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It's Only Rock'n Roll

These are the latest Rolling Stones news and updates for you! IORR is a non profit fan club run by fans for fans. All parts of the It's Only Rock'n Roll web site is copyright of The Rolling Stones Fan Club. When using information from this site, please include a reference to IORR and the main web address
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About IORR

Welcome to the IORR Arena. IORR is the world's largest international independent non-profit Rolling Stones Fan Club, with more than two million visitors every year, tens of thousands of active posting users, thousands of contributors, and more than one million published web pages, naturally on top of Google and other search engines. Established November 1980 in Norway by Bjørnulf Vik, Norway, as a Rolling Stones Fan Club, the IORR Arena is a free service to fans, by fans. The purpose of IORR was, and still is, to make Rolling Stones related information available among fans, and to make it easier for all Rolling Stones fans to communicate.

IORR went online in 1996, in the early ages of Internet, and is now online through the web site In the early ages of IORR, the fan club was named "The Rolling Stones Fan Club of Europe". Very soon, IORR got a worldwide presence, with fans and members located all over the world. For decades now IORR has been simply "The Rolling Stones Fan Club" - IORR - a worldwide fan club with no geographically limitations.

Every year IORR is visited by more than two million visitors. Tens of thousands of fans post their opinions, thoughts and information on IORR. There are visitors to IORR from approx 200 nations across the world, i.e. more or less every single smaller or larger contry in the world.

IORR has been, and still are, 100% non-profit. Nobody is hired or paid to do a job on IORR. All work is done on a free basis where information is passed on from fans to fans. There are no advertisements on IORR, and there is no profit to be done by placing contents on IORR. The IORR site is not running any content marketing, branding, hidden advertising or similar commercial activities.

IORR will be around as long as The Rolling Stones are alive and kicking, which means IORR will be around pretty much eternal.

IORR is under Norwegian law. Norway is a country in Europe, but Norway is not part of the European Union (EU). However, Norway is part of The European Economic Area (EEA). This means most of the EU rules and regulations do also apply to Norway, like the GDPR regulations regarding privacy policy. For privacy policy on IORR please see the separate pages IORR Privacy Policy and GDPR Declaration.

IORR is made up by editorial contents as well as a user driven, social network with services in talking and trading. For rules and regulations regarding these forum pages please follow the link of the top of these pages, with the text "For information about how to use this forum please check out forum help and policies."

The security policy related to IORR and its members and visitors is declared in the separate statement IORR Security Policy.

Thanks to everyone who are helping in making IORR a safe, educating and informative place to be for everyone.

Bjørnulf Vik, Norway (bv)
IORR Editor & publisher
E-mail: IORR

Most recent update of this page : 08-February-2023

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