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The Rolling Stones
Alltel Arena, North Little Rock, AR
Thursday, March 9, 2006

The set list

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  4. Oh No Not You Again
  5. Dead Flowers
  6. Back Of My Hand
  7. Tumbling Dice
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. Night Time Is The Right Time
    --- Introductions
  10. This Place Is Empty (Keith)
  11. Happy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. Rough Justice
  14. Get Off Of My Cloud
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Start Me Up
  18. Brown Sugar
  19. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  20. Satisfaction (encore)

Rolling Stones show time: 9:10p.m. - 11:10p.m.

Review by Dean Goodman

A bluesy night in the country as the Stones returned to Little Rock for the first time since November 1994, and rolled out �Dead Flowers,� �Back of My Hand,� �Midnight Rambler� and �(The Night Time is) The Right Time.� Of course, Arkansas is very special in the Stones annals, thanks to Keith and Ron�s infamous traffic stop in the small town of Fordyce in 1975. After Keith was introduced to raucous cheers, he asked, �Anyone here from Fordyce? I used to know the chief of police there.�

The show took place amid thunderstorm alerts, but the weather was calm as we trooped into the Alltel Arena. I was fortunate to sit next to an excited 22-year-old lap-dancer who had driven eight hours from Kansas, and I knew there was no way the show could suck. Country legend Merle Haggard got things off to a great start, and Mick thanked him before dusting off �Dead Flowers,� the first of two consecutive songs on which he played guitar (followed by the welcome return of �Back of My Hand�).

Mick did not say much during the show, apart from noting the 12-year absence, and sardonically commenting, �You haven�t changed a bit. You look fantastic.� The crowd, indeed, was more rowdy than the Los Angeles people on Monday, not needing much incentive to sing along with such tunes as �Brown Sugar� and �You Can�t Always Get What You Want.�

This was the 37th and last show I saw on the Americas leg of the �Bigger Bang� tour, and I�m glad that �Satisfaction� finally sounds like it should. Keith is brandishing a white guitar that Ronnie plays in some earlier tunes, and the song packs a lot more heft.

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