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These are the latest Rolling Stones news and updates for you! IORR is a non profit fan club run by fans for fans. All parts of the It's Only Rock'n Roll web site is copyright of The Rolling Stones Fan Club. When using information from this site, please include a reference to IORR and the main web address
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IORR Security Policy

For information about IORR please see the separate pages About IORR.

This page is related to the IORR Security Policy.

IORR is an international fan club in support of The Rolling Stones, their music, their band members, crew, and their fans. IORR is located at the web site, with its editorial pages, under control of the editor, as well as the forum pages, as posted by the IORR members. More than two million people do visit IORR every year, and tens of thousands do post comments online in the IORR forum pages. Being the world's largest non-profit Rolling Stones site on the Internet, IORR do take the security of the band, crew, membes, family, fans, and the IORR community itself seriously. This security statement is explaining how the IORR security is enforced. Due to the nature of security, it will not be open for discussion on an individual basis.

IORR should be a safe place for everyone. If you feel something or someone being offending, insecure or unsafe on IORR, please do contact the IORR Editor by e-mail immediately. Please do include details, like web address (URL), also a copy of the contents in question. The contact information of the IORR Editor is listed at the end of this statement.

There are a number of forum pages on IORR, where registered members may post comments. These forum areas are linked up from the IORR main pages, like "Tell Me", "Hot Stuff" and "All Sold Out". These forum pages do work as other online social networks, as well as real life conversations. People talk, people comment, comments may be changed/edited by the person who posted it originally, as well as by the IORR Editor, also known as the moderator.

The policy of the IORR forum pages is posted through a link on top of the forum pages:

For information about how to use this forum please check out forum help and policies

Please do not post offending or negative about individuals, or about IORR as a community, here on IORR, or on other sites. Segregation and negativity will not be accepted. IORR is visited by fans and individuals from all parts of the world, people from more than two hundred countries do visit IORR every year. The safety and the security of the visitors and the registered individuals who post is absolute, and any kind of stalking, offence or negative campaigning directed to individuals, or IORR as a community, is unacceptable. If you do have any comments then please send them to the IORR Editor.

Quoting is a way of including a post in a new post. Normally quoting is harmless, also it may be useful, because people may relate your comment to something already posted. Please do not manipulate or change the quoted text. You may remove image links and also parts of quoted text, byt you should not copy comments or text from other threads or pages, that would be manipulation of a quote. Also, quoting more than 2-3 levels makes the forum less readable, also it might be a sign of an argument going on, please avoid deep multi-level quotes, as they may be deleted, due to the nature of some of these almost endless quotes.

Please keep in mind the fact that a lot of visitors and members of IORR do not have English as their first language. Some times it may be hard to understand irony or local comments. Please bear that in mind when somebody, who may not be English spoken by first language, may say something you think is not perfect English. Tolerance and understanding is important in an international forum such as IORR.

There are more than one million posts on the IORR forum pages. The Editor and moderator on IORR do rarely change or delete any comments. More than 99% of all posts are friendly, and made at best will. Some times there are misunderstandings, no problem. The less than 1% posts which might be a problem, will some times simply stay there, and go away over time, in and old and forgotten thead, because nobody quote or follow that thread. If such posts do become a problem, for the security and safe feeling of individuals or IORR as a community, then such posts/threads will be closed or deleted.

Posting access is open pending request, and may be canceled due to security reasons.

The IORR Security Policy is not open for public discussion. It is defined in this document. Comments to the Editor are welcome. Due to the large volume of members and visitors, it would be impossible for the Editor to reply to all comments, however, all e-mail will be read and evaluated.

IORR is non-profit, no ads, no sponsors, it is all paid for, in real cost, as well as in work hours, by the Editor and publisher. No advertisements, campaigns or commercial promotions will be accepted. Thanks for your understanding and respect.

Bjørnulf Vik, Norway (bv)
IORR Editor & publisher
E-mail: IORR

Most recent update of this page : 14-September-2021

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