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Memory Hotel unreleased album information
Posted by: Krzysztof ()
Date: May 7, 2022 20:57

In this post I wanted to gather all the information available about the outtakes release "Memory Hotel", which was to be released in 1999 on the occasion of the 1999 European Bridges To Babylon Tour. However, the Stones album was not released. Information appeared in various news at the time of the announcement. Therefore, I would like to gather all the information in one place. It is an interesting material that could be released.

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Newspapers wrote about this album: record collector, Sticky Fingers magazine from America and of course it's just a rock and roll fan club smiling smiley

Sticky Fingers magazine in advertisment from 1998 informed about new album:
"there is talk about new Stones studio album from 1999: to consist of outtakes from Bridges To Babylon and Voodoo Lounge. Sort of a Tattoo You of the 90's!"

Record Collector - In an earlier issue, the issue of the Stones album with unpublished songs was discussed. However, I cannot access this article.

It's Only Rock And Roll Fan Club News also informed about new album in 23 may 1999 before Stones tour in Europe, that released 31 may 1999.

Record Collector No. 238 June 1999 - write that Memory Hotel album don't released.

The title of the Stones album:

I don't know if there was any official information about this album. Virgin was supposed to be its publisher. The Stones then signed a contract with them. But the title that is called "Memory Hotel" is interesting. May refer to where the outtakes are, which is the Stones archive. They are remembered by the Stones but not published. Of course, Mick said in interviews that he doesn't like recording old material (but we know it was different). In the Stones archives, there is interesting material that was not used for the album. Also at the beginning the title may seem incomprehensible, but if the album were released we would get memorable outtakes that we could listen to at home. And it could even be a reference to the song "Munich Hilton" from the sessions for Some Girls, Ronnie mentions about it in an interview for the book "According to The Rolling Stones". Alternate titles mentioned in iorr: "Poor Little Johnny Glass" and "3 Valley Place".

Disc material:

The album was supposed to contain unpublished recordings of the sessions for the album Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon, although there was information that Steel Wheels was also to be there.
But maybe it could also be material that Mick Jagger recorded during the session where the song So Young was recorded in 1994 (previously it was recorded during sessions for Some Girls). The song was included on the single Love Is Strong to promote the album Voodoo Lounge. Although the 1977/1978 outtakes weren't too bad as we listened, Mick decided to re-record the song, improving his vocal. Apparently, during the session, Mick also recorded a new vocal for the songs "Living In The Heart Of Love", "Drift Away (maybe)" and "Fiji Jim" (reportedly he mentioned the recordings in the interview, I don't remember the source where this information was).
Stones recorded material for the album Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon, which have a lot of interesting outtakes.
Tracklisting (songs reported in iorr):
- Ever Changing World (from BTB sessions);
- Might As Get Well Juiced (alternate version from BTB sessions);
- High Or Low (from BTB sessions);
- Ivy League (from Voodoo Lounge session)

Reportedly in an interview in 1999 or 2000, Bill Wyman said that the album was not released because Mick is a perfectionist and did not want to release unfinished material.

Another story was that No Security sold well and Virgin saw no point in releasing a new outtakes album.

Memory Hotel was said to include B-singles sites for Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon, as well as mixes released on CDs.

Now, we have Fully Finished Studio Outtakes Vol.1,2,3 and there interisting material from Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge and Bridges To Babylon session.

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