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Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: crawdaddy ()
Date: May 3, 2020 18:26

Alan was a top guy, and I will always remember when I made enquiries about how to get a copy of the Glastonbury Stones DVD,he contacted me and a few days later I received it in the post.
He had such a great knowledge of The Stones as well as music in general.
My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
God Bless you Alan.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: UrbanSteel ()
Date: May 6, 2020 11:57

People who had a good relationship with Alan Iorr on Facebook aka Deltics on IORR.ORG from Bjornulf IORR Editor, can join the "Alan Miskin-Garside: A Celebration" group.
Administrators: Beth Miskin-Garside, Pippa Gwilliam and Ella Miskin-Garside.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2020-05-06 11:58 by UrbanSteel.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: SisterD ()
Date: May 9, 2020 16:43

I am Alan’s sister (younger by 3 years). Alan was a lifelong music mentor to me, right from the days when, aged 14, I would sneak into his room to listen to his records whilst he was out. Music was a real bond for us; even when we were grown up, he would send me discs of new discoveries he had made. It is entirely down to his influence that my music tastes are so varied. My first love will, however, always be the Stones. Alan gave me his original copies of ‘Sticky Fingers’ and 'Exile', and I have them still. (A little battered and worse for wear, but still playable, and much loved).

Alan was a kind and generous man, and the world will be a sadder place without him.
I am glad that he was a member of your community, in which he garnered such respect for doing the thing he loved the most.

Thank you all so much.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: windmelody ()
Date: May 9, 2020 17:00

Sister D, condolences to you, strength to your family!

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: ChrisL ()
Date: May 9, 2020 21:10

Many condolences to you and your family, SisterD.

My older brother provided the same musical guidance for me, especially giving me a bunch of my early Stones tapes and posters and taking me to record stores to buy Stones records.
But I wonder, did Alan freak out and punch you when he noticed you were in his room playing his records like my brother did?
(I hope not smiling smiley )

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: UrbanSteel ()
Date: May 9, 2020 21:34

SisterD, All my love for you, the family and intimate friends.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: NICOS ()
Date: May 10, 2020 00:11

Nice SisterD that you joined IORR and a fun story about your brother hope you doing well ...Stones music will cheer you up thumbs up


Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Rockman ()
Date: May 10, 2020 00:33

SisterD ... thanks for sharing
your words about Alan with us... nice to know

Stay Safe


Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Date: May 10, 2020 12:36

Thank you SisterD! Alan was very helpful and considerate towards other fans. He is sorely missed here.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: BlueTurns2Grey ()
Date: May 10, 2020 13:55

I'm only here since a few month, but I was glad to get a few comments and infos from Alan. These were enough, that I can say he was a very nice person, always giving you a hand with his knowledge. I'm sure he is missed here and wish all the best for his family in these hard times.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: crawdaddy ()
Date: May 10, 2020 18:52

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us here on IORR Sister D.
He was a great part of the community here and will be greatly missed............ but not forgotten.thumbs up

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Cristiano Radtke ()
Date: May 10, 2020 20:58

Welcome aboard, SisterD and thanks for sharing your heartfelt memories. As you already know, your brother was a very loved member here, he was always gentle and friendly with everyone and I'm glad I knew him although I've never met him in person, sadly. I hope all the memories of the good times with him may comfort you and your family on these hard times.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Beast ()
Date: May 11, 2020 01:35

I'm as pleased as everyone else that SisterD has taken the time to reach out to us and confirmed with her words that Deltics was exactly the kind of person we all felt him to be. I never met him either but can second all the comments about how friendly and courteous he invariably was to all his fellow fans here. I miss seeing his posts and his "trainspottery" signature, which (and I kid you not) always brought a smile to my face.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Aquamarine ()
Date: May 11, 2020 01:57

Delighted both to welcome SisterD and to see that Alan's family is aware of the great esteem in which his Stones family held him. smiling smiley He is already greatly missed.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Quique-stone ()
Date: May 12, 2020 08:42

Welcome SisterD and thanks for telling about your wonderful brother!
Condolences to you, your family, his daughters and his intimate friends!
Alan was a very important, respected and loved member of this community but most important he was like a friend for many of us and we were his Stones family! He will sorely missed, well he already is!

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Date: May 12, 2020 14:31

SisterD, what a lovely message. Many thanks to you for taking the time to post and share with us. Like many other folks here, I never met Alan, but his friendly demeanour shone through in his posts.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: angee ()
Date: May 12, 2020 21:05

Thank you SisterD for your words about Alan, your big brother.
It's so good to have someone as close as you were to him post here, and someone under his influence who loves
our band, as he did, and as we do.

"Love is strong..."

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: May 13, 2020 07:59

A great guy who will be missed.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: MILKYWAY ()
Date: May 14, 2020 13:04

My condolences to Deltics' family and friends. I will miss his posts.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Lady Jayne ()
Date: May 14, 2020 16:46

May his memory be eternal. Condolences to Sister D and all his family and loved ones but how wonderful to have been so loved and valued and to have shared his love of life and music with so many others.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: UrbanSteel ()
Date: May 16, 2020 21:45

In honor of Alan Miskin-Garside aka Alan Alan Iorr aka Deltics i post one of his great projects / masterpieces.

"As we say in England, it can get a bit trainspottery"
Mick Jagger quoted in the sleeve notes of “Rarities 1971 - 2003” released November 22, 2005.
“Too bloody right it can!”
Alan Garside quoted upon reading said sleeve notes, November 22, 2005.
The release of “Rarities 1971 – 2003” was, for me, like many others, a major disappointment as well as a great opportunity missed.
Yes, it was very nice to have for the first time on CD “Let It Rock”, “Through The Lonely Nights” and the live version of “Beast Of Burden”, and it was also nice to have some of the tracks issued on CD singles such as “Fancyman Blues” and “Anyway You look At It”.
But did I really need “Mannish Boy” (from “Love You Live” and “Sucking In The Seventies”), “Live With Me” (from “No Security”) or “Wild Horses” (from “Stripped”) again?
I think not.
I also didn’t actually need “If I Was A Dancer” either, as “Sucking In The Seventies” had been reissued only a couple of months previously!
I certainly didn’t need an edited version of the “Miss You” 12 inch single, particularly as the full length version had been included on the CD single of “Don’t Stop”.
As for “Thru And Thru (Live)” – so rare it had never been issued before! (Apart from on DVD)
Not to mention the crappy, incorrect sleeve notes and the disgraceful airbrushing out of Bill Wyman on the front cover.
And where was “I Think I’m Going Mad”?
To try and counter my disappointment, I set about compiling my own “Real Rarities” collection which would attempt to gather all tracks released officially since 1971 that weren’t available to buy on regular Stones CD albums using my own vinyl, CD and DVD collection as well as anything that I’ve been able to find online.
To this end, I imagined that “Rarities” hadn’t been issued, that “Sucking In The Seventies” hadn’t been reissued and, because the only reason I bought “Forty Licks” was to get the four new songs included, I included those songs as well. I haven’t included any 12 inch or extended “dance” versions or anything from promo discs either.
I’ve tried to compile this set in chronological order as to the original release date using the best quality versions at my disposal. All catalogue numbers and release dates refer to the UK unless otherwise indicated.
Addendum to the original sleeve notes
Since I wrote my original sleeve notes, some changes have occurred within the Stones’ discography due to a change of distribution.
After the end of their deal with EMI/Virgin the band signed with Universal and all of their album back catalogue was reissued via Universal’s Polydor and A&M imprints.
All, that is, except for “Sucking In The Seventies”, “Rarities”, “Forty Licks” and, oddly, “No Security”.
Whether these will be reissued in the future, only time will tell.
The non reissue of “Sucking”, Rarities” and “Forty Licks” only validates my compilation, and I won’t be adding the “No Security” album. Nor will I add any of the edit versions from “Sucking” or “Forty Licks”.
I’ll wait and see if they do get reissued.
What has been issued is a (nearly) complete singles collection box set comprising of facsimiles of original 45s on compact disc, but seeing as the premise of my collection is to only include tracks not issued on CD albums, all of the tracks included still make it into my compilation although I have used some of the tracks to replace my vinyl rips.
“Forty Licks” was replaced by a new compilation entitled “Grrr!” which came in a variety of formats, a two disc forty track version, a three disc fifty track version and a four disc eighty track version as well as Blu-Ray and vinyl. Many of the edit versions featured on “Forty Licks” and “Sucking” were used again and only two new songs, “Doom And Gloom” and “One More Shot”, were included. These new songs are the only ones that make it into this collection.
I’ve also made the decision to include some of the various “video versions” of songs which, although most of them feature the same basic backing track as the released version, have a new vocal sung live by Mick Jagger.
Some of these were featured on the VHS “Video Rewind” (Vestron Video 11016) released on November 14, 1984.
Between November 2011 and November 2012 the Stones made available via Google Play and Bravado six previously unreleased live albums recorded in 1973, 1975, 1981, 1982, 1990 and 2005 for download only.
None of these have been included!

