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The Rolling Stones
TD Banknorth Garden, Boston, MA
Sunday, January 15, 2006

The set list

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Rough Justice
  4. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  5. Rocks Off
  6. Memory Motel
  7. Rain Fall Down
  8. Tumbing Dice
  9. Gimme Shelter
    --- Introductions
  10. This Place Is Empty (Keith)
  11. Happy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. You Got Me Rocking
  14. Get Off Of My Cloud
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Paint It Black
  18. Start Me Up
  19. Brown Sugar
  20. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  21. Satisfaction (encore)
Sloan (warm-up) 7:30pm -  8:10pm
Rolling Stones  9:15pm - 11:10pm

Review by Bj�rnulf Vik

It was the coldest day I have experienced in a long long time away from home. Compared to the warm Friday it felt like the arctic had invaded Boston today. The crowd was not so mad as on Friday so I though this would be great but may be not as great as Friday. But for a start we got some great songs, and "Rocks Off" was really great.

When you have been to a few shows you tend to pay attention to small details. Like why do they bring up a wah wah pedal at this point for Ronnie? It took like two or three seconds and I go wild as they play "Memory Motel". My favorite. The song I have been waiting for since they rehearsed it in Toronto this summer. Mick is singing it with a great voice. Then it is time for Keith to do his vocal part. Just as he is starting to sing, the entire crowd is roaring. It is building up all over the arena and it is great to see how the crowd is loving this song. Back to Mick. Then as it is Keith on vocals one more time the crowd noise is getting even louder. Mick is smiling. Standing just in front of Charlie, lip-syncing to the words Keith is singing.

After Memory Motel they could have done anything I would have been happy with the rest of the show. But they did much better. Soon after we got "Gimme Shelter". Another favorite. "Night Time" has just been some warm-up for Lisa. This was her song. But before she came up to the front with Mick she passed by Keith and picked up a kiss from him, sort of Keith saying "nail this one Lisa!". And so she did!

The small stage was great fun. Flowers were flying. Security tried to keep us away but there is no way you can keep Stones fans at a distance in such a great night. Back to the main stage Honky Tonk Women got the crowd wild once more, very popular tonight.

"Paint It Black" another bonus. Great every time. I think this is one of the best sets of songs I have ever got at a Stones show! And may be it is just luck - at the final bow Chuck threw some wrapped up paper my way, I catched it and stacked it down into my pocket. On the underground back from the show I wrapped it up and then I realized it was the set list - signed Chuck Leavell. Thank you Chuck. I know you had a helping hand designing this dream set list. Every time I hear Memory Motel I am in Stones heaven. Thank you Stones!

Review by Joe Conte

First off, thanks to Sloan. They tried, and like Keith always says, "hey, if you go out there and play, you're OK with me". But now the Main Event of the evening, The Rolling Stones, perhaps for the final time ever in my hometown of Boston. The crowd was extra hot tonight, which always makes for a great show. Rocks Off was a nice surprise, as was Memory Motel! Crowd went nuts with this one...especially when Keith took the vocals and of course after the Boston reference.

Then the tour debut of Gimme Shelter. The opening of this song always brings goosebumps to me. And Lisa really nailed her solo, and the crowd gave her a huge ovation, loudest I ever heard for Lisa. Did I mention the crowd was extra hot tonight?? The crowd remained standing for Keith's 2 songs tonight...then off to the B stage. The crowd at that end really jumped and danced and waved their arms to the boys during the B stage set. You Got Me Rocking was played here, and though lots of people do not think this song belongs in the set list, it really is a great concert song, and the boys did it very well tonight. The boys reciprocated the love at the B stage as roses and bras and panties were flying. The boys really seemed touched at the crowd reaction.

Back to the main stage for the familiar ending of the big hits, including tonight Paint It Black. You Cant Always Get What You Want was as beautiful as ever and was a huge sing along. Did I mention the crowd was extra hot tonight??? Then the close with Satisfaction, Mick gave his all and Charlie gave an extra long outro as the crowd got louder and louder. Really an amazing sight. I am down to 2 remaining shows, this weeks 2 nights at MSG. Then it's over for me. Major depression is setting in. If this is the last tour, and this is my last review, just let me say Thank You to BV, and of course The Rolling Stones!

