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New oasis single
Posted by: BowieStone ()
Date: March 31, 2005 01:26

What a boring song!

And it's obviously influenced by Street Fighting Man. Well, obviously... the first couple of words and fade-out also reminded me of Street fighting man.

I used to like oasis a lot, but they constantly make the same album.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: Jack Flash ()
Date: March 31, 2005 05:28

That's why I like them: their consistency.

Re: New oasis single
Date: March 31, 2005 10:29

Hyped-to-death band, but with a couple of good songs though.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: ablett ()
Date: March 31, 2005 10:57

!st album great! Rest crap

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: Big Al ()
Date: March 31, 2005 13:09

Correction ablett, their first TWO albums are great. Definanly Maybe passed me by, but I remember the release of What's The Story (Morning Glory) well. I was 12 and just beggining to really take notice of music. Unfortunitly the Spice Girls were only round the corner and calling my name!

No, really. All Oasis albums contain great songs, it's just that their first two are so good, that everything else sems a dissapointment and in the case of Be Here Now, rightly so. They were HUGE in '97 and I think they let everyone down there.

I'd reccomend The Masterplan to anyone who doubts anything other than Definantly Maybe. They're B-Sides were amazingly good.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: RnT ()
Date: March 31, 2005 13:35

Well, to be honest, I actually like Heathen Chemistry, their last album. The single Hindu Times has a massive wall of sound, the drums buried in the guitars. The sound reminded me of Stones singles like Get off of my cloud, 19th Nervous Breakdown & Have you seen your mother. To me it sounded exciting.
And the Gallaghers are always good for a laugh, aren't they?

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: Big Al ()
Date: March 31, 2005 15:26

Spot on Rnt. I @#$%&' love the arogance of the Gallagher brothers. They really struck me as proper working class northeners. That's why so many could relate to them. They were so goddamn normal and looking back, they didn't dress to good either!

I quite like Heathern Chemistry too. Hindu Times isn't too bad, but I think Liam excels on Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: ablett ()
Date: March 31, 2005 16:49

first album had a groove...the rest was a rip off....Whats the story opens with a Gary Glitter rip off for christ sake!!!

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: BowieStone ()
Date: March 31, 2005 19:02

Agree, every album contains some great songs.

I'm not a fan of Definitely Maybe. Very crappy producing. And to me it has too much filler material (Up in The Sky, Bring It On Down, Digsy's Dinner) to be acknowlegded as a classic. And the great compositions (Live Forever, Supersonic, ...) sound much better live. The studio versions are lame.

Morning Glory is another story. That's a britpop classic. And it deserves to be one.

Be Here Now: a lot of great songs, but the songs are simply too long.

Standing & Heathen could be one good album. But nothing new. The same album again. Seems like we know everything about oasis in 2 albums. Now they are making the same album over and over again.
And that's not what to expect from lads that think they are greatest band in the world. They are not very creative.

The Masterplan has some good songs. But most of them are just what they are: b side material. Noel wrote better b sides than most of the songs on the masterplan.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: skelly ()
Date: March 31, 2005 23:50

I just heard the new Oasis song and came here to post a message about it. It's called Lyla (yes Lyla, not Layla) and sounds like a glam rock band covering Street Fighting Man.

It used to be the Beatles they copied, now it's the Stones.

I quite liked Oasis in the early days, but I'd say now that all the songs just sound alike, there is nothing to distinguish one song from the next. Even the lyrics are boring and senseless.

I think I've bust a button on my trousers....

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: mr edward ()
Date: April 1, 2005 01:51

They recorded Street Fighting Man some time ago and it wasn't even that bad. But they have to come up with something different this time. Re-inventing the same song time after time is just plain boring...


Re: New oasis single
Posted by: DGA35 ()
Date: April 1, 2005 02:41

What's the Story is Awesome! Definitely Maybe is a notch below and the rest are several notches below that.
Hello, which opens What's the Story, does give credit to Gary Glitter. One thing about Oasis is that the songs that they cover, they sound awesome:
Beatles I Am The Walrus
Stones Street Fighting Man
Who My Generation
Slade Cum On Feel The Noize

Haven't heard the new single yet, although I'll buy their new CD when it does come out.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: monkey man ()
Date: April 1, 2005 09:01

Hard to be a great band when live you bore the pants off of people.
To watch they are a non event.

All songs written in a four chord formation with each verse the same length as the last and ditto for bridges and chorus', or on a sliding bass scale with each verse the same length as the last and ditto for bridges and chorus'.

Lyrically speaking, a child that is yet to grammatically master Dick and Dora has a greater chance of writing lyrics that are intelligible than Noel.

Liam is a complete joke as a frontman. Has all the sex appeal of a car accident and is far less interesting to watch.

I like his voice though.

Well when it isn't coked up.

Some good songs in there all the same, just that seven albums of the same crap is nausiating.

kyle m

Have you ever lent somebody $20 and never seen them again? It was probably worth it.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: Big Al ()
Date: April 4, 2005 19:51

I heard the new single on the radio earlier. One part of it does indeed sound like Street Fighting Man, but in all honesty, it's a poor effort. Noel Gallagher has ben quoted as saying that it isn't evan the 5th best track on the forcoming album. For heavens sake, I hope he's right! Id describle Llya as "Bland"

It started with their Standing On The Shoulder With Giants album, everything they release now seems to have such a heavy sound with droning guitars. I realy do wish they'd start ripping off the Beatles and T Rex again.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: FoolToCry ()
Date: April 4, 2005 22:05

You could hear the new song on Poland Radio yesterday.
It´s a mix between Streetfighting man & Confrontation Camp by Soundtrack of our lives.
A Good Song, but no good (1st)b Single.
The best Song they´ve ever done:
Thank you for the good times, b-side of the "Stop crying your heart out" Single (2002)
Single-B-Sides are the best way to hear Oasis:

Streetfighting Man (All around the world, 1997)
My Generation (Little by Little, 2002)
I got the fever, sounds like JJF!!! (Stand by me, 1997)
Let´s all make believe (Go let it out, 2000)

These Singles with b-sides could be the best Oasis Album ever!!

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: Meise ()
Date: April 5, 2005 12:50

Oasis had their time 10 years ago, now they're becoming boring. They wrote just a couple of good songs (Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall), the rest were plagiats (Don't Look Back in Anger is the most obvious one).
Never really cared about them, cause this band is one of the coming fast and going fast ones ...

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: BowieStone ()
Date: April 5, 2005 13:20

Only the intro of Don't Look Back In Anger is stolen. The song itself isn't.

After Morning Glory they became repetitve.
The chord structure of D'You Know What I Mean is the same as Wonderwall (just an example). But they continued writing good songs... but we heard everything we need to hear from oasis on their first two records.

Oasis is wellknown for plagiarism. T-Rex Get It On vs. Oasis Cigs & Alcohol.

Re: New oasis single
Date: April 5, 2005 16:48

Are they still alive??? Didn't notice for the past 8 years.

Re: New oasis single
Posted by: The GR ()
Date: April 7, 2005 12:08

Heard it, just okay. They live in the shadow of their first two albums and wear their influences on their sleeves too prominently. You can hear Street Fighting Man and some Who in there. They remain massively popular in the UK and just sold out MSG in the US but I think they got to the 'oldies' band status now.

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