1: Brown Sugar (Vinyl Mono)
2: Bitch (Vinyl Mono)
3: Let It Rock (Vinyl Mono)
Rolling Stones Records 45 RS 19100, April 16 1971
The first record issued on The Rolling Stones’ own bespoke label, the UK release differed from other worldwide versions in that it also included the live at Leeds (March 13, 1971) recording of Chuck Berry’s “Let It Rock”.
It was also their last single to be released in mono in the UK.
“Brown Sugar” and “Bitch” are mono mixes of the versions issued on “Sticky Fingers”, although “Brown Sugar” does feature the extra “I like it!” exclamation at the end of the song.
“Let It Rock” replaced “Sister Morphine” on the Spanish version of “Sticky Fingers”, but otherwise remained unissued elsewhere until the release of “Rarities”, where it appeared in stereo.
4: Sway (US 'b' side)
Rolling Stones Records 45 (US) RS 19101, 11 June, 1971
Issued as the “B” side of “Wild Horses”.
Mono version with a different vocal track.
5: Brown Sugar (Hot Rocks version)
6: Wild Horses (Hot Rocks version)
London Records Vinyl LP (US) –Hot Rocks - 2PS 606/607, 11 January 1972
“Upon its initial pressing (Nov. 18, 1971), alternative versions of Brown Sugar and Wild Horses were included on the Hot Rocks master plate. These versions first appeared in the brilliant 1970 documentary Gimme Shelter. Since there was no clear reference to their origin on the album cover, sleeve or label, one must look at the trail-off vinyl (the smooth vinyl located nearest the disc label) and look for the word Shelleyand the date 11-18-71.”
These versions were quickly removed from the second pressings, being replaced by the regularly released versions.
“Brown Sugar” sounds like the same basic backing track as the regularly released version, but has a different vocal track and lacks any guitar overdubs or Bobby Keys’ sax.
“Wild Horses” is a different mix and similarly, has no additional overdubs.
Both tracks are in mono.
Further reading here:
The Rolling Stones: U.S. LP Label History
Hot Rocks (IORR page)
7: Tumbling Dice (US Vinyl Mono)
Rolling Stones Records 45 (US) RS 19103, 5 April 1972
This single had the same catalogue number and ‘b’side (“Sweet Black Angel”) as the UK release but for
some reason the ‘a’ side was issued in mono, the ‘b’ side was the standard stereo mix.
8: All Down The Line (US 'b' side)
Rolling Stones Records 45 (US) RS 19104, 14 July 1972
Issued as the “B” side of “Happy”
Mono version with a different vocal track.
9: Star Star (Censored US Vinyl)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP (US) – Goats Head Soup - COC 59101, August 31 1973
When the executives at Atlantic Records in the USA heard the first test pressing of “Goats Head Soup”, they insisted that there was no way they could manufacture and distribute the album if it contained a song called “@#$%&”, particularly as it made references to Steve McQueen, Ali McGraw, John Wayne as well as feminine hygiene!
After some wrangling, a compromise was reached whereby the title of the song was amended to “Star Star” and a rather clumsy overdub was used to try and mask the reference to John Wayne. Apparently, Mick Jagger even wrote to Steve McQueen to secure an undertaking from him that he wouldn’t sue!
This censored version was then issued on American versions of the album, but not elsewhere.
10: Silver Train (video version)
11: Dancing With Mr. D (video version)
12: Angie (video version 2)
“Goats Head Soup” promo videos
Directed by Michael Lyndsay-Hogg and filmed on July 17 1973.
These feature Mick Jagger singing live over a prepared backing track.
Two versions of “Angie” were filmed, the first one has Mick miming to the vocals from the released version but neither featured the string arrangement from the original.
They were broadcast on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” on September 27 1973.
13: Star Star (South African censored version)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP (South Africa) – Goats Head Soup - COC 59101, 1973
South African sensibilities were protected by overdubbing all swearing in the chorus with a percussive sound effect – with hilarious results!
14: Through The Lonely Nights
Rolling Stones Records 45 RS 19114, July 26 1974
Issued as the “B” Side of “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It).
Remained unissued in any form until the release of “Rarities” in 2005.
15: Luxury (vinyl version)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – COC 59103, October 18 1974
Included because versions now available on CD are some thirty seconds longer than the original album cut.
16: It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) (video version)
17: Ain’t Too Proud To Beg (video version)
18: Till The Next Goodbye (video version)
“It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” promo videos
Directed by Michael Lyndsay-Hogg and filmed at LWT studios, London on June 1 1974.
“Ain’t Too Proud To Beg” and “Till The Next Goodbye” are straight “performance” videos with Mick singing live over a prepared backing track but “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” is very different to the released version.
They were broadcast on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert” on October 19 1974.
1: Cherry Oh Baby (8 track edit)
Rolling Stones Records 8-track cartridge – Black And Blue - CO8 59106, April 1976
Edited by about 50 seconds in order to fit the programming requirements of 8-track cartridges.
2: Fool To Cry (video version)
Promo video
Directed by Michael Lyndsay-Hogg and filmed at Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany on May 1 1976
Promo films were also made for “Hey Negrita”, “Crazy Mama” and “Hot Stuff” but they were mimed to a playback whereas this had a live vocal over a prepared backing track.
3: Miss You (45 edit)
4: Faraway Eyes (45 edit)
EMI/Rolling Stones Records 45 EMI 2802, May 19 1978
These are the single edits, “Miss You” is 3:29 and “Faraway Eyes” is 3:40, both shorter than the album versions.
This version of “Faraway Eyes” is the same one issued on the 8-track cartridge release of “Some Girls”
5: Respectable (Video version)
6: Miss You (Video version)
7: Far Away Eyes (Video version)
“Some Girls” promo videos
Directed by Michael Lyndsay-Hogg and filmed in New York on May 2 1978.
These all featured a new vocal by Mick over a prepared backing track.
8: Beast Of Burden (8 Track)
9: Shattered (8 Track)
10: Miss You (8 Track)
Rolling Stones Records 8-Track cartridge – Some Girls – 8X CUN 39108, June 9 1978
The three versions here are substantially different to the ones issued on the vinyl of “Some Girls”,
“Beast Of Burden” and “Miss You” are roughly a minute longer and “Shattered” about a minute shorter.
11: Everything Is Turning To Gold
Rolling Stones Records 45 RS 19310 (US), November 28, 1978
Issued as the “B” side of “Shattered”
This was also featured on “Sucking In The Seventies” released in 1981, which was belatedly reissued on CD in 2005.
12: Time Waits For No One (extended)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP (UK) – Time Waits For No One - COC 59107, June 1 1979
When the Stones’ worldwide contract with Atlantic expired, they signed to EMI for Britain and the rest of the world, but opted to stay with Atlantic (now part of the WEA group) for the USA.
This album was issued by WEA in the UK and Europe after the release of Some Girls, presumably as some kind of contract filler. Subtitled “Anthology 1971-1977”, it contained no new material and is only of any real interest to sad completists like me! Apart from, that is, the title track – which for some reason is about twelve seconds longer than the one available on “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” due to an extended fade on Charlie’s rim - taps at the end.
This did finally receive a CD release in 2011, but only on the Japanese SACD of “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Polydor UIGY 9069).

