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The Rolling Stones
Tokyo Dome
Tokyo, Japan
Sunday Mar. 16, 2003

The set list

  1. Brown Sugar
  2. Start Me Up
  3. It's Only Rock'n'Roll
  4. Don't Stop
  5. All Down the Line
  6. Angie
  7. Monkey Man
  8. Midnight Rambler
  9. Tumbling Dice
    -- intros
  10. Slipping Away (Keith)
  11. Happy (Keith)
  12. Sympathy for the Devil
  13. When the Whip Comes Down (b-stage)
  14. Mannish Boy (b-stage)
  15. You Got Me Rocking (b-stage)
  16. Gimme Shelter
  17. Honky Tonk Women
  18. Street Fighting Man
  19. Satisfaction
  20. Jumpin' Jack Flash (encore)

Show time: 7.10 p.m. - 9.15 p.m.

Review by Toru Aoki

Boys Perked Up Japanese

If you ever saw Stones show ten times, then I bet the best show is the first and the 10th. I mean the oldest and the latest are the most impressive ones for you. Tonight was memorable and unforgettable alike my first experience.

I was stoked in ringside seat of B-Stage tonight. They licked and whipped all creation. Especially, Ronnie and Keith were so pleased that I put on a sweat shirt printed 'WOODY's in the village'. Hey Ron, please enjoy a Pink Limp yo-yo that I gave you quid pro quo your pick.

They put the hammer down on me by a rendition of Mannish Boy. I could feel Company's renowned style of blues again. I was in heaven already, still am.

Although Mick misplayed IORR or JJF, the sound quality tonight was the best during previous Japan Tour. Every 'crowd' has a silver lining.

I feel the same heartrending sorrow right now as the time of a travel finishes. I will have to return to the reality tomorrow.

Thanx Boys. Keep on rolling and stay alive.

Tokyo Dome/March 15 & 16
Review by Endo the Schoolteacher

My wife and I have been the Stones fans for over 35 years, and "Angie" was our go-between. I myself went to almost all the concerts in Japan, but NOT this time. I missed the first (and probably very important) shows. After their 1988 tour my dad fell ill (ALS) and I have been busy taking care of him ever since. I managed to attend the two Tokyo Dome concerts and had a great time, though. I should say the Sunday concert was better than the Saturday's.

On Saturday the band didn't get the groove untill they reached the B-stage. But on Sunday they were great from the start. As a matter of fact, they dressed casually on Saturday and they dressed up on Sunday. It seems like the Saturday show was the Sunday's rehearsal.

Our seatings were better on Sunday as well. I went with my wife and daughter, and we sat right in front of the B-stage. Since it was St. Patrick's Day I wore my green shirt and I must have stood out in the crowd.

Mick's performance was great; he seemed to have been carried away in his own performance, too. Actually he buttoned his shirt wrong when he appeared for encore. If I did that, people would think I'm getting senile, but it looked cool for Mick.

I can manage to go one more concert on March 20. See you there. I'll be wearing a green shirt and be sitting in the stand.

Hidekazu "Rinda" Hayashida

Never Fade Away

I never feel nostalgic hearing Stones.

Tonight's "Midnight Rambler" was the best, though I'd thought that the one in "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! " was nothing to be compared.

During the show sometimes I felt like being back in the 70's (when I was two or three years old!!). But that was neither nostalgic nor good-old-70s. Let me call it "good-new-70s".

I confirm that their music, and also the Blues will never fade away.

Thank you very much, boys. I'll see you someday, somewhere.

Review by Masatoshi Fujishiro

Today I went to Tokyo Dome with my wife, not stones fanatic guys. We deposited our sweetest baby"ryu" to our parents and got back to young couple.

Back to 1990, I went to Tokyo Dome with my ex-girlfried at that time. My wife also seemed to go to same concert with her ex-boyfriend. There is no romatic story like the someone's reivew on 15.03. But, since our baby was born, we have never had dinner alone outside our apartment. We enjoyed some bottle of beer and some chinese foods and rushed to the stadium.

The today's seat in the stand was not bad more than I expected. B-stage is not so far from here. Today's my topic in a cynical meaning is that stones played "Angie". Generally speaking Japanese like this song very much. Mick knows that and played it. But if you say "I like Angie", I dare to say "You are not big fan of Stones." I think "Angie" is that kind of song. Instead of the song, we really wanted to experience "Wild horses". Do you agree or object?

And I have a big question about Keith's selection. Why did he perform "Slipping away" four time, not my faorite "Through and through"? Is there any connection about her mother as someone said in the review? If someone knows that, please teach me. Anyway see you four years later, Stones and lovely crazy fans! My party time was over.

Review by Shirley Birenz

Dome II - I like to disregard the flubs because I think that's one part of the Stones that makes them continue to be a bar band in my eyes. Even a many million dollar operation that is fine tuned to the wires that twist into the guitar strings themselves - can not have the sound turned on for Keith's opening chord. It's always funny to me when I'm singing along - and then a verse is missing or repeated and I'm left singing in the dust. But the beauty of the band is that they just keep going. No problem - life is random. Mick then appears in a GOLD satin long coat (like the red one and blue one) with gold fringe inside and a black t shirt with MICK spelled out in gold glitter. From then on the roof just blew off the dome.