Review by Ed Quinn

BV Beat everyone to the punch tonight with a great review so I will keep it Short. GIMME SHELTER ,GIMME SHELTER And please GIMMEEEEEEEE MORE SHELTER. It's about F&*$#@! time. This is Lisa at her best she was doing a great job with Night time on the first leg of the tour but trash it for shelter the rest of the way. Rocks Off ,Yes done very nicely, it amazes me when some one says Oh this must be a new one, about a song that is 34 years old. But the crowd loved it.

I was first row in the lodge dead center with the small stage so When they came down I saw the setlist with Paint it black "Yee Ha " great version and great light show with it. The crowd was really into it tonight and Mick had their full attention. Two Shows in a Row with out SHATTERED I am thanking Jesus, Allah ,Buddha, or any God who gets this song off the setlist. ONNYA replaced by Rough Justice I would like both every show. I met some dudes from Norway at the Dunkin Donuts and I assumed that they were IORR members but they knew nothing about it. They were in town for some business and they said they did not even know the Stones were playing They bought tickets at the window and had a great time.

I brought some recently retired friends of mine to the Show tonight it was their first rock concert ever. I was skeptical about their reaction to all this crazy mayhem but they were totally amazed and could not phathom the energy that 63 year old Mick had, they are Micks age. I also brought my forty year old brother in law He never saw the Stones until Fenway back in August and now these two garden shows. His reaction was Quote " Ed I'm a believer now, when do you think they are coming back." So I just keep turning new fans onto the Boys. Overall Two great shows in Boston with some good setlist changes. I am sure some IORR members will still Piss and Moan about what was not played. GO right ahead you are entitled to your Opinion but you won't change my mind these shows were Awesome.

Review by Kent Lusnia, Easthampton, MA

Driving into the show tonight I was thinking about what they might change up in the setlist, I thought about going back to SMU as the opener, dropping LSTNT and IORR, THANK GOODNESS I was wrong on all accounts. If I had to give my review a header it would be "JAGGER UNLEASHED". Mick was absolutely on fire tonight, about 3 seconds into JJF he was airborne and it only got better as the show went on.

1.Jumping Jack Flash - absolute awesome start to the show, The Garden was rocking, Keith and Ronnie's guitars were blazing away and Mick was absolutely going wild at the end of the song, he was running , jumping and going nuts.

2.Let's Spend the Night Together - I was really surprised they played this one again, pleasantly surprised that is. They played a very clean, great version. The crowd really loved this one. Mick thanked us all for coming out on such a Fuc*ing cold night (and it was all of about zero tonight)

3. Rough Justice - glad to see this one in after omitting it on Friday. The boys rocked this one extremely hard.

4. It's Only Rock n Roll - Keith was a mad man on this one. He was prawling both sides of the stage, just playing his heart out. I think the hardest rockin version I have ever heard.

5.Rocks Off - what a great treat to have this one tonight, I always enjoy hearing this song.

6. Memory Motel - I saw the roadies put out a pedal for Ronnie and was trying to figure out what they were going to play. I could not believe they played this one, it is one of my top 10 Stones songs. Last time I heard it was the 99 No Security tour. Awesome version with Mick and Keith alternating on the singing. Another ABB tour debut.

7. Rain Fall Down - great funky song, it works just great live. Daryll again had a very nice solo during the song. Keith threw in a couple extra notes at the end of the song. Keith had the biggest s**t eating grin on after playing those extra notes and Mick & Ronnie had a good chuckle over it.

8.Tumbling Dice - when they didn't play this one in the usual 4 spot I thought it would be another Albany and it got dropped, thankfully I was wrong again, I absolutely love this song, an awesome version with the crowd really into it.

9.Gimme Shelter - I had heard that they had soundchecked this on Friday and was hoping we might get it, all I can say is WOW, they took the house down with this one tonight, Lisa's solo along with Mick was absolute magic. The crowd was going nuts during and after this song. Another ABB tour debut.