13: When The Whip Comes Down (Live)
14: If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP - Sucking In The Seventies – COC 16028, March 12, 1981
This compilation, first issued in the US, was a strange collection of edits and unreleased tracks.
Apart from “Shattered”, all of the previously released material were edited in one form or another and had the album not been reissued on CD in 2005, I would probably have included them all in this collection.
As it is, I’ve elected to only include the tracks that were previously unreleased.
“If I Was A Dancer” is an extended version of “Dance” with additional lyrics and a different mix and “When The Whip Comes Down” is a live version recorded on June 28, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee.
15: Slave (Vinyl version)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP – Tattoo You – CUNS 39114, August 28, 1981
Another track where a longer version has been released on CD. The original vinyl cut is some 1 minute 40 seconds shorter than the one currently available.
16: Beast Of Burden (Live)
Rolling Stones Records 45 RSR 110, June 1, 1982
Issued as the “B” side of “Going To A Go-Go”.
Recorded live on November 25, 1981 in Chicago on the “Still Life” tour but not issued on the live album of the same name.
This remained unavailable until 1991 where it appeared on the limited edition “Collectibles” compilation.
It then had to wait until 2005 where it was featured on the “Rarities” album.
17: Wanna Hold You (Vinyl version)
Rolling Stones Records Vinyl LP – Undercover – CUN 1654361, November 7, 1983
This is approximately forty seconds shorter than the version currently available on CD.
The longer version had previously been available on the cassette releases of the album.
18. She Was Hot (Video version)
Promo video
Directed by Julien Temple and filmed at Churubusco Studios, Mexico City in January 1984.
Included only because it has an extra verse (“Call me on the telephone...”) not featured on the released version.
Disc 3
1: I Think I'm Going Mad
Rolling Stones Records 45 RSR 114, January 24, 1984
Issued as the “B” side of “She Was Hot”.
A genuine rarity! Not available on any CD album anywhere.
2: One Hit (To The Body) 45
CBS/Rolling Stones Records 45 7160, May 20, 1986
Single edit of the “Dirty Work” album track.
3: Mixed Emotions (7” version)
4: Fancy Man Blues
CBS/Rolling Stones Records 45 655193 7, August 18 1989
This edited version of “Mixed Emotions” is probably the same one that appeared on “Forty Licks”.
It was also issued as one of the two “B” side tracks on the “Almost Hear You Sigh” 45.
“Fancy Man Blues” later appeared on “Rarities”, but it was also featured on the George Martin compilation “After The Hurricane – Songs For Montserrat” (Chrysalis Records, CCD 1750) in 1989.
5: Rock And A Hard Place (7” version)
6: Cook Cook Blues
CBS/Rolling Stones Records CD Single 655422 2, October 24, 1989
“Rock And A Hard Place” is some 1 minute 20 seconds shorter than the version issued on “Steel Wheels”
“Cook Cook Blues” was featured on “Collectibles” in 1991, but has otherwise remained unavailable.
7: Wish I'd Never Met You
CBS/Rolling Stones Records 45 656065, 7 June18, 1990
Issued as The “B” Side of “Almost Hear You Sigh”.
Eventually included on “Rarities” in 2005.
8: Terrifying (7” version)
CBS/Rolling Stones Records 45 656122 7, July 30 1990
The single edit of the “Steel Wheels” album track.
9: Highwire (7” version)
10: 2000 Light Years From Home (Live)
11: I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single 656756 2, March 11, 1991
The first of two CD singles issued of “Highwire”.
This one featured the single edit plus three tracks from the Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle tour.
“2000 Light Years From Home” was recorded on June 14, 1990 in Barcelona.
“I Just Want To Make Love To You”, recorded on July 6, 1991 at Wembley Stadium, London, was included on “Rarities” where it was erroneously credited as coming from the “No Security” album.
The third track was “Sympathy For The Devil” which was featured on the “Flashpoint” album.
12: Play With Fire (Live)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single 656756 5, March 21, 1991
The second edition of the single featured the full-length version of “Highwire” and “Factory Girl” both from “Flashpoint”, plus “Play With Fire” recorded on November 26, 1989 in Clemson, South Carolina.
13: Undercover Of The Night (Live)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single 656892 2, May 24, 1991
From the first CD single of “Ruby Tuesday”, recorded live on December 19, 1989 in Atlantic City,
New Jersey.
Other tracks on the disc were “Play With Fire” (again!) and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” from “Flashpoint”.
14: Harlem Shuffle (Live)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single 656892 5, May 31, 1991
From the second CD single of “Ruby Tuesday”, recorded live on February 27, in Tokyo, Japan.
The other track featured was “Winning Ugly VI (London Mix).
15: Sexdrive (single edit)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single (Holland) 657334 2, July 18, 1991
This single also featured the “Dirty Hands Mix” and “Club Version” of “Sexdrive”.
16: Tumbling Dice (Live)
17: Street Fighting Man (Live)
Sony/Rolling Stones Records CD Single (Holland) 657597 2, November 29, 1991
This was released as “Jumpin’ Jack Flash At The Max”, but in reality, the title track was the one recorded in Tokyo featured on “Flashpoint”.
The other two tracks, however, were from the “At The Max” soundtrack and were recorded at Wembley Stadium, London. “Tumbling Dice” on August 24, 1990 and “Street Fighting Man” the following day.
18: Gimme Shelter (charity)
EMI/Food Records Cassette (UK) TCORDER 1, 13 April, 1993
Recorded at The Death Valley Stadium, Clemson, South Carolina on November 26, 1989, this was released as part of a charity fundraiser for the homeless.
Under the banner of “Putting Our House In Order”, twelve different versions of “Gimme Shelter” by twelve different artists were issued over four different formats: “Alternative” and “Rock” CD singles, a “Dance” 12 inch and a “Pop” cassette.
A non-musical interview track also titled “Gimme Shelter” was common to all the formats.
19: Love Is Strong (Bob Clearmountain Re-Mix)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT1503, July 5 1994
Disc 4
1: The Storm
2: So Young
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT1503, July 5 1994
Once again, this was issued as two CD singles. The first featured the album version of “Love Is Strong” as the lead track plus this Bob Clearmountain remix and the two “new” songs, “The Storm” and “So Young”.
“So Young” was in fact originally recorded during the “Some Girls” sessions in 1978.
The second CD (VSCDTX1503) featured no less than six remixes of “Love is Strong”!
3: Out Of Tears (Don Was Edit)
4: I'm Gonna Drive
5: Sparks Will Fly (Radio Clean)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1524, November 28, 1994
The Don Was edit was the first track on this single. The other tracks were “I’m Gonna Drive”, the censored version of “Sparks Will Fly” and the Bob Clearmountain “remix edit” of “Out Of Tears”.
6: Jump On Top Of Me (Pret-A-Porter)
Sony/Columbia CD – Prêt -A –Porter Soundtrack, 478226 2, December 6, 1994
This was originally released as one of the “B” side tracks on the “You Got Me Rocking” CD single.
(Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDG 1518, September 26, 1994)
This version was featured on the soundtrack of Robert Altman’s film and is supposed to be a different mix to the one issued as a single, but I can’t spot the difference!
7: The Rocky Road To Dublin (with The Chieftains)
BMG/RCA CD – The Chieftains - The Long Black Veil – 74321 25167 2, January 23, 1995
Not really a rarity but as it doesn’t appear on any regular Stones release, I’ve included it in this collection.
Recorded during the Stones’ stay in Dublin during the “Voodoo Lounge” sessions, this album also features Mick Jagger singing the title track.
8: I Go Wild (Scott Litt remix)
9: I Go Wild (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDX 1539, July 3, 1995
This single featured four versions of “I Go Wild”. The album version was the lead track and this “Scott Litt” version was track two. Track three was this live version recorded live in Florida, November 25, 1994 and the fourth was the “Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix”.
10: Like A Rolling Stone (Live Single Edit)
12: Black Limousine (Live)
12: All Down the Line (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1562, October 30, 1995
This single featured the full-length version of “Like A Rolling Stone” as the first track, this single edit was track four. Both “Like A Rolling Stone” and “Black Limousine” were recorded at the Brixton Academy, London on July 19, 1995, while “All Down The Line” was recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on
May 26, 1995.
13: Who Do You Love (Live with Bo Diddley)
Castle Music VHS, -Voodoo Lounge - G1008, December 5, 1995
Recorded live at the Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida, November 25, 1994.
14: Live With Me (Live)
15: Tumbling Dice (Live)
16: Gimme Shelter (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1578, March 11, 1996
From the “Wild Horses” single, “Live With Me” was recorded at Brixton Academy, London on July 19, 1995,
“Tumbling Dice” at L’Olympia, Paris on July 3, 1995 and “Gimme Shelter” at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on May 26, 1995.
17: Anybody Seen My Baby (LP Edit)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1653, September 19, 1997
Four versions of “Anybody Seen my Baby” were featured on this release, this “LP edit”, the full-length album version and two remixes – “Armand’s Rolling Steelo Mix” and “Soul Solution Remix”.
18: Angie (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD (Japan) – Bridges To Babylon - VJCP 25333 September 26, 1997
Recorded at the Tokyo Dome, March 6, 1995, this was bizarrely tacked onto the end of the Japanese version of “Bridges To Babylon”.
Disc 5
1: Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (with BB King)
MCA Records CD – BB King - Deuces Wild- MCD 11722 ,November 4, 1997
Again, not really a rarity, but included for the same reason as the Chieftains track.
2: Saint Of Me (Radio Edit)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1667, January 26, 1998
Another two-disc release, disc one featured this “radio edit”, the same “Gimme Shelter” that was issued on the “Wild Horses” single, a Phil Jones remix of “Anybody Seen My Baby” and the “Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub” mix of “Saint Of Me”. Disc two (VSCDX 1667) included the same radio edit, “Anyway You Look At It” (see next) and the “Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix Parts 1&2”.
3: Anyway You Look At It
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDX 1667, January 26, 1998
See above
4: Honest I Do
Capitol Records CD– Hope Floats Soundtrack – CDP 93402, April 7, 1998
Recorded at Toshiba Studios, Tokyo in March 1995, this really ought to have featured on “Stripped”, or at least on one of the associated singles, but instead turned up on the soundtrack to the movie “Hope Floats” three years later.
5: Out Of Control (Album Radio Edit)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDF 1700, May 17, 1998
Yet another two-disc release, together featuring no less than seven versions of “Out Of Control”.
Disc one featured this radio edit plus “In Hand With Fluke”, “In Hand With Fluke Instrumental” and “Bi-PolarAt The Controls” remixes. Disc two (VSCDX 1700) had “Saber Final Mix”, “Bi-Polar’s Fat Controller Mix” and “Bi-Polar At The Controls” (again!).
6: I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD (Japan) – No Security - VJCP-25426, November 21, 1998
Once again, the Japanese get a bonus track, but at least this one made sense.
Recorded at the Amsterdam Arena on July 1, 1998.
7: Miss You (Dr. Dre Remix 2002)
Maverick Records CD – Austin Powers – Goldmember Soundtrack , 48310, July 15, 2002
Whether this can be called a Rolling Stones track is debatable.
This from Nico Zentgraf’s website: Musicians: MJ (voc, bvoc)/KR (bvoc)/RW (bvoc)/Dr. Dre (all other instruments) Note: Dr. Dre used tapes with some alternative vocal parts of MJ for his remix.
The Complete Works of the Rolling Stones 1962 - 2009
8: Don't Stop
9: Keys To Your Love
10: Stealing My Heart
11: Losing My Touch
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records/Abkco CD – Forty Licks – CDVD 2964, 30 September, 2002
These, of course, can hardly be described as rarities as they were included on “Forty Licks”, probably one of the biggest selling albums in the Stones’ catalogue. I’ve included them purely because, probably like many others, the only reason I bought that album was to get them!
12: Don't Stop (New Rock Mix)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSCDT 1838, October 14, 2002
This was released as a single which also featured a single edit of “Don’t Stop” and the original 12 inch mix of “Miss You”.
13: I Can't Turn You Loose (Live) Munich, June 8, 2003
14: Extreme Western Grip (Studio Jam) Paris, Guillaume Tell Studios, May 13 – June 7, 2002
15: Well Well (Studio Jam) Paris, Guillaume Tell Studios, May 13 – June 7, 2002
16: Love Train (Live) Paris July 11, 2003
TGA DVD – Four Flicks – 7479700122, November 11, 2003
These are the songs that are unique to this DVD release, i.e. new to the Stones’ catalogue..
17: It's All Over Now (Live)
Apple iTunes download November, 2003
The shape of things to come? This was an exclusive M4a download made available to iTunes customers to tie in with the release of “Four Flicks”. Recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, May 27, 1995.
18: Boogie Chillen (Live with John Lee Hooker and Eric Clapton)
Eagle Vision DVD - John Lee Hooker - Come And See About Me – EREDV341, June 1, 2004
Recorded live at Atlantic City, December 19, 1989.
Disc 6
1: Start Me Up
2: Ruby Tuesday
3: Miss You (with Justin Timberlake)
4: Rock Me Baby (with AC DC)
5: (I Can’t Get No Satisfaction)
6: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Warner Vision DVD - Toronto Rocks – 961714, June 29, 2004
Recorded at the “Molson Canadian Rocks For Toronto” SARS benefit concert at Downsview Park,
Toronto on July 30, 2003.
7: If You Can't Rock Me (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD (Japan) - Live Licks -VJCP-68700, November 3, 2004
Another Japanese bonus track, recorded in New York, January 18, 2003
8: Neighbours (Live iTunes)
Apple iTunes download November, 2004
Recorded at the Olympia, Paris July 11, 2003, this is the unedited version of the song that appeared on “Live Licks”. The complete version was on “Four Flicks”
9: Streets Of Love (Radio Edit)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single (Holland), 0094634002929, August 28, 2005
This single edit was issued in Holland and Germany, but not in the UK.
10: Under The Radar
11: Don't Wanna Go Home
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records DVD - A Bigger Bang (Special Edition) - CDVX 3012, November 18, 2005
Just in time for Christmas came the “Special Edition” of “A Bigger Bang”.
This time it came with an extra DVD and packaged in a slip-case.
The DVD contained promo films of “Streets Of Love” and “Rough Justice” and these two new songs plus
“Ashley Beedle’s ‘Heavy Disco’ Vocal Re-edit” of “Rain Fall Down”
12: Thru & Thru (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD – Rarities 1971-2003 - CDVX 3015, November 25, 2005
This is where we came in!
This was the one song on “Rarities” that hadn’t previously been released on record or CD, although it was
included on the “Four Flicks” DVD box-set.
Recorded at Madison Square Garden, January 18, 2003
13: Rain Fall Down (Will. I. Am Remix)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSDX 1907, December 5, 2005
Three versions of this song appeared on this single, the will. i. am (Black Eyed Peas) mix was the first track, the others being a radio edit and “Ashley Beedle’s ‘Heavy Disco’ Edit”
14: Start Me Up (Super Bowl)
15: Rough Justice (Super Bowl)
16: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Super Bowl)
Warner Vision DVD – NFL Super Bowl XL (US) - 80199, February 28, 2006
The Stones’ half time performance recorded at Ford Field, Detroit on February 6, 2006.
Disc 7
1: Dance (Pt. 1) (Live)
2: Before They Make Me Run (Live)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records CD Single VSDX 1914, July 17, 2006
From the CD single release of “Biggest Mistake”, these two songs were featured on the DVD box-set
“The Biggest Bang”. Both were recorded a L’Olympia, Paris on July 11, 2003
3: Hand Of Fate (Live vinyl 45)
Virgin/Rolling Stone Records 45 VS 1914, July 17, 2006
The “B” side to the vinyl release of “Biggest Mistake”, this song also appeared on “The Biggest Bang” DVD and was also recorded a L’Olympia, Paris on July 11, 2003.
4: Bob Wills Is Still The King (Live) Austin, Texas, October 22, 2006
5: Learning The Game (Live) Austin, Texas, October 22, 2006
6: I Can't Be Satisfied (Rehearsal) Milan, Italy, July, 2006
7: Night Time Is The Right Time (Live) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, February 18, 2006
RST DVD – The Biggest Bang- 06025 174 16307, June 12, 2007
8: Get Up, Stand Up (Live) Toronto, Canada, August 10, 2005
9: Mr. Pitiful (Live) , Toronto, Canada, August 10, 2005
RST DVD – The Biggest Bang- 06025 174 16307, June 12, 2007
These two songs were released on the download only album “Light The Fuse” in October 2012.
10: Rock Me Baby (with ACDC)
Sony DVD – AC DC – Plug Me In – 88697 17618 9, October 16, 2007
Recorded at The Festweise, Leipzig, Germany, June 20, 2003.
11: Undercover Of The Night (Live)
Universal Music/Rolling Stones Records CD (Japan) – Shine A Light OST - UICY-90794, April 9, 2008
The extra track on the Japanese “Shine A Light” CD release.
12: Wild Horses (Live at Knebworth)
Apple iTunes video download November 23, 2009
Issued as a download only EP along with the original track from “Sticky Fingers” and the live version from “Stripped”, this is, so far, the only official release of anything from the Knebworth Fair performance from August 21, 1976.
13: Plundered My Soul (Alternative Mix)
Amazon download April 17, 2010
“Plundered My Soul” was one of the tracks featured on the “Deluxe edition” of “Exile On Main St.” and was released as a single (Universal 2735477) to mark “Record Store Day” 2010. This version, however, features a different mix to the regularly released version.
14: All Down The Line (Alternative version)
Universal/Polydor/Rolling Stones Records CD (Japan) – Exile On Main St. (Deluxe Edition) –
UICY-1479, May 14, 2010
The extra track on the Japanese “Exile On Main St. Deluxe Edition” CD release, this was also made available to Amazon UK customers as a free MP3 download.
15: Shake Your Hips
16: Tumbling Dice
17: Bluesberry Jam
Eagle Vision DVD – Ladies And Gentlemen - EREDV815, October 8, 2010
Recorded at Montreux, Switzerland on May 18, 1972 during rehearsals for the upcoming tour.
These are the ‘bonus tracks’ on the “Ladies And Gentlemen” DVD
18: Hurricane
Mindless Records CD – Keith Richards - Vintage Vinos – 59704 53719, October 25, 2010
Featuring only Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, this was recorded during the sessions for the new tracks included on “Forty Licks” at Guillaume Tell Studios, Paris in May and June 2002. It was originally only given out as a promo disc to concert goers on the American leg of the “Bigger Bang” tour from November 2005 on in return for donations to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund to help victims of the hurricane that devastated New Orleans in August 2005. It finally reached a wider audience when it was included on Keith’s first compilation album released to tie in with his autobiography “Life”.
Disc 8
1: Watching The River Flow
Eagle Rock CD – Ben Waters - Boogie 4 Stu - EAGCD441, April 18, 2011
Ben Waters is a renowned Boogie-Woogie piano player and a cousin of PJ Harvey whose parents were personal friends of Ian Stewart, the Stones’ original pianist and road manager who died in 1985.
He has toured extensively with the band The ABC & D OF Boogie Woogie, with Charlie Watts on drums
and recorded the album “Boogie 4 Stu” as a tribute to Ian Stewart.
On his website he says:
“When I decided to make this album for Stu I hadn't got any big plans and just wanted to say thanks to him. It felt wrong making money out of such a project so I decided to give the money to the British Heart Foundation. I then booked my friend’s studio in Weymouth to embark on my solo tribute album.
I wasn't prepared for what happened next. I told Charlie Watts what was happening and he thought it was a great idea and offered to play on it. This changed things a lot! I could no longer go into the small Dorset studio, because if there was now a drummer I needed a bass player, so I asked Charlie's oldest friend and jazz stalwart Dave Green who also was very keen to play. I then thought that as we now had a rhythm section it would be nice to do some of the tunes Stu and I did with Rocket 88,so I got in touch with Willy Garnet and Don Weller and asked them down. Again they were over the moon to be involved. This led to a slight problem though. We now needed a big studio and as I was funding this myself we needed a big studio on a budget! I phoned Jools Holland and asked if we could hire his studio, he said NO but we could have it for free and said he would also like to play on the album. He had met Stu a few times and really struck up a good friendship, they both loved Jimmy Yancey (hence Jools’ choice of song on the album). Jools wanted to be there for Stu as well.
The next day I phoned Sherry Daly (my friend and executive producer of the album) to tell her what had transpired. She was sitting with Ronnie Wood and she in turn told Ronnie what was happening. I heard a voice in the background saying "You don't want guitar on there to do ya? Stu was my best mate!"
So everything was set, we went into Helicon Mountain (Jools’ studio) and did 2 days of recording of stuff we thought Stu would have liked. We had a great time - it was a party like atmosphere and everyone regaled me with stories of Stu.
I was really pleased with the results and was preparing to get the album mixed and mastered. I then popped into the Stones office to let Sherry hear what we had done. She then mentioned that as I was doing a tribute to the Rolling Stones piano player and half the Rolling Stones were on it that we should let the other guys know what I had been doing out of courtesy, because they might want to write something on the cover. So I sent a note to Mick, Keith and Bill, they all came back and said "We would love to play on it!"
Next thing I found myself on a plane to New York heading to One East to record with Keith. We went into the studio had a jam, talked about Stu and then he put his guitar onto 3 existing tracks. He told me that there were only two people in the world that he has never heard a bad word about - Stu and Charlie Watts
I then e-mailed "Watching the River Flow" to Mick in France. He got the track, sang his part and it was
e-mailed back to me within the hour. His vocals sound amazing and to think he must have done it all in one take! I really feel it must be one of his best ever vocals.
Bill Wyman was the last musician to add to the pot. It’s a bit strange for a bass player to come and overdub a part that has already been done, but we never knew the album was going to take on a life of its own and everyone was going to play on it. Had I known I could have asked Bill down for the original session.”
So Ben had managed to get a full complement of Stones, including their original bass player, without even trying! Although billed as Ben Waters and Friends this track still counts as a Rolling Stones recording even if they weren’t all in the same studio at the same time!
Keith Richards – Guitar
Mick Jagger – Vocals, Harmonica
Charlie Watts – Drums
Ronnie Wood – Guitar
Bill Wyman – Bass
Ben Waters – Piano
Tom Waters – Alto Sax
Willy Garnet – Sax
Don Wellor – Sax
Alex Garnet – Baritone Sax
Dave Swift – Tambourine
2: Fingerprint File (Slow Version)
Universal/Polydor/Rolling Stones Records SACD (Japan) – It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll - UIGY-9069, June 28, 2011
It would appear that the version that originally appeared on “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” in 1974 was sped up for some reason. This correct speed version was issued on the Japanese SACD version issued in 2011
3: Beast Of Burden
4: Respectable
5: Shattered
Eagle Vision DVD – Some Girls Live In Texas – ERDVCD065, November 21, 2011
Recorded on “Saturday Night Live” October 7, 1978.
These are the bonus tracks on the “Some Girls Live In Texas” DVD.
6: So Young (Piano Version)
Universal/A&M/Rolling Stones Records CD (Japan) - Some Girls (Deluxe Edition) - UICY-10027, December 7, 2011
The bonus track on the Japanese "Some Girls" reissue, also an iTunes exclusive
7: Doom And Gloom (Jeff Bhasker radio remix)
Apple iTunes download October 11, 2012
This “radio remix” was also issued on 10 inch vinyl on November 23, 2013 (Universal 372 32 78)
A “Jeff Bhasker radio remix” of “One More Shot” was also issued as a download only track on June 14, 2003 but you’ll need better ears than I to hear the difference!
There also exists a “Benny Benassi remix” of “Doom And Gloom” issued, yet again, as a download only track on December 9, 2012 but it falls into the “Dance remix” category and, as such, I haven’t included it.
8: Doom And Gloom
9: One More Shot
Universal/ Polydor/Rolling Stones/Abkco CD – Grrr! – 3710914, November 9, 2012
As with “Forty Licks”, the newest hits compilation also came with some brand new songs but this time only two.
10: You Got Me Rocking (Live at Sandy Relief)
11: Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live at Sandy Relief)
Sony/Columbia download album – 12-12-12: The Concert For Sandy Relief – December 18, 2012
CD released on January 24, 2013 (Sony 88765 44889 2)
Recorded live at Madison Square Garden, New York on December 12, 2012
A multi-artist concert staged to raise funds to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy that devastated the Caribbean and Northwest United States in October 2012.
12: Angie (Live)
Rolling Stones “App” download via iTunes and Google Play, April 10, 2013
Available only to people who have “smart phones”, this is yet another example of the way things are going. Recorded at the Korakuen Dome, Tokyo, February 27, 1990
13: Tumbling Dice (Live at Hyde Park)
14: Happy (Live at Hyde Park)
Columbia Music Entertainment DVD/CD (Japan) – Sweet Summer Sun – VQBD-10161, November 12, 2013
Recorded at Hyde Park, July 13, 2013, these are the bonus tracks on the Japanese edition of “Sweet Summer Sun”. “Tumbling Dice” was on the DVD and Happy on the CD.
15: All Down The Line (Live at Hyde Park)
16: Bitch (with Gary Clark Jr.) (Live at Hyde Park)
17: Beast Of Burden (Live at Hyde Park)
Ward Records CD (Japan) – Sweet Summer Sun “Extra Bonus” CD – WRDZZ-073, February 14, 2014
Recorded at Hyde Park, July 6, 2013, this disc was given exclusively to Japanese purchasers of the “Special Edition” of “Sweet Summer Sun”.
My own record, CD and DVD collection
The Rolling Stones An Illustrated Record by Roy Carr (New English Library, 1976)
The Rolling Stones Complete Recording Sessions by Martin Elliott (Cherry Red, 2012)
The Complete Recording Guide To The Rolling Stones by James Karnbach and Carol Bernson
(Aurum Press, 1997)
Nico Zentgraf’s The Complete Works website: The Complete Works
Too Tough, the Rolling Stones’ UK/US Discography: Rolling Stones UK / US Discography (Japanese)
The Rolling Stones Discography: The Rolling Stones Discography
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Rolling Stones Fan Club: The Rolling Stones Fan Club - It's Only Rock'n Roll
All Music Guide: AMG
45cat Vinyl Database: 45cat
Particular thanks to Blake Eikenberry (blakeeik) for his Rarities Done Right
and to Jos Lemmers (UrbanSteel) for his many contributions to this project.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: ChrisL ()
Date: May 16, 2020 22:48

