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IORR Forum Help and Policy

This page will tell you how to use the IORR Forum pages, so that you can talk to other Stones fans through the internet. For new users and problems see below. To discuss forum issues and hints on using the forum please see the special forum pages Talk About Talk.


The IORR forum pages are made for Stones fans to communicate. Normal manners are expected. Offending language, offending or personal posts are not accepted. Write as if you are talking to normal people. Write normal text, please do not write in UPPER CASE unless it is natural in the context. Please do not post or discuss other individual non-public persons without their approval. Political and religious posts are not accepted. Campaigns are not accepted.


You may have a signature connected to your user profile. Please use a small and non-dominating signature. Graphics are accepted if they are small i.e. smaller than what you write, not dominating. No animations accepted, and please no offending graphics. The signature should not contain any messages or campaigns. It is basically there to show your name or other similar information about yourself.

Where to post

The IORR forum pages are designed to be meeting places. At present there are these places to discuss: You may read the forum pages as much as you like anonymously. In order to talk, i.e. in order to post, you need to register. This is an easy process implemented in order to avoid abuse of these forum places. At first time registration simply insert your name (might be real name or nickname), then your real e-mail address, and choose a username (for your own convenient use at next time use), and you may post messages.

Problems with browsing?

Try another PC. It is probably your own PC/browser that keep old and bad temporary files. To remove these "bad" files try deleting cache and temporarily files, pressing the two keys Ctrl and F5, or Shift and F5, or the menu point "Delete temporary files" in your browser. Or see below: Problems with logging in or posting?

Problems with logging in or posting?

Either: Go to the far end/bottom of the forum page, the select: Options: Mark All Messages Read
Or: Delete all your browser cookies (IE: Tools, Internet Options, General, Delete cookies).

If you do not remember login name and/or password:

Tell Me (forum) - Log in - Did you forget your password?
Then you will get an e-mail with your login name and password.

How to register first time:

Your name = The name you want to display on the message board
Your e-mail = Your real working e-mail address
Username = Login name to use for convenience might be "your name" or anything shorter

If you need to change your user registration data please choose "My Control Center" - "My Profile" and "Edit Profile". For more details about the user registration see below.

To post a new message please choose "New Topic". To post new or commenting messages make sure you have logged in at some point.

These pages are open. No pages will be cencored. However, offending posts will be removed. It should be quite clear what an offending post is. A good advice is always think twice before you post. If you are drunk, don't post. If you talk before you think, think twice before you post. If you don't like what other people say, please comment seriously on the subject, and please try to avoid commenting on persons behind posts. Remember, like in real life, people do have different opinions. If someone in Stonesland like Keith, and you like Ronnie, that is fine. No problem. We need people on both sides of the stage, if you see what I mean...

Example of user registration:

Example: Your real name is Mick Jagger.

Your name = The name that will show up in the forum. Either "mike" or "mick" or "Mick Jagger" or whatever you want to use, either your real name or a nickname.

Username = Login name.
Typically a shorter version, like mjagger or mj or your aol name, or anything that is not taken already. Just like you have on a computer. Please do NOT use messages, offending words or bad language in user names. A login name should not be too long, typically maximum 15-20 characters. A user name is used because you might have a long name like "John Paul Smith Donaldson Nashville Bj´┐Żrngardsrud Evensen", and rather than typing in all of this every time you log into IORR to post, you would choose a shorter form like "jps" or whatever. It's just an internal name for convenience.

The e-mail address should be real and working. Once you have registred, you will get an e-mail with a password, i.e. a technical one of random characters. Then change the password later on, to something convenient once you are in. It's not all that secret - it's just a security measure to prevent other people from posting under your name, i.e. preventing others from making trouble on the net.

If you do not get the verify e-mail then may be your e-mail system is filing the e-mail under the "Junk" or "Spam" or similar folders. Please check all your e-mail folders for the e-mail.

You may change anything in your user profile at any time, except the e-mail address. The login and user profile is simply a system to control the use, and to prevent abuse and offending posts.