I'm sure the set list is posted - so no need to repeat. The boys put on a stellar performance. And yes, this time I made it to the b stage - my corner on Ronnie's side. Actually, it's better. A better view of the entire band and a lot of eye contact.

Again, the fan package had us front row - Ronnie's side. A great , fun bunch with the Continental Drift crowd all around. Lots and lots of singing and dancing - and NO sitting for Keith.

Because this was the second show and my last at Tokyo - I felt the need to wander around the stadium and get the *feel* of the crowd, the stadium and the bigger picture. I visited with Mayumi and Greg (b stage seats) and some other people who generously let me hang with them for a song or two. Felt the energy in the wide open space in the back of the floor (no seats - "they could've made a couple more grand" ObGreg) and did some pirouetting around in the open air.

My bus heads back to the airport shortly. I am sad to leave this country of wonderful culture and great food. I did get to do some sight seeing with a guide and really got a feel for the city (at least).

Most of all, a sad farewell to Mayumi, who carries the great spirit of all of us crazy Stones fans to this continent. Sayonara Mayumi and her friends - - the Inexpensive Winos. I had a great time!

Much love and appreciation,


Review by Ron Blank and Iben Vedel

My wife and I attended the two Tokyo Dome shows with the RSFC Fan Asylum package. It was expensive but highly worthwhile. Others have already covered the setlist and Shirley has talked about her own feelings with the tour group so I won't try to repeat everything.

We were advised the first day by Fan Asylum that we would be getting a backstage tour with Jake, the Stones Production Manager before the first show. When we arrived we were a little delayed getting into the Dome due to a security question. But, when we did get in, one of the Stones security men, Steve, greeted us and showed us in. We stopped before going down to the floor of the stadium as Mick was out on the B-Stage with a video camera filming the Dome. We were not allowed down there until he left. But, when we did go down and meet Jake we started off on the most fantastic tour of my memory. The stage is awe-inspiring from behind and with Jake telling us that it takes 52 sea containers plus two 747 freighters to move it around, it was easy to understand the logistical steps necessary to keep the tour operating. Jake asked us where we were from. When I said "Belgium" he mentioned that the stage was built in Belgium (which regular IORR readers already know) but he also mentioned that the tour would NOT be visiting Belgium this time around. When my wife said she was from Denmark, he said that he was looking forward to seeing the new roof on the Parken Stadium in July.

When we moved to the backstage area proper, we saw all the guitars of the members of the band. Even Darryl has between 8 - 10 bass guitars in the packing case. Mick has about the same number and Ronnie and Keith have approx 15 each. I saw Keith's new silver and purple Fender given to him by Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top in Houston. I took pictures of each of the cases, and also separate pictures of Ronnie's little setup with pictures, guitar straps and mementoes on top of his case. It has a very prominent picture of his ex-guitar tech Chuch who passed away last summer in Toronto.

We then moved out onto the main stage and I looked with awe upon Charlie's drum set. I could hardly believe that I was actually two feet away from Charlie Watt's drums! What a feeling after 35 years of being a fan of this band.

The last highlight for me was going down to the B-Stage and seeing the drums, Fender Twins and mikes there. It's a small stage when you stand on it, and you can appreciate how small it must be for the band with thousands of screaming fans surrounding them. What it feeling it must be. I have to tell a secret: as I was not able to contain myself when we were leaving the stage, I grabbed one of Keith's guitar picks off of his mike stand!

The two shows were absolutely extraordinary for us. As already reported, our group was in the first row of the section directly in front of Ronnie. It was my first time so close. The feeling is almost indescribable. You cannot appreciate the energy and emotion until you are actually this close. It didn't matter that we could not see Charlie due to the height and angle of the stage, because we were so close to Mick, Ronnie, Keith and Lisa when she came up front for her solos. Being in this area, you also know for certain that you are making eye contact with the band members from time to time, because due to the lights they really cannot see very far out into the audience for individual people. It was quite obvious that separate members of our group actually did make eye contact sometimes, and my wife traded blown kisses with Ronnie during Sunday's show. It's extraordinary to be there for the first time in your life. At several times, members of our group were up on the big video screen shaking their butts and screaming their lungs out. A lot of fun!

As I have said many times before on this tour on separate reviews, you cannot believe the energy and excitement coming from the band. For men of their age to show so much energy and vitality is unbelievable. Musical highlights for me are too hard almost to mention. The first night it was You Can't Always Get What You Want and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. The second night it was Honkey Tonk Women and Gimme Shelter. There were others too, but they all blend into each other. But I did see over the course of 26 hours, four and a quarter hours of the best rock and roll band in the world, playing 40 songs to an deliriously happy Japanese audience. The fans in this country are so special - they love the band so much and they treat other Stones fans with such respect and dignity. We will never forget our Rolling Stones Tokyo tour of 2003. Thanks Fan Asylum, the Rolling Stones organization, the rest of the members of our group, and most of all, Japan!

Thanks to Dean Goodman and Hidekazu "Rinda" Hayashida for set list information!

Please send your reviews to [email protected]. Thanks!

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