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Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: Marhsall ()
Date: July 30, 2010 07:14

I think w/ out all the polish if it were stripped so to speak... this would have been a great album.. or should I say a greater album..

It's too slick... maybe it they took the voodoo approach w/ this it would have been excellent and some better lyrical writing from mick..

The lyrics are my chief concern.. bad song titles etc...

So, I thought ( since I'm bored w/ the forum's posting in the last wk, and trying to think up new posts) it you could create new song titles from the lyrics what would they be?

Here's mine

Official Title / New Title

Sad Sad Sad / Cold Chills

Mixed Emotions / You're Not The Only One

Terrifying / Crazy For You

Hold on to Your Hat / Screaming Down The Alley

Hearts for Sale / Under The Hammer

Blinded By Love / Lovers Beware

Rock and a Hard Place / Crossfire

Can't Be Seen / Awwww Shit!

Almost Hear You Sigh / Life goes On

Continental Drift / Speed of Light

Break the Spell / Hard Heart

Slipping Away / ---------

Can't change slipping it's a beautiful song one of my favs!!!.. I wonder if Mick had these titles as his writing direction what kind of album songs would we have had?

And would you change any other titles to any other songs/ albums?

Never liked the titles..

Where the Boys All Go
Let Me Down Slow
If you really want to be my friend.....

"Well my heavy throbbers itchin' just to lay a solid rhythm down"

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Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: bluesinc. ()
Date: July 30, 2010 10:28

Marshall, it looks like you have too much spare time

Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: Virgin Priest ()
Date: July 30, 2010 10:42

And the new title for the album?

Steel Wheels ---> Rubber Soul ?!



Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: Rocky Dijon ()
Date: July 30, 2010 15:58

Let's do the same thing with EXILE and maybe sales will finally rival STICKY FINGERS.

1. Rocks Off --> Moonlight Mystery
2. Rip This Joint --> Round and Round We Go
3. Shake Your Hips --> Hip-Shake
4. Casino Boogie --> Got No Time On Hand
5. Tumbling Dice --> You Gotta Roll Me
6. Sweet Virginia --> Come On Down
7. Torn and Frayed --> Steal Your Heart Away
8. Sweet Black Angel --> Ten Little Niggers
9. Loving Cup --> Gimme Lil' Drink

1. Happy --> I Need a Love
2. Turd on the Run --> Over You
3. Ventilator Blues --> Everybody Needs a Ventilator
4. I Just Wanna See His Face --> Walk and Talk About Jesus
5. Let It Loose --> Let It All Come Down
6. All Down the Line --> Shot of Salvation
7. Stop Breaking Down --> Stop Breaking Down Blues
8. Shine a Light --> Come On Up Now
9. Soul Survivor --> Sole Survivor

If this proves successful, perhaps we can re-title the songs on SOME GIRLS next and speculate if it would have out-sold the SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER soundtrack. This could be the next stage of IORR's career.

Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: Pelle ()
Date: July 30, 2010 16:24

I can't get no satisfaction ---> nobody wants to @#$%& with me

Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: guitarbastard ()
Date: July 30, 2010 16:27

casino boogie should be: kissing @#$%& in cannes.

Re: Steel Wheels - New Song Titles
Posted by: Muddyw ()
Date: July 30, 2010 17:19

Steel Wheels is fine as it is...
Yes, I like it a lot!

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