Wow, amazing. Thanks UrbanSteel.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Stoneage ()
Date: May 17, 2020 01:50

Alan was of course right about "Rarities 1971-2003". A missed opportunity.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Stoneage ()
Date: May 17, 2020 02:01


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Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: CaptainCorella ()
Date: May 17, 2020 05:20

In honor of Alan Miskin-Garside aka Alan Alan Iorr aka Deltics i post one of his great projects / masterpieces.


Particular thanks to Blake Eikenberry (blakeeik) for his Rarities Done Right
and to Jos Lemmers (UrbanSteel) for his many contributions to this project.

I'm slightly taken aback, and chuffed, that a cover I made has reached such wide circulation!

Captain Corella
50+ Years a Fan

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Quique-stone ()
Date: May 19, 2020 11:33

Amazing and giant project by Alan, what a fan and a collector he was!
I miss you mate!

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: UrbanSteel ()
Date: May 20, 2020 19:27

Message from Alan's sister:

Ella Miskin-Garside
20-05-2020, two o'clock in the afternoon.

Funeral Update.

Dad's funeral will be at 9am on Thursday 28th May. Unfortunately due to everything else happening at the moment we are not able to have a large service.
We wanted you all to be aware of when it was taking place so you can be with us in spirit, if not in person.

When all the restrictions are lifted we will have a larger celebration in Alan's honour, which we hope many of you will be able to attend

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Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Quique-stone ()
Date: May 21, 2020 10:17

I will be there in spirit.

Re: OT: Terrible news, Alan iorr on facebook aka Deltics is passed away today.
Posted by: Honestman ()
Date: May 21, 2020 12:38

As Jos already share with us the great Real Rarities project, here's another great one that Alan sent me 10 years ago or so.He did the sleeve notes and asked me at the time if I could get pictures of the Stones in a kitchen,but I'd never been able to get some.The ones I sent him were in the spirit but not in a kitchen, he really wanted one for the cover.

Here his project called "Jagger-Richard, Songs From the Kitchen" :

Jagger – Richard, Songs From The Kitchen

“For me, definitely, the greatest contribution Andrew ever made was to lock Mick and me in the kitchen for a day and a night, saying I’m not letting you out until you’ve got a song”.
Keith Richards quoted from the video 25x5 in 1989.

