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The Rolling Stones News 2019

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Mar 14: HONK - New Rolling Stones compilation album announced
The Rolling Stones announced today their new compilation album HONK, due out April 19. See the news entry HONK! and the IORR thread HONK - Limited Edition compilation out April 19
Mar 9: New Rolling Stones studio album in the works now
Keith Richards is ending his MOJO guest editor time with a scoop about the new Rolling Stones studio album: "We're in the studio in a couple of weeks, the whole kit and caboodle. The Stones with Don Was producing, in LA. We'll have it done this year, at some point. We'll put down as much as we can for a week or so, and then we're on the road. So we'll see what happens after that." See the IORR thread New Stones album for 2019?
Mar 9: Keith Richards guest editor of MOJO magazine April edition
Keith Richards is the fourth ever MOJO guest editor, with the MOJO magazine April 2019 edition - in the stores now. The magazine is filled with the world of Keith Richards music, a CD with his choice of music, and a great interview. See the IORR thread Keith curates Mojo Magazine - april 2019.
Feb 11: The Rolling Stones confirmed for Burl's Creek Ontario Canada
The Rolling Stones are confirmed for a show at the Burl's Creek Event Grounds, Ontario Canada on Saturday June 29. See the official pages of the Burl's Creek Event Grounds, and the announcement Rolling Stones announce Canadian show. For tour and travel planning see the IORR Burl's Creek Ontario Canada 2019 travel and show info, and the IORR list of the No Filter Tour 2019 - confirmed and rumoured shows.
Feb 9: The Rolling Stones rumoured show in Toronto Canada
Stones tongues have been showing up at central locations in Toronto Canada this week-end. There are rumours about a Rolling Stones show on Saturday June 29 in the area, four days after the US tour will be ending in Chicago. See the Toronto Sun new entry Are the Rolling Stones Toronto-bound with their No Filter Tour?, the IORR forum updates The Rolling Stones live in Canada 2019?, and the IORR list of the No Filter Tour 2019 - confirmed and rumoured shows.
Jan 15: The Rolling Stones New Orleans show May 2 confirmed
The Rolling Stones are confirming their show at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans on May 2, as previously listed on IORR as a rumoured show. Tickets go on sale Friday. For details see the news entry The Rolling Stones to perform at New Orleans Jazz Fest, the Jazz Fest official web site, and the IORR list of No Filter US Tour 2019 - confirmed and rumoured shows.

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