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The Rolling Stones
Osaka Dome
Osaka, Japan
Thursday Mar. 20, 2003

The set list

  1. Brown Sugar
  2. You Got Me Rocking
  3. Start Me Up
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Rocks Off
  6. You Can't Always Get What You Want
  7. Bitch
  8. Can't You Hear Me Knocking?
  9. Tumbling Dice
  10. Thru And Thru
  11. Before They Make Me Run
  12. Sympathy For The Devil
  13. It's Only Rock'n Roll (B-stage)
  14. Let It Bleed (B-stage)
  15. Midnight Rambler (B-stage)
  16. Gimme Shelter
  17. Honky Tonk Women
  18. Street Fighting Man
  19. Satisfaction
  20. Jumping Jack Flash (encore)

Show Time: Approximately 19:20 - 21:35

Review by Kishio Noda

On entering the arena of the Dome, I was overwhelmed by the set of seemingly a hundred feet long from left to right after having enjoyed relatively small-sized venues of Budokan and Yokohama arena . I noticed a crane camera at the left side from the audience and made me believe it's show time i.e. shooting video or "something like public service to views." In a Japanese site, though, someone says a crane camera was there at the Tokyo Dome and Budokan.

Mick makes us enjoy or laught at his Osakan dialect such as "Maido," which was his first Japanese tonight, literally meanig "every time" but just a greeting when you meet your friend or someone you know.

The first thing I was surprised at the first Osaka gig is Keith playing so vivid and stylish. I mean he poses so often but plays so masterfully. Especially, he seemed to ba a king while playing "Bitch." Of course, Mick sings, but a big screen out there shows Keith playing and posing. His phrase of guitar has no excess in "Bitch," which must be a highlight tonight.

I did not notice how hard he played at the Budokan. Or I dare to say he lost his enthusiasm of playing guitar. He too much concentrated on posing, not playing, I thought.

But, tonight he played so masterfully. When needed, he played. When not needed, he posed. Such an entertainer he was!

Everytime I participate in Stones gig, I admire Charlie how acurate he gives rythm and speed to rhthm-loose boys of the band. Tonght the band performed Midnight Rambler at the B-stage. It was a magic, just like Stones magic. So great. When I saw them perform the song at the Budokan, it was cracked, meaning poor rhthm guitar at the high speed part near the ending of the song.

In total, their concentration was beyond my imagination. Hat off to the ageless rock legend!

Review by Toshikazu Endo (the Schoolteacher)

I'd like like to make a correction first. In my review of March 15/16 concerts, I wrote that the Stones' last tour in Japan was in "1988". Of course it was in "1998". I was confused in the head. See? I had been THAT busy. But I managed to go to Osaka for the March 20 concert despite the the ethical and finacial difficulties. And it was worth it!

From the start the Stones kicked on the starter with all they'd got. And once they started they never stopped. Keith played his guitars beautifully and kept beeing on his two feet most of the time. He changed his first song from "Slipping Away" to "Thru & Thru", and he sang from the bottom of his heart and at the top of his lungs. Charlie's beat was strong and precise. Ron's guitar-playing was 100% sober and brilliant. And Mick! Who the **** is Mick Jagger? I can't believe he is a regular human being like we are (but he is; I met him --- again). He is super-human. He sang, danced, played the instruments, and ran around like ...... I don't know what to compare. It looks as if he could act the role of Mick Jagger for ever. He must be putting in a tremendous amount of effort every day.

By the way I happened to meet Mick on March 14 (White Day!). It was an accident. I was to meet the fan club staff in Tokyo Dome hotel and couldn't. So I decided to try the Four Seasons Hotel, and there, walking from the opposite directions, Mick and I got to the entrance to the hotel garden at the same time. You don't believe me? OK. I myself don't usually believe in such a "miracle". But I experienced miracles both on and off stage. You don't agree? OK. Maybe they were not miracles: one was an accident and the other (the miraculous concert) was an inevitable consequence of continuous efforts. Anyway, out of the 30-odd Stones concerts I attended to, the March 20 concert in Osaka Dome was one of the best. And naturally I wished I could stay just another night in Osaka to see the last concert in Japan.

On March 21, however, I had to go back to Tokyo and to my chores as a family man, a schoolteacher, a nurse for my sick father, etc. Only during the concert I enjoyed being only a Stones' fan. Thank you for the great time. I'll get back to my fans; namely my family and students. Actually I have quite a few of my own among my students.

Thanks to Mitsugu Machida and Kishio Noda for set list information.

Please send your reviews to [email protected]. Thanks!

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