Keith’s memories are sometimes called into question, in earlier interviews the room they are locked in is the size of a kitchen, but there does seem to be some veracity to his recollections regarding manager Andrew Loog Oldham’s attempts to get Jagger and Richards to come up with some original songs.
In his book “Stoned”, Oldham states that he locked Mick and Keith in a flat (probably 33, Mapesbury Road, Brent which they all shared) and left them trying to write some material while he went to have a meal with his mother telling them that he expected a song when he returned if they wanted any food.
He goes on to say that when he returned, he quietly opened the front door, crept upstairs and listened in through the locked door and, having satisfied himself that something was going on, he crept back downstairs and this time slammed the front door closed and went back upstairs, unlocked the door and asked them what they had come up with.
Jagger, who by this time was tired and hungry, is quoted as saying that they’d “written this @#$%& song and you’d better @#$%& like it”!

Quite which song they had come up with is open to conjecture (Mick Jagger is on record as saying it was “It Should Be You”), but Oldham was quite right in his insistence that the band could not rely on covering great obscure songs forever if they were going to have any kind of lasting career.
Having worked for the Beatles marketing arm, Seltaeb, he was savvy enough to know that the money was not just in having hit singles, but in writing your own songs and also in providing hits for other artists.

This collection brings together all of the Jagger-Richard songs written between 1964 and 1975 that were either never released by the Stones or were released before the Stones’ versions were issued in the U.K.

All catalogue numbers and release dates refer to UK 45 releases unless otherwise indicated.

Disc 1

1: Will You Be My Lover Tonight – George Bean (Decca F 11808, January 10 1964) Producer: Andrew Oldham.
2: It Should Be You – George Bean (‘b’ side to above)

Andrew Oldham obviously thought that George Bean had some potential having produced his first single “Secret Love” b/w “Lonely Weekends” (Decca F 11762) in late 1963, quite possibly with some Stones involvement in the recording.
This single was the first Jagger-Richard ‘A’ and ‘B’ side to be released, but, unfortunately nobody bought it!
Oldham also recorded another Jagger-Richard song with Bean, “My Only Girl”, which was never released but was picked up by Gene Pitney and retitled “That Girl Belongs To Yesterday” (see next).
After another flop single, “A Sad Story” b/w “Er-Um-Er” (Decca F 11922) also produced by Oldham, Bean, with his imaginatively named band “The Runners”, moved to British CBS for one single and later appeared in the movie “Privilege” starring Paul Jones (of Manfred Mann), where he sang “Onward Christian Soldiers”. He subsequently formed the group Trifle, which was managed by Robert Stigwood with future Strawbs member Rod Coombes in the lineup.
He died in 1970.
The Stones’ versions of these songs have never been officially released but bootleg recordings are available although, in the case of “Will You Be My Lover Tonight”, only as a fragment as part of a medley.

3: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday – Gene Pitney (United Artists UP 1045, February 1964) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

In 1964 Gene Pitney was a much bigger star than the Stones having just had a massive hit on both sides of the Atlantic with “24 Hours From Tulsa” (United Artists UP 1035). Whilst promoting the single in the UK, Andrew Oldham, who was Pitney’s publicist in the UK, introduced him to the Stones on the set of one of the UK’s top TV programmes “Thank Your Lucky Stars”.
Pitney was also an accomplished songwriter himself, having written “Hello Mary Lou” for Ricky Nelson and “He’s A Rebel” for The Ronettes, the latter produced by Phil Spector. It was this connection that led to both Pitney and Spector appearing on the Stones’ first album, the sessions of which produced the notorious (and obscene) “Andrew’s Blues” which was never released but has been widely bootlegged.
Oldham offered “My Only Girl” to Pitney who effectively rewrote and rearranged it to suit his style and the record (b/w “Who Needs It”) reached no. 7 in the UK so making it the first Jagger-Richard song to hit the charts.
Gene Pitney continued to have hits throughout the Sixties but had to wait until 1989 to have his first UK number 1with a re-recording of his 1967 hit “Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart”, a duet with Marc Almond.
He died on April 5, 2006.
The Stones’ version has never been officially released although their demo of “My Only Girl” is available on bootlegs.

4: Shang A Doo Lang – Adrienne Poster (Decca F 11864, March 20 1964) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Adrienne Posta (note the correct spelling) was a 15 year old starlet who was studying at the Italia Conti Stage School (apparently along with Steve Marriott later of The Small Faces) whose father, Sid Posta, a wealthy furniture dealer, wanted to be a pop star.
Never one to miss an opportunity, particularly where there was some money to be made, Andrew Oldham took her under his wing and gave her this song which he describes in “Stoned” as a re-write of The Crystals “He’s Sure The Boy I Love” giving it his best Phil Spector type production.
A party was thrown to launch the single (paid for by Sid Posta) which was attended by Paul McCartney and his then girlfriend, Jane Asher along with Peter and Gordon who were top of the charts at the time with the Lennon-McCartney song “A World Without Love”. Another guest was a beautiful girl called Marianne Faithful who immediately caught Oldham’s eye and who would later play a large part in the Stones’ story.
The record (b/w When A Girl Really Loves You) didn’t sell and, after a string of equally unsuccessful singles, Adrienne gave up on trying to be a pop star and turned instead to acting where she had more success most notably in the film “Up The Junction” in 1968.
The Stones’ version of this song has never been released although a brief snippet is featured in a medley that is available on bootlegs.

5: Give Me Your Hand – Teddy Green (Piccadilly 7N 35173, March 20 1964)

The story goes that this song was originally offered to the Beatles by way of thanks for them giving “I Wanna Be Your Man” to the Stones for their second single. Apparently the Beatles said that they’d record it if the Stones recorded another one of their songs, namely “One After 909”. Neither band took up the offer and it’s something of a mystery how “Give Me Your Hand” should turn up as the ‘b’ side to song called “Alone” by an obscure singer who had played a bit part in two Cliff Richard movies, “The Young Ones” and “Summer Holiday”.
The song itself is obviously an “answer” to “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and is, without doubt, one of the worst songs that Mick and Keith ever wrote and Teddy’s performance is suitably excruciatingly awful!
It’s no wonder that it never formed part of the Beatles’ repertoire!
Once again, nobody bought the record.
Teddy Green went on to become a successful choreographer.
Not surprisingly, the Stones never released their version, but a brief six-second snippet is part of the aforementioned medley.

6: As Tears Go By – Marianne Faithful (Decca F 11923, July 1964) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

In “Stoned”, Oldham says “The moment I caught sight of Marianne I recognized my next adventure, a true star.
In another century you’d have set sail for her; in 1964 you’d record her”.
And so it was that on March 11 1964 Andrew set about making her a star recording three Jagger-Richard songs, “As Time Goes By”, “Come And Dance With Me” and “No One Knows”. History doesn’t record what happened to the last two songs, but “As Time Goes By” eventually became “As Tears Go By” (in order to distinguish it from the song in the Humphrey Bogart film “Casablanca”) picking up an additional writing credit for Oldham himself and was released as a single b/w Oldham’s arrangement of the traditional “Greensleeves” reaching number 9 in the UK charts.
Marianne Faithful would of course go on to be Mick Jagger’s lover/muse for the remainder of the sixties, the pair being almost the quintessential couple of “The Swinging Sixties”.
The Stones’ version of this song was first released in America on the album “December’s Children” (London PS 451) in November 1965 and as a single the following month b/w “Gotta Get Away” (London 9808). It wasn’t released in the UK until February 1966 where it was the ‘b’ side to “19th Nervous Breakdown” (Decca F12331).
The Stones’ demo of “As Time Goes By” is available on bootlegs.

7: So Much In Love – The Mighty Avengers (Decca F 11962, August 1964) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

The Mighty Avengers (Tony Campbell (lead guitar, vocals) Dave ‘Biffo’ Beech (drums and vocals), Mike Linnell (bass and lead vocal) and Kevin ‘Bep’ Mahon (guitar and harmonica) hailed from Rugby near Coventry in the English midlands who had already released one single, “Hide Your Pride” b/w “Hey Senorita” (Decca F 11891) in April 1964. Andrew Oldham produced their next three singles of which this was the first, b/w “Sometime They Say”.
It made number 47 in the UK chart.
Once again, the only Stones version of this song is a short fragment as part of the “Bits and Pieces” medley.

8: You Must Be The One – The Greenbeats (Pye 7N 15718, November 6 1964) Producer: John Paul Jones.

The Greenbeats, from Dublin, Ireland were John Keogh on piano and vocals, Paul Williams on lead guitar, Brian Lynch on bass and Mog Ahern on drums. They started out as The Caravelles, but in April 1964 on a trip to play the Cavern Club in Liverpool found that there was another band by that name so they changed their name.
John Paul Jones, an early collaborator of Andrew Oldham’s and later a member of Led Zeppelin, produced this as the ‘b’ side to the self penned “If The World Were Mine”, although the sides were reversed when it was issued in the States on Jerden Records (Jerden 757).
Although the single didn’t sell, the band continued to be very popular in Ireland appearing regularly on the Irish television station RTE’s programme “The Showband Show” throughout the mid sixties.
Again, the Stones version was never released and again it is part of the “Bits and Pieces” medley.

9: Blue Turns To Grey – Tracey Day (Amy 917, 1964 (US)) Produced by Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe

The first of six versions of this song to feature in this collection, Tracey Dey, born Nora Ferrari from New York was signed up by Bob Crewe, who, along with Bob Gaudio, was responsible for many of the Four Seasons’ hits.
Quite how the recording came about may remain a mystery, but Crewe was known to Oldham (who was an admirer of his productions), having met him on a visit to England in 1964, so it’s possible that Oldham gave him the song at the time.
Only released in the US, the single didn’t chart.
After releasing several more singles, Dey quit the music business, dropping the Tracey Dey moniker and reverting back to her given name in the late sixties. She completed a Masters degree in Theatre Arts at Columbia University and, for a while, taught college courses. She later began acting and writing screenplays and had a small part in the 2007 film Reservation Road.
The Stones version was first issued on the American album December’s Children in 1965, but it didn’t get a UK issue until 1971 when it appeared on the Decca compilation “Stone Age” (SKL5084).

10: All I Want Is My Baby – Bobby Jameson (Decca F 12032, January 1965 Producer: Andrew Oldham.
11: Each And Every Day – Bobby Jameson (‘b’ side to above)

Just to prove a point about Oldham’s admiration of Gaudio and Crewe’s productions for the Four Seasons, “All I Want Is My Baby” could have easily passed as one of their works.
Bobby Jameson posted this on the “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll” website regarding his involvement with Oldham and the recording of this single:
“The way I got to England to cut “All I Want Is My Baby” was I received a letter from Andrew Loog Oldham stating that if I should ever come to London he would be interested in working with me. I got this letter in the midst of an American release on Talamo Records that was a hit throughout the midwest and Canada in 1964 called "I’m So Lonely”. Talamo stands for T. Alamo or Tony Alamo, he was my manager at the time and discovered Jesus. He became an insane born again Christian and I wanted as far away from him as I could get, hence the letter from Oldham was followed up on that basis. Kim Fowley, who I have known since 1963, had nothing to do with it, even if it says he did in Andrew's book, Andrew and Decca never paid me one penny for making the record to this day.”