I would very much like to have a free and open board, but I realize there need to be a minimum of control. Just like speed limits on the roads, or rules of how much you can drink before you drive, or rules to have license plates on all cars. In a perfect world we would not need anything of that, we would not even need any army or police,

If you have questions related to the IORR forum pages please send email to iorr, and this help page will be updated accordingly.

Thanks for visiting IORR in Stonesland, and have fun talking to fellow Stones fans!

How to publish a picture on the IORR forum pages

Right-click on the photo on a website.
Choose "copy image location" (netscape).
Or "Properties (Explorer) and copy the picture address.
Typically picture address:
Then use the following codes to tell it's a picture:


Remember no spaces (no blanks) between the [IMG] and [/IMG] markers, just the picture address. The picture need to be placed on internet, i.e. you should store your picture somewhere. IORR does not offer storage of picture, but you may link the pictures into your posts as shown here.

Storing pictures

You need to store your photos/pictures on an external site like Flickr or Photobucket - there are many sites for storing photos. Make sure you publish a low-resolution version fit for internet, so that the image is loading fast. Typically 72 dpi and a size that fits to a screen, not way to big. You can not store your original photos on IORR, but you can link to them and display your photos like explainde above.

Posting policy and access

Please do NOT use offensive and/or unacceptable language. If your language i.e. what you say can not be printed in the newspapers then it is probably offensive. IORR is visited by millions of people from all over the world, all cultures, all ages. Please show respect and treat everybody as such. No personal posts or campaigns please, and no posts on politics or religion. They do always start fights and make it unpleasant here. If your posts are deleted, or if your posting access is being deleted, then it is because you have broken these simple rules. Then just tell the IORR editor you understand, and that you will follow the rules, and you will be ok. If not, then IORR is not a place for you, but the there are millions of other places on the net you can talk. Thanks for your understanding.

Off topic posts

IORR is a board dedicated to The Rolling Stones and related topics. Still, other interesting topics may be accepted at times, as long as they are not offending, and as long as there are not too many of them at any time. Make sure you mark your Off Topic post with "OT:" in the subject field. In order to keep the OFF TOPIC number low - after all this is a ROLLING STONES board, not Facebook or Twitter, the IORR Editor will simply remove a lot of the Off Topic posts when they show up. Please do not post off topic, unless it is very important to a lot of us, or interesting in general. Please no more "see me playing in my band" or other types of me-centric posts. Simply too many off topics. Also, boring stuff like food and meal discussions, they are not rock'n'roll, please don't post, they are off topic and will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding.

IORR policy and closed/deleted threads

Please read the "forum help and policies" information on these pages. Please do also note that there are three forums, not just Tell Me. If you want to trade then use the trading forums.

There are few rules on IORR:

  1. Please do not offend
  2. Please do NOT discuss other private persons in the public
  3. Please NO politics and NO religion talks
  4. Off Topic posts may be deleted if they are too many and/or silly
IORR is made thanks to thousands of helpful fans and friends who collaborate with reviews, comments, reports and information. Please note that IORR is a web site I am running in my spare time, as a free service for more than two million Stones fans all over the world. IORR has been online since 1996, now running for seventeen years. IORR is non-commercial, with no ads. As of July 2013 IORR has got 840,000 i.e. close to one millon unique web pages of contents, probably the most content rich web Rolling Stones web site there is.

If your post is missing then please use the "Search Authors" option. May be it is merged into an existing thread on the same subject. Or may be your post was deleted, due to the above rules.

Thanks for your understanding!

Posting policy and more

Please see these threads for more details about IORR policy:

Editorial moderation

IORR is a moderated site. This means it is under editorial control, just like any other serious printed or digital medium. This means there will be an editorial check of what you post. If it is in violation with the forum policy then the post or thread may be moderated. Just like anything you submit to an online site for news, or if you write a letter to a newspaper. They might not print or publish what you want them to publish, because of basic editorial reasons. The moderation of IORR is done in order to maintain the quality of the site. This is the reason why IORR is by far the most popular non-commercial Rolling Stones web site in the world, with more than two million visitors every year.

Please note that approx 99% of all posts are published without the need for any moderation. Most people do read, understand and do respect the rules. Thanks for your cooperation.

Bjornulf Vik (bv)
IORR Editor & moderator
E-mail: [email protected]

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