the B-stage celebrating the big event tomorrow, singing and dancing.

Feb. 17: Outside the Stones-hotel at 10pm in the evening. A few hundred fans and a bunch of photographers are patiently waiting in case somebody in the band will show up.

Feb. 17: Hundreds of items for sale by hundreds of street vendors. T-shirts at R 20. The official ones showed up today as well price R 50, which is 10 US dollars lower than in North America. Today is really the day when everybody in Copacabana have started to mingle and the subject is only THE STONES. Even in the other beaches like at Ipanema it is still ONLY STONES - hundreds of T-shirt sellers, all sorts of collector's items with Stones logos and Stones-related stuff. Tomorrow is the big day. The biggest day...

The arrival to Rio

From the press and about their arrival - thanks to Gaby Del Bianco for translations!

The Stones landed in Rio at 2:40 this morning. They did not talk to the press and were immediately driven to their hotel under a strong security scheme, A bus and a Mercedes left the airport at 3 am, escorted by 30 policemen in motorcycles, 15 police cars and private security. They took the longest route to the hotel to avoid the "red line" (dangerous district). They entered the hotel through a back door, disappointing some 100 fans that were waiting at the main entrance.

Ron Wood showed up in the balcony holding a cell phone. See picture of Ronnie.

Later Keith showed up as well.

They have requested a car to do some sightseeing today and are expected to visit a samba school tonight or tomorrow. After the show they bare expected to go directly to Buenos Aires.

New pictures of the stage and screen testing are at: Terra.

Thursday Feb 16

Feb. 16: A new stage design has been put on top of the original base stage. With the original base stage at around 6 feet and the new stage at 6 feet lowest point we do now have a stage that is around 12 feet i.e. 3 meters high. And there are wings that are higher. See picture above taken in the morning today. Also, the moving stage part that will take then out to the B-stage is now in place as well. See picture far left side.

They have placed a security crash barrier that will protect the front area to be pushed to hard. This front area will probably hold around 200,000 people. The beach can take 10 times that. In the front both sides there will be VIP areas, according to the newspapers.

Feb. 16: The beach is now having like 8 sets of extra sound towers each for a group of 200,000 people or so. See the B-stage is now in place with two wings, waithing for the center stage coming from the main stage, with the band. And you can see the first section for around 200,000 people as well. Afternoon picture.

Wednesday Feb 15

Feb. 15: In the middle of the day they have got more stage decorations. Now they have even started to insert the main screen. As you see there is space in the middle for one or two big screens.

Feb. 15: All made from sand. Plus a litte red color for the lips. Unbelievable what you can do from almost nothing. Now working on the "Welcome" bit...

Feb. 15: If you don't know the Stones will be doing an even bigger bang at the Copacabana on Saturday Feb 18 and you are in Rio then you don't move around much. This sign is built in front of the tunnel just before you get into the Cobacabana area.

Feb. 15: Rainbow Pizzaria. Is there a better place to be for a quick drink? They have ITAIPAVA beer on draft. Right in front of the stage on the beach side vs. the Av. Atlantica

Feb. 15: The stage as it looks like in the afternoon. The new elevated stage have been put on top of the main base stage. The big video screen will be raised at a higher level eventually. More screens to come.

Tuesday Feb 14

Feb. 14: The stage as seen from above and behind. They are building a separate walkway so that the Rolling Stones can walk to the show from their hotel, without having to cross the Cobacabana traffic. Notice the large backstage area at the right, and the special B-stage with a walkway to the left.

Feb. 14: The stage area is as per now a hard hat area. Hundeds of construction workers are building it. Notice the stage is relatively low compared to the estimated crowd of 1 million people. This is due to all the monitors and screens they are building on the beach now.

Feb. 14: Stage as seen from the front. The first PA system is on it's way up on the right. The video screen at the right is finished, while the video screen at the left was finished later today.

Feb. 14: Lots of steel to be mounted. Notice one of the many additional sound and vision towers in the background. They are building many of these, so that people all over the beach can see and hear.

Feb. 14: Balcony Bar & Cafe. Four blocks from the stage at Av. Atlantica 1424, three blocks from the Copacabana Palace. Nice bar to meet up, as it is the only real bar in the area, facing the beach, with plenty of outside and inside place, drinks, foods. Just stay out of trouble like Keith says.

Travel advices

As you fly into Rio Airport, make sure you have a hotel already, as everything seems to be fully booked. Ask the tourist agents at the airport if you don't have any hotel still. You will get plenty of offers for a taxi ride downtown at a fixed rate inside the terminal building. Just ignore them and take one of the official yellow cabs (with a blue stripe) lined up just outside the terminal. They are cheapest as they run by the meter. A taxi ride to the Cobacabana Stones stage Copacabana Palace area cost around 35 Reais i.e. around 15 US dollars. Take the advice given in any big city - leave the wallet safe behind in your room and bring only R 100 or so pocket money. Enjoy Rio!

Meeting places

Please send information, comments and reviews by e-mail to: [email protected].

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