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The Rolling Stones
Bank Atlantic Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sunday, March 12, 2006

The set list

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Let's Spend The Night Together
  4. Oh No Not You Again
  5. Sway
  6. Angie
  7. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
  8. Tumbling Dice
  9. Gimme Shelter
    --- Introductions
  10. This Place Is Empty (Keith)
  11. Happy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. Rough Justice
  14. You Got Me Rocking
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Paint It Black
  18. Start Me Up
  19. Brown Sugar
  20. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  21. Satisfaction (encore)

Review by Cardiff Giant

My 11th show of the tour... and what a night in South Florida. A tough ticket to secure in the days and hours leading up to the show, but finally a ticket drop Sunday afternoon. I was able to grab a seat on the floor...and it turned out to be smack dab in front of the b-stage. Ticketmaster, you're alright by me...for now. My buddy is a casual fan and he got a $62 seat at the box office while I got mine at will call. We were in !!! The important task was accomplished.

Jumpin Jack Flash was hot...loud, clear...rocking! Keith was grinning ear to ear and Mick got by his side early in the song... You could tell, we were off on a great ride. It's Only Rock n' Roll had Keith ripping the riffs... He struck a great pose at one point. Let's Spend the Night Together kept the upbeat party atmosphere going. The crowd in Lauderdale was hot all night. Lots of true fans.

I noticed some crowd mics up front... Recording some songs for a possible Live CD???...hmmm. I think this could be the case, because Oh No Not You Again was clearly the best version I've heard on this tour. No fucking around...Everyone was spot-on. Keith and Ronnie were tight and loud and in great rhythm. Ronnie especially..he was the glue here. His rhythm made everything else fall into place. Way to go Ronnie!! The groove and the riffs and Mick was nailing his verses.....I really think this should be one on an official live release. Keith hit a great spontaneous move...the head jerks back, the leg kick all in one motion as he throws a pick to the crowd. Keith was so animated tonight...while also playing a great show....that is a combination from Keith that is truly special. We got it in this concert. He made the end of the song really cool wth some great hard sharp notes.

Mick introduced the next song by telling us he wasn't sure which album it's from...and I knew...and when he said they hardly ever played it....I really knew. The crowd was near silent....and I screamed out... "SWAYYYYY". ...and just a second before Mick said it. There were some huge cheers from the diehards in the crowd. The song was very tight early on....a real possibility for recording. Ronnie was solid...hitting a pair of solos. And the groove from Charlie and Darryl was deep. My second time hearing it (MSG was my first chance) I really hope they keep it dusted off for some more plays overseas.....You can now tell, they really want to nail it one of these nights. I'll take any version....It's just great to hear.

Angie was dedicated to the spring breakers...past and present. Beautiful version. Sound quality was so good all night, it makes songs like Angie stand out. Ain't Too Proud to Beg was perfect. Loud, grooving and full of soul. Having now seen it 3 times on this tour, it has become a great favorite. Tonight's rendition, worthy of inclusion on a live release. Keith nailed a very nasty rocking solo. Tumblin Dice has really been hot during the 2nd leg of the tour. Solid again tonight. and the ending was very sweet. Mick doing a lot of little high note bursts.....Very cool. Gimme Shelter was a powerhouse. Guitars driving it...and Mick full of energy. When Mick gave the cue that he was about to start the first lyric...Keith announced it with a loud searing riff. Pure fire. Lisa came to the front and teased Ronnie and Keith just before her solo. Keith leaned in for a kiss before pulling away. Lisa belted out a huge solo....bringing down the house. Her big burgundy pimp hat was a great look. First time I've seen that.

After band introductions, Keith took over and was especially talkative. "Hey we doing?..thanks for the great weather...we needed it.... how you been?....better than not "being" at all !" Classic Keith. "New song from the Bigger Bang boom bing bang bada boom bing....whatever they call it.". I laughed my ass off. This Place is Empty continues to be a real pleasure Live. Before Happy..Keith says "Ronnie's got a bicycle pump up his trousers. !!?!!" I guess because Ronnie was sitting on the stool to play lap steel. Funny as hell. Happy was rocking, Keith, again, very animated in his singing and playing.

Miss You brought the b-stage right in front of me.... WOW. Lots of staccato riffs from Keith as the stage hovers into place a mere 3 feet in front of me. The next 15 minutes is incredible. I fired off so many pictures..Can't wait to develop the shots. I'll post them when the film is processed Keith and Mick were at our fingertips...and they were working their asses off. Keith especially. Awesome show to be on the rail for the b-stage. Keith was crouching, prowling, firing on all cylinders. Rough Justice and You Got Me Rocking were so on fire. Mick flicked his water bottle over Keith was just let of the cage and kicked ass. When he dashed into Honky Tonk Women right in front of He did the monkey scratch under the arms..funny stuff. The b-stage set was real tight. Great song selection and great execution. A front row spot for me.... huge highlight of the tour. The photos will prove it. The band was just rocking out. A point to Darryl, acknowledged with a nod and a nice funkly bass line. Keith just getting totally into the songs and smiling to the fans. Mick being the great front man as always. And sounding so in control and so full.