Intros - It always seems like there is something to do with Ronnie, tonight he was putting on a coat when it was his turn and he came over to Mick and gave him a big hug as if he was cold and Mick said on "She's So Cold" Ron Wood.

10.This Place is Empty - a really sweet Keith ballad, the entire band except for Mick plays on this one.

11. Happy - I never get tired of hearing this one, at one point as Ronnie was sitting in his chair, Keith came over and bending down just inches off the floor just jammed it out with Ronnie, absolutely awesome.

12. Miss You - The best rocking version I have ever heard, they really nailed this tonight.

13. You Got Me Rocking - I know some of you do not like this one very much, but Mick had the crowd going absolutely nuts on this one tonight. It was amazing watching the band interact together, they were definately feeding off the crowd. At the end of the song Mick was shaking a couple of maracas, nice little touch.

14. Get Off My Cloud - awesome oldie, once again the crowd was wild into singing along with the band. 15. Honky Tonk Woman - great signature classic, as the stage was just heading back as it starting to rise Mick wasn't paying attention and stepped down and almost landed in the C Section. I must say this was the most raucus B stage set I have ever seen, the crowd was just going nuts the entire time.

16.Sympathy for the Devil - just love this song, at the end Mick was just screaming the lyrics, just an over the top performance.

17.Paint It Black - great surprise to have this one tonight, always a crowd favorite. I just love Charlie banging away on his drums on this song.

18. Start Me Up - a real explosive version tonight. I like it much better and the end of the night. Mick was all over the stage, Keith and Ronnie did some really great guitar work on this song.

19.Brown Sugar - the crowd was all over this classic song tonight. Mick was half way out on the extension and working the crowd as only he can do. A little longer tonight, Mick kept on saying one more several times, I think Keith was just in the zone and did not want to end it.

20. You Can't Always Get What You Want - another crowd sing-a-long, just perfect.

21. Satisfaction - the most scorched earth version I have ever heard. The boys absolutely tore this one up tonight, as it was nearing the end Mick said "keep it going" and then proceeded to just go absolutely nuts, he was running and dancing like a crazed teenager. His energy just brought the crowd to a fevered pitch. As it ended the confetti was released and this amazing night came to an end.

As Larry said I sure hope a good boot comes out of this show as it was absolutely amazing. In all the years I have seen the Stones, Mick put on just an amazing performance that only a dvd would do justice to. The Garden crowd on Friday was great, tonight they were over the top, I thought it was the 70's all over again. If this was the final Stones show ever in Boston we definately went out with the Biggest Bang ever.

Review by Joseph Santoro

Not much more I can add that hasn�t been said, but I will try. The thing that impressed me most about the show was the passion Mick & Charlie had. That�s not to say Ron & Keith weren�t but Mick was just so into the show, and Charlie was like a drummer possessed. When Mick asked who had been to the shows in August & got a big response he said they had a few changes tonight. A few minutes later �ROCKS OFF. WOW!!

I thought �As Tears Go By� would be coming but wait, could it be�MEMEORY MOTEL!!!! I thought I was gonna cry. The look on Keith�s face when he sang his parts was awesome. How could they top this? A few songs later... it can�t be! GIMME SHELTER. This might be the definitive live version. And yes Lisa was unbelievable. After this song I asked my wife to call 911 because I think I just died. Mick was in high energy and at his spastic best. He is the definition of a frontman.

The guitars throughout the night were spot on. They usually shy Charlie, during his introduction playfully banged on his drums. He was having fun. From Get Off My Cloud to Satisfaction, the Stones embraced their sixties roots with 6 of the last 8 songs from that era, and brown Sugar did miss that time by much. Now stop reading these reviews and go buy your tickets now!

Review by Witz

Sunday night on a FRIGID night in Boston, the Stones, once again put on a great show. There were repeated "cold" jokes by Mick and Keith during the show, which begged the obvious segue into She's So Cold and the less obvious segue into She Was Hot, neither of which we got. [I know, I know, I think I have lamented the lack of She Was Hot in every review I have written here, maybe it's time to move on.]

