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The IORR Travel Guide 2007
Brno, Czech Republic

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These pages will supply information about the cities the Stones will be visiting this summer. To read about each individual city please select the actual city link in the IORR travel guide pages. If you have information for these pages please send e-mail to [email protected].

Nearest larger city

Prague (205 km north west, Wien (130km south)

Nearest largest Czech city is the capital Prague in the west and it takes to Brno some 2,5 hours drive on highway D1. It is also shorter from Austrian Vienna in south. You can also reach Brno by train ( or by bus from ( All mentioned sites ate also in English so just find Bristish flag and find your way here. If you are looking for the venue on the map, find BVV.

How to get to the city , (vlaky=train, autobusy= bus or coach, letadla=air)


Indies, street Postovska 2, open Mon-Fri 9-18, Saturday 9-12 ,

Or :

How to get to the venue

The venue = BVV. It is large fair ground on the edge of the town (or better said - out of the center). So those of you who arrive to Brno by train or bus, check the nearest TRAM/BUS or TROLLEYBUS stations for the directions called BVV. Under BVV is hidden the official name of the whole area = Brnenske veletrhy a vystavy (

IMPORTANT message - holders of the concert ticket can use the public transport for free (WITH THAT TICKET), the ticket for the show is valid that day as a transposrt ticket form 12.00 till 01.20 Monday morning. Otherwise you need your ticket before entering tram/bus/trolleybus and then check it inside. Without any ticket you will be fined! Local younger people can speak English so ask where you can buy your transport ticket. You will need coins and I recommend you to buy tickets which are valid for 40minutes - you can change between buses atc., the cheapest ticket is for 10 minutes only.¢erX=138176512¢erY=132795392#centerX=138092022@centerY=132787677@typ=base@zoom=13@vizType=none@vizIds=none

Travel information

Please be aware of the pickpockets everywhere and do not leave anything valuable in your cars. Event like this will definitely attract some criminals who are looking forward to use your values for their pleasures!!!

Venue maps

Recommended hotels

Recommended bars/restaurants

The town center has many nice places to sit, relax, drink and eat, I personally recommend Potrefena Husa (Shot goose) in the center ( where you can have excellent lunch and plenty of good beers.

The usual/average beer price in Brno id between 15 - 25 Czech crowns, in the above mentioned pub it is more expensive (and the price can differ aqnywhere) but the place is worth it. You can also eat/drink anywhere, such as Pegas ( where they serve thir own beer or Stopkova plzenska pivnice (Pilnser beer pub) which is straight in the center on Ceska street. The other mentined pubs are few minutes walk from this one. Local brewery is called STAROBRNO.

In most of the better restaurants they have menu in foreign languages and the average lunch can cost one person aroung 300,- Kc-. Czechs pay in their own currency so echange your Euros ASAP.

Fleda club, Stefanikova 24 �
RS Revival Band will play on Saturday July 21st -

Meeting place for fans

On Saturday 21.7. you can visit �warm-up party� at Fleda club, Stefanikova street, 24.

homesite of the band:


Stefanikova street is north from the city center, best is to use �tramvaj� (streetcar�) nr.1,6(more on the picture fleda location), tram stop �Hrncirska� is the right place. Ticket for Tram or bus is for 12CZK/ 30min, you can buy it on the newspapers shops or on the streets by �automat�(I don�t know the right word, sorry)

Now for the Sunday show:


Best place to buy good cheap beer before the show: ESSO gasoline station J, Porici street, close to gates. Prices outside (at Esso) is 20-30CZK/beer, inside venue I expect 50 CZK/0,3l .

Recomanded beers: Pilsner Urquel, Budvar (original good czech Bud, not bad american laxative) , Starobrno , my favourite is Starobrno Medium 11J - very good beer for 13 CZK/0,5l in glass bottle, I love it.Best to buy it on Tesco or similar food shops.In th pubs are little bit more expensive, but I hope not up 25CZK.

Around the Vystaviste ground exhibition centre is lot of parking places. I think (and I hope) this parking place should be safe and I expect lot of policemen around. But, if you have got Audi , BMW or Mercedes- many thieves wait for your car.Dangerous place is outside of the �BOBY HOTEL�, street �Luzanky�, and street �Cejl�.

Warning: Beware of pickpockets in the area!

City map¢erX=135549861¢erY=134989697#centerX=138176512@centerY=132795392@typ=base@zoom=10@vizType=none@vizIds=none

Other local events

Tourist links



Thanks to Jan Vsiansky and David Macku for info.

For more Stones news see IORR 57 of March 2007!

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