Sympathy had a great aura. Keith worked both wings with passion. Paint it Black was a keeper. Keith did the flamenco soft opening before launching into the riff. Something I've only seen and heard on CD and video from '89-'90. A nod to the Latin influence in Miami??... Heck, Mick welcomed South American fans along with those from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. "Paint it" had a deep hard beat...Charlie carried the rhythm. Another great version. Start Me Up was very tight and dead-on. It worked well. Ronnie hit another focused sweet solo. Brown Sugar was fantastic. I have to say, Keith is a showman just as much as Mick, but in different ways. I can't name another guitarist who feels and lives a song more than Keith in concert. Music is his lifeblood. He was killing the riffs early in the song, not waiting for the long jam at the end. The energy, joy, and focus he showed in Lauderdale was out of this world. He had so much animated. He took a big hop off the ledge as he came off the left wing back to center stage. So much focus and great musicianship in this show.

The encores were hot....You Can't Always Get What You Want was a real crowd pleaser. Mick's efforts to lead a singalong were barely needed. The crowd truly took over....allowing Mick a breather as he just added some scats.."uh huh, uh huhhhh" And Ronnie sliced a solo that was nasty hot. Especially at the end. fast, yet controlled. Just great.

And when it couldn't get much did. Keith for whatever reason, intentional or not, opened Satisfaction with this whole new riff.... I can best describe it as Vroom, vroom, vroom....on the guitar and then into that famous riff. It was one of those cool moments that stands out for me in a show like this. The song was very hard and poweful. Mick gave us some real rhythm....lots of "ah, Ahhhhs...." echoed by fans. And the end was incredible...way to close out the USA leg. They must have loaded up all the confetti they had....It was a huge blizzard. So cool to watch through my binoculars as the confetti snow fillls my view ...the band in the distance. Confetti even buried a mic stand on the front of the stage. What a show!!!!

Incredible sound quality where I was standing. The final bows and Charlie just smiles and waved with so much joy on his face. So glad to see that. He patted a stage hand on the head as he gave a wave to the back end of the crowd behind the stage. Keith waved his towel. So much energy all night from everyone. Another shining example of how this band is on another level when they hit the groove and really lock in on all the songs. They feed off of each other, and tonight, they kept fueling the fire. You could tell they wanted to put on a top notch show before leaving the States. We'll see what they have in store at Radio City Music Hall. I can't wait to be there. As Keith likes to say, "We're still figuring out this whole rock and roll thing." Mick said late in the show, "Fort Lauderdalians ....we applaud you." And we certainly applaud back. My first show in Florida...and I'll always remember it as one of the best. Let's hope some of this show makes it way onto the Live CD. Fingers crossed.

Review by Ed Quinn

Thank God I made a last minute decision to go to Lauderdale. I sold my tickets to Ohio and MSG in January, Both shows Sway was played so I have been killing myself ever since. Tonight we got got it. My buddy Rick and I knew it early on during IORR a quick camera shot of Charlie revealed it on the big screen for a split second. Aint to proud to beg was awesome I havent seen this in years.

2nd best song of the show. Angie was awesome . There was alot of scew ups tonight but well worth it. It was great to get 21 songs . Missed GOMC on the small stage. Good crowd participation tonight. See you at Radio City.

Review by John Scialfa

Last nights show was a great performance from start to finish,sure i could complain they only did 3 songs off the great bigger bang album,or they didn't play this one or that one.but the bottom line hear is they played with intensity and dominated from start to finish ,as they had back in september of last year.jagger was his usual stellar self as was charlie.everyone played well,but the real star tonight was keith,this was the best show iv'e seen ever play,yes ever.and i have seen the stones over 30x,from 78,thru 06,every tour.he nailed every intro,every solo,and he even thru in the kitchen sink for good meausure.the sounds he made were incredible.highlites were a great opening jjf/iorr intro.a sizzling,and i mean sizzling b stage.miss you was the best guitar driven version you'd ever wanna hear,and ronnie's and keiths solos on rj and ygmr sent chills thru my spine.jagger went nuts on the ramp during sympathy ,the finish of pib,smu,and brown sugar were loud and furious.a great ycagwyw and satisfaction encore helped to seal the deal.great,great show..

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