He goes on to say:
“When I went into the studio in London I still had jet lag. I had only been there for a few days. I knew nothing about the song and had never heard it. It was at that time that I first met Mick Jagger and his girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton.
I spent some time talking with Mick mostly about America. He wanted to know about how big The Beatles were in the US and I told him, but I also told him that The Stones were becoming as big which he found impossible to believe. It was an interesting conversation because I was trying to convince him that his own popularity was far greater than he was aware of. The next part of this is where I went into the studio with Andrew and Mick and heard the song “All I Want Is My Baby” for the first time. Andrew was very excited about the guitar solo to the point where he thought the record would be a hit based solely on that solo, I did not agree, but went along with it. I had no idea that I was going to have to cut someone else's material when I got to England, that fact was dropped on me the day I heard the song. I did not like the song and found it difficult to sing, particularly with jet lag. We rehearsed the song for hours and I thought that's all it was, a rehearsal, but it ended up the record. I was told that we'd just make a tape so I could hear what I was doing but it was the final product. The ‘b’ side “Each and Every Day” went a lot better and I thought it should have been the ‘a’ side. I complained about the songs to Andrew and asked him to listen to some of my material but he refused and said he was not interested. I was caught in a situation I had little or no control over, I was 19 years old and in a foreign country.”

Once again the record didn’t sell, but Bobby went on to record an album called “Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest” in 1965 under the name of Chris Lucey for the Surrey label in America which is much sought after and considered by many to be a lost classic.
“All I Want Is My Baby” was never released by the Stones, nor have any bootleg recordings surfaced, but their version of “Each And Every Day” appeared on the album “Metamorphosis” (Decca SKL 5212), a collection of demos and outtakes released on June 6 1975.

12: I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys – The Toggery Five (Parlophone R 5249, February 26 1965) Producer: Andrew Oldham

Manchester band The Toggery Five (Paul Young vocals and percussion, Frank Renshaw guitar and vocals, Alan Doyle guitar and vocals, Kenneth Mills bass and vocals and Graham Smith drums) were named after manager Mike Cohen’s boutique “The Toggery”.
They signed to EMI’s Parlophone label in 1964 and released the unsuccessful single “I’m Gonna Jump” b/w “Bye Bye Bird” (Parlophone R 5175) in September of that year. For their follow up they recorded this single (written by Oldham and Richard) at Abbey Road in January 1965, with Renshaw on lead vocals, and released it the following month b/w the self penned “It’s So Easy”. But despite an appearance on “Ready Steady Go” (with Young miming the vocal) the record also failed to sell.
The band split in 1967 after several more unsuccessful singles and several line up changes, but Paul Young went on to have some success with the band Sad Cafe who had a number three hit in 1979 with “Every Day Hurts”. He later joined the Genesis off-shoot Mike and The Mechanics but died of a heart attack in 2000.
The Stones’ own version of this song was featured on “Metamorphosis”

13: Blue Turns To Grey – The Mighty Avengers (Decca F 12085, February 1965) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Having scraped into the top 50 with their previous release, Oldham and the Avengers might well have had high hopes for this release, after all, the band were at least known now and the Stones were well on their way to rivaling the Beatles in terms of popularity. Unfortunately, the single b/w “I’m Lost Without You” failed to dent the charts despite it being a terrific pop song. Maybe next time?

14: When Blue Turns To Gray – Dick and Dee Dee (Warner Brothers 5627, 1965 (US)) Producer: Andrew Oldham.
15: Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind – Dick and Dee Dee (‘b’ side to above)

Dick and Dee Dee (Dick St. John and Mary Sperling) were a popular duo who had several huge hits in the early sixties in America including “The Mountain’s High” (Liberty 55350) in 1961 and “Thou Shalt Not Steal” (Warner Bros. 5482) in 1964.
They met Andrew Oldham and the Stones at the T.A.M.I show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium on October 29 1964.

In an interview on the Classic Bands website Dee Dee has this to say about their involvement with the Stones:

“Q - So, you met The Stones?

A - Yeah, the TAMI Show. Dick was hell-bent on getting us on that show. We'd been touring and weren't around when they were booking it. Our manager was somehow under the radar and didn't realize what was going on. By the time we got back, it was completely booked up. Dick was just hell-bent we were gonna do that show. Just to keep us quiet I guess, they said you can come back stage and watch the show. If somebody doesn't show up, you can do the show. So we went there and Dick was hangin' out a little bit with Lesley Gore. She was on the show. That night we were performing at the Long Beach Arena with Tina Turner and The Rolling Stones. It was Ike and Tina in those days. Ike and Tina came on first. Dick and I came on second and The Rolling Stones came on third. After the TAMI Show and they completed filming it, they got us on the bus and said "Why are you gonna take your cars down to Long Beach? The bus is going down there. Why don't you just ride on the bus?" So that's what we did. So, we did the show with The Rolling Stones.”
“We went to England and we were in a club with Brian Jones and Andrew Loog Oldham, who was their producer and manager. Dick whispered to me, "I'm gonna try and get Andrew to record us while we're here." That was a real bizarre thought, 'cause we were signed with Warner Brothers and Don Ralke. Dick said "This will give us a big hit record." So, he started talking to Andrew. Andrew started looking at his watch like he had to go somewhere. Dick came running back to me and said "Andrew is leaving. I'm not going to let him out of my sight until he agrees to do this. So, can you get back to the hotel yourself?" I said OK. So Dick took off after Andrew. I stayed there with Brian and this guy named Michael Aldred, who was one of the hosts of the show called Ready, Steady, Go! It was a British Television show in London. We shared a cab and I went back to my hotel. The next morning, Dick called me and said "Well, I've done it. We're gonna have a session." We were only gonna stay in London one more week before coming back to the U.S. He said "First, Andrew needs permission from Warner Brothers." So Dick wanted me to call Joe Smith who was our contact. He said "Joe has a harder time saying no to a girl." So I called Joe and said "You know Joe, if we can record with Andrew Loog Oldham, what would that be like?" He said "Well, you have a contract with The Wilder Brothers, but let me see what I can do." We talked to The Wilders and they gave us permission to do this. They thought it would be a huge career plus to have this session done with Andrew. Andrew told Dick "I can't pull musicians in time, but I'm willing to do this. I've got some old Rolling Stones tracks that we're not going to release and if they're in the right key for you and you like the songs, you can go in and put your voices on 'em and I'll just deck out Mick's voice and you can have those." Dick said "Great!" Dick had in his hand an acetate that Andrew had given him of those songs and they were in the right key. We had the words written on hotel stationery. We sat there, listened and wrote the words. (laughs) It was a Friday night and we went to Decca Studios, which is where The Stones recorded. Keith was there. Brian was there. Andrew was there. At that time Andrew was trying to promote Keith Richards and Mick Jagger sort of like Lennon and McCartney. He was trying to do Jagger / Richards as a songwriting team. Since they'd written these songs, they had interest in seeing other people do their material. The songs were called "Blue Turns To Gray" and "Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind". And so we recorded them. Now, The Stones were playing all the tracks and in some cases singing back-up. We completed this thing in a few hours”.
Those with sharp ears will notice that one of those “old Rolling Stones tracks that we're not going to release” included the self same backing track for “Blue Turns To Grey” that was used for the Mighty Avengers’ release.
The single, only released in America, failed to chart but the duo continued to record together until 1969 when they split up.
Dick St. John died in 2003 after an accident at home.
The Stones’ own version of “Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind” was featured on “Metamorphosis”.

16: Congratulations – West Five (HMV POP 1396, March 1965)

Originally a four piece, imaginatively named “The Four”, this band (Don Regan, Colin Charles, Jerry Wood and Barry Summerfield) released one single for Decca (“It’s Alright” b/w “There’s Nothing Like It”, F 11999) in October 1964, which, despite an appearance on Ready Steady Go, failed to sell.
Augmenting with a fifth member (Mike Liston) they changed their name to the slightly more inventive West Five and signed with HMV releasing this as their first single b/w “She’s Mine” produced by Ron Burgess at Abbey Road.
In what is becoming a familiar story, the record failed to sell as did all of the band’s subsequent singles and they split in 1966.
The Stones’ version of this song appeared as the ‘b’ side of the American single “Time Is On My Side” (London 9708) in September 1964 and on the album 12x5 (London PS 402) the following month. It didn’t appear in Britain until the release of the Decca compilation “No Stone Unturned” (SKL 5173) in October 1973.

17: Surprise, Surprise – Lulu and The Luvvers (Decca F 12128, April 1965)

Lulu, born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, is a wee Scottish lassie with a big voice who, with her band The Luvvers (Ross Nelson, Guitar, Jim Dewar, Guitar, Alec Bell, Keyboards, Jim Smith, Sax, Tom Tierney, Bass and David Miller, Drums), was signed to Decca and had a huge hit with the Isley Brothers’ “Shout!” b/w “Forget Me Baby” (F 11884) in April 1964 while she was still only 15 years old.
This was the ‘b’ side to her fourth single, “Satisfied” which, surprise, surprise, didn’t sell.
After splitting from the Luvvers in 1966, Lulu moved to EMI’s Columbia label where, under the guidance of producer Mickie Most, she continued to have a string of hits and had her own TV show on the BBC.
In 1967 she starred alongside Sidney Poitier in the film “To Sir With Love” and became the first non American female to have a number one in the States with the title song.
She represented the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1969 coming joint first with “Boom Bang A Bang” and in 1974 surprisingly teamed up with David Bowie who produced her version of his “The Man Who Sold The World” which made number 3 in the UK charts.
She finally had her first UK number one in 1993 with a cover of Dan Hartman’s “Relight My Fire”, a duet with the boy-band Take That.
Technically this song doesn’t belong in this collection as the Stones’ own version had previously been released in the UK, but only as part of compilation album called “Fourteen” (Decca LK 4695) released on May 21 1964.
All profits from the album (including royalties) were donated to the Lord Taveners National Playing Fields Association,
but quite how much they received isn’t clear as the album didn’t sell very well and is now a much sought after collector’s item. The song was issued on the US album “Now!” (London PS 420) in February 1965.
It was released by Decca in the UK on two singles in July 1971, the first a three track ‘maxi-single ‘which featured “Street Fighting Man” and this song on the ‘a’ side with “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” as the ‘b’ side (F 13195), the record played at 331/3 RPM. The second was a more conventional 45 (F 13203) which omitted “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love”. The song was also featured on the album “No Stone Unturned”.

18: Each And Every Day – Thee (Decca F 12163, May 1965)

Thee (Pete Balding, drums and vocals, Tony Savva, bass and vocals, Bob Betts, rhythm guitar and vocals and Andy Mitchell, lead guitar and vocals) were a Hampstead band managed and produced by Reg King who also happened to be Andrew Oldham’s (somewhat notorious) driver and bodyguard.
This was their one and only single (b/w the self-penned There You Go!) and, like so many others before it, it failed to bother the charts.
The Stones’ version of this song is featured on “Metamorphosis”.

