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Boston, August 2005

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Where to meet other fans Ronnie Wood Art Exhibition The dress rehearsals

Well you heard about the Boston...

The Rolling Stones are arriving into Boston once more, like they did for the opening of the LICKS Tour. These pages will tell you what the Stones do in Boston, when they arrive, where they rehearse, where fans can meet, what Stones-related places you might visit and lots more. If you can't go to Boston for the tor start then don't worry. These pages will bring you information so that without being in Boston, you will still have the feeling of being there. The pictures. The songs. The band. The fans. What they do. It will all be here. These pages will be updated continously, from the Stones arrive from Toronto, until they move on to Hartford later this month. For a week or so Boston will be Stonesland...

70 trucks are on their way...

The "A Bigger Bang" stage is bigger than ever. They say it takes around 70 large trucks to bring all the stuff needed for this tour. The trucks started moving from Toronto on Sunday August 14, and they have been rolling and arriving day by day. The steelworks are now mostly finished, and the numerous trucks are coming in with stage bits and pieces. With a fine tuned operation few others are able to do equally, the Rolling Stones are slowly building up for the tour start on Sunday Aug. 21.

Wednesday Aug. 17 - They are here!

Crew flew in by Monday and Tuesday. Heavy rain on Tuesday closed the Boston Airport for over an hour completely, but it takes more than just rain to stop this tour. The Rolling Stones themselves and their backing musicians started to arrive on Wednesday August 17. They should all be in Boston ready for rehearsals and work on Thursday. The paparazzi photographers were all on place at their hotel Wednesday afternoon, so expect photos in Boston press by Thursday.

Thursday Aug. 18 - First day of rehearsals in Boston

The stage was all steel last night but by today it got all ready in hours. The stage building rehearsals in Toronto have been very successful, as they are able to build this big, big stage that fast.

There were around 50 people waiting to see the Stones outside their hotel in Boston today. Bobby Keys signed some autographs. Then people went home. But the band had not left yet... Then they arrived to Fenway quite late for rehearsals. A lot of press waited at Fenway. Five live TV cameras, plus 5-6 professional photographers. A couple of helicopters were in the air for news as well. Boston seems to love the Stones. But some of the reporters did not know the names or faces of the four Stones, whick is kind of bad when you are trying to make a story...

The actual rehearsals, or soundcheck, did not start until 7:43pm. First they did 10 minutes of blues instrumental warmup. Then a short set of several songs with lots of space between each song. They played Aint To Proud To Beg, Tumbling Dice, Shattered, She's So Cold, Blues with Lisa on lots of vocals, Rough Justice, Oh No, Not You Again, Streets Of Love. Keith did The Worst, two takes, with something that sounds like a great pedal steel, and then Infamy. They finished long time before 10pm. For those who are worried about the guitar sound and mix... You could clearly hear the guitars outside Fenway. So inside you should be even more happy. They play the guitars loud!

Friday Aug. 19 - The dress rehearsals

Today was the final dress reheasals, as the plan is the band will rest tomorrow Saturday. Lots of VIP's coming in to the party at the Fenway Park venue tonight. Just like last night they started off with some warm-up, a "Miss You" medley. Then they started up the real set list for tonight, which probably is containing most of the songs you will hear on the opening night of the tour in Boston on Sunday August 21.

    --- Intro
  1. Start Me Up
  2. You Got Me Rocking
  3. Shattered
  4. Tumbling Dice
  5. Rough Justice
  6. Back Of My Hand
  7. Beast Of Burden
  8. She's So Cold
  9. Heartbreaker
  10. Night Time (Is The Right Time) (Ray Charles cover song)
  11. The Worst (Keith)
  12. Infamy (Keith)
  13. Miss You
  14. Oh No Not You Again
  15. Satisfaction
  16. Honky Tonk Women
    --- Break
  17. Sympathy For The devil

There will probably be a few more songs on Sunday. They will be taken from the list of the most rehearsed songs in Toronto. This list will be available here on Saturday, including more details of the final week of rehearsals in Toronto, songs they might bring on etc. Stay tuned.

Start     :  7:49pm
Intro     :  8:27pm
Finish    : 10:03pm

Fireworks : 10:14pm

Saturday Aug. 20

No rehearsals today. The band and the crew is resting. The big show and tour start is tomorrow. See the IORR
news and 2005 tour list for reviews and reports from every show on this tour.

Ronnie Wood Art Exhibition

Ronnie Wood's newest gallery exhibit opened in Boston on Saturday August 13 at Newbury Fine Arts on Newbury Street. The show runs through Aug. 29, but Ronnie will show up for a special party Friday night Aug. 19 at the gallery, which has been modified to make room for the expected packed crowds and a ``Glow Bar.'' Everyone is welcome to the party, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, but only Wood's art collectors will get to meet the Stones guitarist.

Newbury Fine Arts, 29 Newbury St., Boston. Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. Call 617-536-0210.

See links below for more details about Newbury Fine Arts and the Ronnie Wood Art Exhibition in Boston.

Where to meet

If you are coming into Boston then sure you would like to meet up with fellow Stones fans. The following is a list of great places recommended for drinks and food - places checked out and ready for Stones fans meeting up. There are no booking, no reservations and no connections between IORR and these places. They are selected as best choices in a city with plenty of drinks and food.

Game On! Main meeting place for IORR fans!

The primary place to meet will be Game On!. Adress is 82 Lansdowne Street, right on Fenway. See picture on the right. Game On is a great bar and restaurant on the corner of the Fenway Park building itself, corner of Lansdowne St and Brookline Ave. Take the Green Underground to Kenmore Station. Turn left out of the underground and keep left outside. You will soon see Fenway, and Game On! is easy to spot once you arrive to Fenway.

The Rolling Stones will probably be on stage around 8pm, and the warm-up probably by 6:30, so the recommended meeting time at Game On! is on the show days Sunday 21 and Tuesday 23 from 4pm to 6pm. They do not take bookings but if you tell you are coming and give your name and where you come from then at least we can try to arrange for space for people who are coming at 4pm. Please send e-mail to [email protected] - See you at Game On!

PS. Game On! is open until 2am so there should be no problems having a beer or a bite even after the concerts!

Other nice places to meet, drink and eat in Boston:

It takes 25 minutes to walk from the Theater District to Copley. These areas are the two with the most large hotels in central Boston. For the Theater District places above use the underground station Boylston. Then it takes another 20 minutes walk from Copley to Fenway. Or just a few minutes by underground to the station Kenmore right close by Fenway. All these underground stations on the green line. And the locations of these places? Well, they are all hot spots, simple as that.

Any suggestions or comments? Please send e-mail to [email protected] - Thanks!

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