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Re: Feeling A Little Uncomfortable
Posted by: Beelyboy ()
Date: June 8, 2006 03:33

was feeling a little uncomfortable with it.

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Re: Feeling A Little Uncomfortable
Posted by: electric-duane ()
Date: June 8, 2006 09:47

To Andy: I'm only repeating what I've been told countless times by the Europeans, albeit mostly Germans, I've come across. I taught English in Frankfurt before coming to the company I currently work for and, in addition to learning English, we learned about English-speaking countries. The stereotype listed below summarizes all of what I was told. I would never try to assume something out of spite - I'm just telling it how I saw and still see it.

To bassplayer: I hope I didn't get too political. I just wanted to warn you - Most Europeans are nice, friendly and helpful and you probably won't have any of the experiences I had because you'll be coming as a tourist in areas saturated with tourists. It gets old, however, knowing five minutes in to a conversation you'll be asked your thought about Bush and it leads into a political discussion (I wish they'd ask me about Spielberg, the Allman Brothers, Chevrolet, etc. - there are so many other things "America" to talk about).

SO, if you want to visit a stunning country, I'd say start in POLAND (a diamond in the rough still covered by a bit of dirt and grime left over from nearly 40 years of Soviet influence but stunning underneath). You'll probably not find a more beautiful city than Krakow, which boasts one of the nicest inner-city market squares and is home to Wawel cathedral and castle, which is where Pope John Paul II served before Rome (interesting, even if you're not Catholic). It's even roughly an hour away from the Auschwitz-Birkenau Death Camp, which puts all attempts to really show the Holocaust to shame. You won't feel good going through both camps, but you'll probably feel better knowing you've seen them. It really helps to understand how cruel man really can be and you learn to appreciate what you have even more.

Warsaw is another fantastic place to visit, but the complete opposite of Krakow. It's a sprawling Eastern European metropolis - the business and financial center of Poland - which boasts the most visited "shopping-street" in Europe and possibly the world.

Hungary: I was only in Budapest for four days and spent most of the days sleeping and most of the nights partying. I can't give a good report.

Czech Republic: Kind of a larger version of Krakow, just a bit more done up (it's been said that during the summer months, there are more foreigners and tourists in Prauge than there are ethnic Czechs). I was disappointed in the fact that everywhere you turned there were rows and rows of tourist shops but I was there to see the Rolling Stones.

Eastern Europe is largely overlooked but can compete with Western Europe without problems. I would actually rather travel to Eastern Europe because you're seeing a part of the continent that's shedding 40 years of being stuck behind the iron curtain and how they're embracing capitalism, succeeding in some areas but getting stuck in others. The people are friendly and helpful and are thankful that you're interested in discovering their country. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

Peach out!


andy js Wrote:
> electric-duane Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > Hi Whale - I wish I could believe you. Why
> then is
> > the typical European stereotype of an
> American a
> > fat, dumb, sloppy, loud, fast-food eating,
> > religious fanatic? Because most Euroepans
> really
> > love Americans?
> which in itself is the biggest stereotype i've
> heard in a LONG LONG time
> thanks for telling me, and most European's what we
> supposedly think of the yanks

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