I won't go song by song, as you can get that elsewhere on this page. However, I liked the minor shake ups to the set list (this was my third show of the tour--MSG, Meadowlands). Jumping Jack Flash was better than Start Me Up as an opener and then it was right into Let's Spend the Night Together. Having not heard that one in a few tours it was a nice return to their 60's roots. With the usual standards, plus Paint It, Black, Get Off My Cloud and Gimme Shelter, we had about 8-9 songs from the 60s. Memory Motel was a nice surprise. I havent read any setlists or reviews from this leg, yet, so I dont know if MM has been played all three nights, but I think it was possibly done for the locals (back up to Boston..." got a big roar). The only other Boston referene I can think of would have been in Midnight Rambler, but that was left out of the set tonight. Not being from Boston, it was amusing to hear the Boston line get cheered, but none of the NY lines get acknowledged, as it is the first time in my 20 plus shows over the last 25 years out side of NYC, so I am not used to those reactions.

Another comment on the Beantown crowds--you guys dont like to stand, huh? I know there were some on their feet, but everyone in my section was sitting. Anyway, it was a "relaxing" way to see a show. My biggest surprise with the crowd came during the first encore, as Mick was singing about his trip to the Chelsea drug store, everyone started singing "You Can't Always get What You Want" right after Mick sang that Mr. Jimmy "looked pretty ill."!!! In my section Mick was actually drowned out by this ill-timed rendition of the "chorus!" Hey, Beantown, learn the words!!!!

A few isolated musings: I have read a lot in the TELL ME section of this (wonderful) web site about how far Ronnie's playing has sunk. I am not a musician myself, but i thought he sounded fine last night, and it seemed as if he was being featured by the band a bit more than my first two shows last year. As far as I am concerned, not only did Ronnie and Keith sound great last night, but also, it sounded like their amps were turned up louder than I remember, which made for a slightly different sound to some songs--especially Rough Justice. By the way no "Oh No Not You Again"--I miss that one.

Keith, thanks for changing your set. As ballads go, This Place is Empty was nice to hear, as was the return to happy. Before Happy, Keith said "it's good to be here..." with a grin on his face, as if he even realizes that he has overused that line and was almost making fun of himself as he uttered it--anyone else notice this?

All in all a great show and I can't wait 'til Friday night. After the show I was too cold to walk to the predetermined Boston meeting place, but I hope to make it out Friday and meet some of you guys.

[One last note, at the end of Sloan's set, one of the guys dropped his guitar and ran to the extension on stage right and did a dance and ran back to his guitar. I am guessing that was a little "in your face" to the Stones, as I think the opening bands are told not to use that part of the stage. If so, i dont think we'll be hearing them opening for the Stones in '09!]

Review by Chip Dayton, East Hampton, New York

As Mick said F**KIN' cold! But inside it was one of the hottest Stones shows I have ever seen, this being my nineteenth since 1966. Jumpin' Jack was a fullblast opener and "Let's Spend the Night Together" brought back memories of listening to it on my record player in the 60's. "Memory Motel" was extra special, especially when Keith's vocal solo came in. Special to me as the real Memory Motel is here in my hometown of East Hampton, New York. The Stones spent parts of many summers here in the seventies.

"Rain Fall Down" sounded really tight and on the mark. I enjoyed "Miss You" even if I've heard it a thousand times. After the opening act I had gone down from my seat and asked a security guard if he would let me go to the B-Stage later on and he said yes. So during "Happy" I made my way down all the way to the rail on Ron Wood's side. Being up close is just amazing, Mick was a bundle of energy, and Ron Wood had a huge smile on his face the whole time. I had brought along my old Tibetan prayer scarf, just like the one Keith used to wear in the seventies. I held it up a couple of times but Keith didn't see it right away. But during "Get Off of My Cloud" he finally came over to my side, saw the scarf and smiled right away. He leaned down, I handed it to him and he draped it over his shoulder and kept on strumming away. I was floored! What a thrill! He later put it on the drum riser where it remained for the rest of the show. Meanwhile my wife,who had stayed in our seats, saw the whole thing unfold through binoculars! A really great climax to a long day that started for us in a snowstorm not knowing if our ferry would be running. They are truly the "Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World".

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