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This page is related to the IORR Privacy Policy and GDPR Declaration.

IORR is 100% in compliance with the 2018 EU regulation GDPR - . For details about GDPR please see the EU pages 2018 reform of EU data protection rules, as well as the pages related to GDPR by The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA).

Cookies: Cookies are used by IORR in order to support the forum pages, as well as for web analytics, in order to improve the site performance. Cookies are not viewed as personal information. A cookie is a small data file connected to the browser. Browsers do have functionality available where cookies may be rejected and deleted.

Personal data: IORR do not store any personal data, such as private and unique social service number, car license plate, name and address or similar. IORR is basically an anonymous site where the contents is not related to individuals.

GDPR policy related to deleting personal data: IORR does not store any personal data. However, if you feel something or some data on IORR are identifying you unique as a person, and you want these data to be anonymized, please contact IORR through e-mail. Make sure you identify yourself so that it is 100% clear that you are the person in charge of the given data.

GDPR policy related to delivery of data related to you: IORR does not store any personal data. However, if you want to verify this, feel free to search for your personal data on IORR. There are no hidden files or separate archives on IORR, everything is available by search.

IORR forum login username and e-mail: Persons may register on IORR for the purpose of posting opinions and information on the IORR forum pages, like "Tell Me" and trade forum pages. If you do want your info to be anonymized please follow the advice given under the paragraph "GDPR policy related to deleting personal data".

IORR is a site running on a not-for-profit basis. Please note that once a login information is erased, by demand, there may not be reissued another login credential.

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