19: Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind – Vashti (Decca F 12157, May 21 1965) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Andrew Oldham was introduced to Vashti Bunyan by theatrical agent Monte Mackay and was immediately smitten.
In the second volume of his memoirs, “2Stoned”, he says “I wanted to walk with her in the hills of Tuscany, I wanted to dine with her by the sea in Sicily. I wanted to make her an offer she couldn’t refuse. I wanted to wake her in the morning in a shuttered room listening to the sounds in the Piazza Navona – but I bit my tongue instead of her ear”.
He gave her this song which, b/w her own song “I Want To Be Alone”, was to be her only single with Oldham.
She wasn’t really interested in being another dolly-bird singer (or, indeed, a dark haired version of Marianne Faithful) and had ambitions to release her own material.
A year later she released the single “Train Song” b/w “Love Song” (Columbia DB 7917) and then effectively left the music business.
Apart from, that is, an album of her own songs called “Just Another Diamond Day” written whilst travelling to a commune in the Hebrides. Produced by Joe Boyd and released on the Philips label (6308 019) in 1970, it didn’t sell at the time which made her quit music altogether. The album subsequently became a much sought after collector’s item and, upon it’s reissue on CD in 2000, received considerable critical plaudits picking up a new generation of fans, the title track even being used in a TV commercial for mobile phones.
This encouraged her to restart her musical career and she has since issued two further albums and now tours regularly.

20: (Walkin’ Thru The) Sleepy City – The Mighty Avengers (Decca F 12198, July 1965) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Third time lucky for Andrew and The Avengers? Not so, I’m afraid. Like their previous couple of efforts, this single (b/w Andrew Oldham’s “Sir Edward And Lady Jane”) also failed to set the charts alight.
It must have been somewhat dispiriting for all involved to have three singles provided by one of the hottest songwriting teams of the day all fail so miserably and the band split in 1966.
Tony Campbell, Dave ‘Biffo’ Beech and Kevin ‘Bep’ Mahon did finally have some success in 1975 as part of the band Jigsaw when their single “Sky High” made number nine in the UK charts.
The Stones’ version of this song was included on “Metamorphosis”.

21: Wastin' Time – Jimmy Tarbuck (Immediate IM 018, October 1965) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Jimmy Tarbuck is a popular Liverpudlian comedian who rose to fame in the Sixties at the same time as the Beatles.
In fact he went to the same school as John Lennon and his general persona was very much “Beatlesque”, same haircut and suit plus, of course, his Liverpool accent and humour.
He was soon hosting several very popular British TV light entertainment shows and, as was the norm at the time, he would invariably perform a song or two even though he wasn’t much of a singer!
Andrew Oldham obviously thought that he could transfer his stage and screen popularity into the charts and signed him to his newly formed Immediate Records label.
As the ‘a’side to his first single he recorded the old 1940’s standard “Someday” (written by Jimmy Hodges and recorded by, amongst others, The Mills Brothers) and put “Wastin’ Time” on the ‘b’ side.
The results were pretty awful and, needless to say, the record failed to sell and Oldham and “Tarby” went their separate ways. It didn’t do Jimmy Tarbuck’s career any harm though (probably because hardly anybody heard it!) and he continues to be popular to this day.
The Stones’ version, slightly retitled “We’re Wastin’ Time”, was included on “Metamorphosis”.

22: All I Want Is My Baby – The Shakers (Odeon SD 5985, 1965 (Sweden))

The Shakers, from Gothenburg, (Tommy Rander, Vocals, Bo Borjesson, Drums, Kjell Andersson, Bass, and Conny Örling and Yuri Wiik, Guitars) were one of Sweden’s top bands in the Sixties who released this spirited version of Bobby Jameson’s non-hit (b/w The Sun Is Shining) in 1965 and had a Swedish top five hit with it in early 1966.
They also recorded ”Out Of Time” in 1966 and ”Sing This All Together (See What Happens)” in 1968.

23: Think – Chris Farlowe (Immediate IM 023, January 14 1966) Producers: Andrew Oldham, Mick Jagger and Keith Richard.

Chris Farlowe (born John Henry Deighton) is considered by many to be one of the finest blues and soul singers to ever come out of Britain.
In 1957 he formed the John Henry Skiffle Group at the height of the UK skiffle boom winning the All-England Skiffle Group contest the same year. When the craze for skiffle died down he switched to R’n’B and formed The Thunderbirds with whom he released a number of unsuccessful singles, first for Columbia and then Decca, between 1962 and 1964.
One notable single was released on Chris Blackwell’s Island Records offshoot Sue in August 1965, a version of “Stormy Monday” (WI 385), issued under the name Little Joe Cook that also featured the Thunderbird’s guitarist Albert Lee which is so authentic that many people (including many African-Americans) thought was sung by a black man.
He was signed to Immediate Records in 1965 and his first single for the label was “The Fool” b/w “Treat Her Good”
(IM 016), produced by Eric Burden of the Animals, which came out in August but failed to chart.
His second release was this single b/w “Don’t Just Look At Me” which made number 37 in the UK top 40.
The Stones’ own version of “Think” was included on the album “Aftermath” (SKL 4786) released on April 15 1966.

24: So Much In Love – Charles Dickens (Immediate IM 025, February 1966) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

The unlikely named Dickens (real name David Anthony) had already had some success with his single “That’s The Way Love Goes” b/w “In The City”
(Pye 7N 15887) which made number 37 in July 1965.
This was his one and only release for Immediate (b/w the instrumental “Our Soul Brother TH”), and after it suffered the same fate as so many before it by not selling, he returned to his first profession, fashion photography, where he had considerably more success.

Disc 2

1: So Much In Love – The Herd (Parlophone R 5413, February 1966)

The Herd originally came out of a band called The Preachers, featuring one time Stones member Tony Chapman on drums, in 1964. In 1965 they signed with Parlophone and released three singles for the label of which this (b/w This Boy’s Always Been True) was the last.
The membership of the band was fairly fluid, with several members coming and going, and by the time they made this recording the lineup was Gary Taylor (guitar, vocals), Andy Bown (keyboards, vocals), Andrew Steel (drums) and Louis Cennamo (bass).
Like their previous singles, the record didn’t sell and in 1967 they changed labels for Fontana Records acquiring a new guitarist and singer called Peter Frampton.
They went on to have three hit singles in the UK charts, “From The Underworld” (TF 856, number six, August 1967), “Paradise Lost” (TF 887, number 15, November 1967) and “ I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die (TF 925, number five, March 1968), before Frampton quit to join Steve Marriott forming the band Humble Pie.
Humble Pie would have the last hit single for Immediate Records with “Natural Born Bugie” b/w “Wrist Job” (IM 082) in August 1969.
Andy Bown would go on to be a well respected session musician before joining British rockers Status Quo in1975 with whom he is still a member.

2: Blue Turns To Grey – Cliff Richard and The Shadows (Columbia DB 7866, March 18 1966)

Cliff Richard (born Harry Webb) is one of the biggest stars to have ever come out of Britain and his backing band
The Shadows (Hank Marvin, Guitar, Bruce Welch, Guitar, Brian Bennett, Drums and John Rostill, Bass) were without doubt the biggest band in pre-Beatles Britain having had a string of instrumental hits of their own.
Their first single “Move It” b/w “Schoolboy Crush” (Columbia DB 4178) was released in August 1958 and is considered to be one of the best original British rock ‘n’ roll singles ever.
Cliff and the Stones don’t appear to be the most likely bedfellows, the Stones’ reputation as the “bad boys” of pop couldn’t be further removed from Cliff’s “squeaky clean” image, but apparently Cliff heard the Mighty Avengers performing this song and liked it enough to record his own version without realizing who’d written it.
But even the mighty Cliff couldn’t make the song (b/w “Somebody Loses”) the smash hit it deserved to be and it only made number 15 in the UK chart.
Cliff remains popular to this day and in 2008 he reunited with the Shadows for a hugely successful 50th anniversary tour.
He was knighted in 1995.

3: Take It Or Leave It – The Searchers (Pye 7N 17094, April 15 1966)

The Searchers (Frank Allen: Lead Vocals, Bass, John McNally: Guitar, Vocals, Mike Pender: Guitar, Vocals, Chris Curtis: Drums, Lead Vocals) were one of the most popular bands to come out of the Liverpool “Merseybeat” boom.
Signed by producer Tony Hatch to Pye records, between 1963 and 1965 they had three UK number ones (“Sweets For My Sweet”, 7N 15533, June 1963, “Needles And Pins”, 7N 15594, January 1964 and “Don’t Throw Your Love Away”, 7N 15630, April 1964) and six other top twenty hits.
Unfortunately they were too reliant on covering “great obscure songs” and by the time they made this record their hit making days were nearly over, the record (b/w “Don’t Hide It Away) only making number 31 in the UK chart.
The band still continues to perform, mainly on “Solid Gold Sixties” type tours, but only Frank Allen and John McNally remain from the band that made this record.
This recording just scrapes into this compilation as the single was released in the same week as the Stones’ album “Aftermath” which also features the song.

4: Blue Turns To Grey – The Epics (Pye 7N 17053, April 1966)

The Epics (Vic Elmes: Guitar, Vocals, Mike Blakley: Drums, Ian Jansen: Bass and Stuart Tann: Vocals) were another one of Tony Hatch’s signings to Pye for who they released three singles all of which failed to sell.
This was their second single for the label and the song was originally intended to be the ‘a’ side, but because Cliff’s version had already been released and was starting to climb the charts, the record was flipped and the original ‘b’ side “Just How Wrong Can You Be” was given prominence.
Vic Elmes and Mike Blakley were members of the band Christie who had a UK number 1 with the song “Yellow River” in May 1970.

5: Sittin’ On A Fence – Twice As Much (Immediate IM 033, May 1966) Producer: Andrew Oldham.

Male singing duos were quite in vogue in the mid sixties, Peter and Gordon, Chad and Jeremy and Simon and Garfunkel to name but three, so Andrew Oldham might well have thought that there was space for another one when he signed Twice As Much to Immediate.
David Skinner and Andrew Rose made up Twice As Much and they released four singles and two albums for the label between 1966 and 1968.
This was their first single b/w the self penned “Baby I Want You” and it made number 25 in the UK charts but all subsequent releases failed and they split up in 1968.
The Stones’ own version was issued on the American “Flowers” album (London PS 509, June 26 1967) and wasn’t released in the UK until the release of the band’s second greatest hits collection “Through The Past, Darkly” (SKL 5019) in September 1969.

6: Blue Turns To Grey – Don and The Goodtimes (Jerden 805, June 1966 (US))

Don and The Goodtimes hailed from Portland, Oregon and were formed by keyboard player Don Gallucci formerly of the Kingsmen who had had a hit with the FBI bothering “Louie Louie”, a number 2 in 1964.
The rest of the band was Bob Holden: Drums, Dave Childs: Bass, Don McKinney: Saxophone and Pierre Oullette: Guitar.
They had some local success but found a larger audience when they were chosen to be the house band on Dick Clark’s ABC television show “Where The Action Is” in 1967.
This record b/w “I’m Real” sold well locally but didn’t break through into the national charts.
As well as recording for Jerden they also made records for Wand and Epic before splitting in 1968 with Gallucci going on to form the psychedelic band Touch.

7: Out Of Time - Chris Farlowe (Immediate IM 035, June 17 1966) Producer: Mick Jagger.

This is another song that technically doesn’t belong in this collection as the Stones’ original version appeared on “Aftermath” released two months earlier. It makes the cut for two reasons, first, this recording uses the same backing track that was issued as a Rolling Stones song on the album “Metamorphosis” which is virtually identical apart from a slightly different mix and it featured Mick Jagger’s guide vocal, so it could be argued that this version was issued before the Stones’, and second because, after so much abject failure, this single (b/w “Baby Make It Soon”) finally hit paydirt by making number one.
Not only was it the only non-Stones Jagger-Richard song to top the charts, but also Immediate’s sole number one.

8: Ride On Baby – Chris Farlowe (Immediate IM 038, October 27 1966) Producer: Mick Jagger.

Hot on the heels of “Out Of Time” came this single (b/w “Headlines”) that didn’t quite emulate its predecessor’s feat of topping the charts only making number 31.
Chris Farlowe released a further seven singles for Immediate before the label’s demise in 1969 including two more Stones covers (“Yesterday’s Papers”, IM 049 and “Paint It Black” IM 071) but neither of these charted.
He joined Colosseum in 1970 and Atomic Rooster in 1972.
He currently splits his time between playing with a reformed Colosseum and the blues based Norman Beaker Band.
The Stones’ version was featured on “Flowers” but didn’t get an official UK release until that album was released on compact disc by ABKCO (844 469-2) in 1986.

9: Backstreet Girl – Nicky Scott (Immediate IM 045, January 20 1967) Producer: Mick Jagger.

Nicky Scott was managed by Simon Napier-Bell, who also managed The Yardbirds and, later Wham!, who had previously teamed him up with the West Indian singer Diane Ferraz, making them one of the first multi-racial acts in Britain, and they released a couple of unsuccessful singles for Columbia in 1966.
He released two singles for Immediate of which this (b/w “Chain Reaction”, a Twice As Much composition) was the first but both failed to make any impression and Nicky Scott faded into obscurity.
The single was released on the same day the Stones’ version (titled “Back Street Girl”) appeared on the album “Between The Buttons” (SKL 4852).

10: Sister Morphine – Marianne Faithfull (Decca F 12889, February 1969) Producer: Mick Jagger.

By the time this song, probably one of the most harrowing in the Jagger-Richard songbook, was released Mick and Marianne’s relationship had started to unravel and Marianne was about to start living the lyrics.
Recorded at RCA studios in Hollywood in July 1968 with Bill Wyman on bass, Mick Jagger and Ry Cooder on guitars, Charlie Watts on drums and Jack Nitzsche on piano and organ it was released as the ‘b’ side to the somewhat more radio friendly “Something Better” but failed to chart.
This turned out to be her last release for ten years as she descended into heroin addiction finally breaking her silence with the release of the highly acclaimed album “Broken English” (Island ILPS 9570) in 1979. She finally managed to quit heroin in 1985 and has since gone on to have a successful career.
The Stones’ version was included on the album “Sticky Fingers” (Rolling Stones Records COC59100) released in April 1971. The original song writing credits were for Jagger-Richard, but after a legal case Marianne was given credit too.

11: Wild Horses – The Flying Burrito Brothers (A&M album “Burrito Deluxe”, AMLS 983, April 1970)

Gram Parsons formed the Flying Burrito Brothers after being sacked from the Byrds apparently for refusing to tour South Africa because of the country’s apartheid policy. It is said that Mick and Keith persuaded him not to go when they met him during the Byrd’s tour of Britain in 1968.
The Burritos were on the bill at the ill fated Altamont concert in December 1969 and Keith and Gram became ‘drug buddies’ for the next few years during which time Parsons enthused Keith with his passion for country music.
“Burrito Deluxe” was the band’s second album by which time the lineup was Gram Parsons: vocals, guitar, keyboards, Chris Hillman: vocals, bass, mandolin, ‘Sneaky’ Pete Kleinow: pedal steel, Bernie Leadon: vocals, guitar and Jon Corneal: drums.
They came to record “Wild Horses” because the Stones sent a tape of the song to Parsons in the hope that ‘Sneaky’ Pete could add a steel guitar part to it, but instead they recorded their own version and released it a full year before the Stones own version appeared “Sticky Fingers” .
The band split up in 1970.

From the Byrd Watchers website:
Up and Down with the Rolling Stones:
Luckily, Parsons had an ace-in-the-hole, or so he believed. Keith Richards had been receptive to the idea of producing a Parsons album for the band's new label, Rolling Stones Records. With his young girlfriend Gretchen Burrell, Parsons moved to London. Parsons spent most of his time with Richards, listening to country music, playing songs together, and getting high. By this time both musicians were using heroin.
When the Stones mounted a farewell tour of England in early 1971, Parsons went along; when the Stones became tax exiles and moved to the Riviera, Parsons followed. Richards rented an estate called Nellcôte in Villefranche, a coastal town between Nice and Monaco, and Parsons was his houseguest for weeks on end. In order to accommodate Richards's increasing heroin addiction, the Stones set up a recording studio in the basement of Nellcôte and used it for all the sessions that would become “Exile on Main Street”.
The Parsons influence on Exile seems more pronounced than on previous Stones albums. "Sweet Virginia," "Torn and Frayed," even "Tumbling Dice" show the influence of the country music Parsons had been playing for Richards. Associates of Parsons like saxman Bobby Keys (one of the original Burritos) and Al Perkins appear on the LP. And although he isn't credited, Parsons later claimed to have contributed backing vocals to "Sweet Virginia." (The backing vocals aren't distinct enough to say for sure if he's right.)
Exile on Main Street remains the Rolling Stones' finest hour. Keith Richards gives Parsons a small share of the credit: the country-influenced songs "wouldn't have been around if it weren't for Gram."
Notwithstanding any positive musical influence he may have exerted and the fact that he paid for his own drugs, Parsons wore out his welcome after several weeks. Jagger had become jealous of the friendship between Parsons and Richards, but the real problem was Parsons’ intake of drugs and alcohol. His excesses made him more trouble than he was worth, even for Richards. Having severely tested the limits of the Stones' hospitality, he and Gretchen Burrell returned to the States no closer to recording a solo LP for Rolling Stones Records than when he left.

Gram Parsons died of a drugs overdose on September 19 1973.

12: Silver Train – Johnny Winter (CBS 1620, March 1 1973)

Johnny Winter was born with the genetic condition albinism (a lack of skin pigmentation) in Texas moving to Leland, Mississippi when still very young.
He and his similarly afflicted brother, Edgar, began playing together in bands in the local area and appeared on local TV and radio stations.
In 1968 he caught the eye (and ear) of Mike Bloomfield.

From Wikipedia:
Winter caught his biggest break in December 1968, when Mike Bloomfield, well-established as one of the best blues guitarists in the United States, who admired his playing, invited him to sing and play a song during a "Super Session" jam concert Bloomfield and Al Kooper were to perform at the Fillmore East in New York. As it happened, representatives of Columbia Records (which had released the Bloomfield-Kooper “Super Session” jam album to surprising Top Ten chart success) were at the concert. Winter played and sang B.B. King's "It's My Own Fault" to loud applause and, within a few days, was signed to what was then the largest advance in the history of the recording industry - $600,000.

The Stones were early fans of Johnny Winter and they performed his song “I’m Yours And I’m Hers” as the opening song to their 1969 Hyde Park concert as a tribute to Brian Jones who apparently really liked the song.
He recorded this song after hearing an early demo and released it as a single (b/w “Rock And Roll”) and on the album “Still Alive And Well” (CBS 65484)
the following month. It’s been said that the song was written with Johnny in mind.
The album also contains his version of “Let It Bleed”.
Johnny continues to record and tour, but because of his condition and his failing eyesight, he now performs sitting down.
The Stones’ version was issued as the ‘b’ side to “Angie” (RS 19105) on August 21 1973 and on the album “Goat’s Head Soup” (COC 59101) ten days later.

13: Act Together – Ron Wood (Warner Brothers album “I’ve Got My Own Album To Do” K56065, September 27 1974)
14: Sure The One You Need – Ron Wood (as above)

Ronnie, of course, is a long time member of the Stones, but before he joined the band in 1975/76 he had been in several bands.
His first band was The Birds (not to be confused with the American band The Byrds, with whom there was a publicity seeking lawsuit) before he left to join, briefly, Creation in 1968. He then teamed up with Rod Stewart playing bass in the Jeff Beck Group the same year releasing two albums before he and Stewart quit the band in 1969 to join up with the three remaining members of the Small Faces (Ronnie Lane, Bass, Ian McLachlan, keyboards and Kenney Jones, Drums) following Steve Marriot’s departure to become The Faces who would go on to have great success.
The problem for the Faces was that Rod Stewart had a concurrent solo contract with Mercury Records which meant that he had to deliver not only Faces records for Warners but also satisfy his solo contract which he did in spades in July 1971 with the global smash “Maggie May” b/w “Reason To Believe” (Mercury 6050 097) from the equally successful album “Every Picture Tells A Story” (6338 063) on which the Faces provided a lot of the instrumentation.
The Faces’ third album “A Nod’s As Good As A Wink” (K 56006) followed in December 1971 and in some respects rode on the coat tails of Rod’s solo success, but it was easily the bands best effort so far and contained the smash hit “ Stay With Me” b/w “Debris” (K 16136) a UK number six.
Rod’s solo success inevitably led to tensions within the band and during some ‘downtime’ in the band’s activities Wood set about recording his own solo record (hence the album’s title) at his home “The Wick” between April and June 1974.
The basic band was Ronnie – guitar, vocals, Willie Weeks – bass, Andy Newmark – Drums, Ian McLagan – keyboards and Keith Richard – guitar, vocals, but many other guests dropped by including Rod Stewart and, from the Stones, Mick Jagger and Mick Taylor.
These two songs were contributed by Keith but credited to Jagger-Richard on the label.
The Stones have never released either of these songs but “Sure The One You Need” was played by the band on a couple of occasions during Ronnie’s first tour with the Stones at Kansas City and Milwaukee in June 1975.

15: High Roller – Leslie West (Phantom album “The Great Fatsby” RS 1009, March 1975)

Leslie West (born Leslie Weinstein) is best known as the guitarist and vocalist with the American band Mountain who very much based their style on Cream, for whom bassist Felix Pappalardi had been a producer, and released six albums between 1969 and 1974.
After Mountain split in 1974, West recorded his second solo album (the first being “Mountain” in 1969) which featured this song with Mick Jagger on guitar and a version of “Honky Tonk Women”. The song is credited to Jagger-Richard-West-Laing-Palmer, and is very much in the “Brown Sugar” mould. Whether Keith had anything to do with writing it is highly debatable!
West still tours and records with a new version of Mountain featuring original drummer Corky Laing, and their latest album is a collection of Bob Dylan covers called “Masters Of War” (Big Rack, 1071 (US)) released in 2007.
The Stones never recorded this song.


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Chris Farlowe – Out Of Time
Chris Farlowe – Ride On Baby
Marianne Faithfull – Sister Morphine
The Flying Burrito Brothers – Wild Horses
Ron Wood – Act Together and Sure The One You Need


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Belated thanks Alan.

Such a great loss to this board and in the words of Joni Mitchell, "you don't know what you have got 'till it's gone"

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