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Faces expanded cds
Posted by: john r ()
Date: February 17, 2008 03:34

These appeared on amazon (US) last fall, imports remastered & w/ bonus cuts not on the box. I ordered the four studio remasters, and 6 or 8 weeks later started receiving emails, saying 'long player' or 'ooh la la' is not available, we're so sorry. Now they're not anywhere in the Faces section, disappeared faster than the 40th anniversary edition of the Small Faces' debut (which I snagged, thank god).
So do they exist in Europe? Anyone know why they vanished? Because they're scheduled for US release? Or delayed?
well to quote Marc Bolan, Tanx for any info

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: andrewm ()
Date: February 17, 2008 04:44

Hey John,

A friend who runs a record store sent me an upcoming releases page and they were on there for late March but, as you know, they've already been delayed at least once so here's hoping. i finally found the track listing on and it looks great-some Peel stuff, some outtakes and live stuff, most of which doesn't appear to have even shown up on boots. Between those and the Replacements' Twin Tone catalogue, and Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue,it's already looking like a good year for reissues.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: john r ()
Date: February 17, 2008 05:28

Yes I was really pleased (to meet...) to seee the 'Mats stuff is finally upgraded - those old Twin Tone cds sound really thin. And pleasently surprised the Faces are releasing more stuff from the vaults - with mostly rare/non lp stuff on the box, I figured they'd tack that stuff on the reissues.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: Glam Descendant ()
Date: February 17, 2008 11:56

Faces are on the cover of the latest "Uncut" apparently. I haven't seen an actual issue, only the cover online -- maybe there are reviews of the reissues?

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: Nanker Phlegm ()
Date: February 17, 2008 13:05

i hope the contine with the 'mats re-issues pastV-twin. Saw westerberg last year solo, just him and a guitar, great gig.

as for the faces, whilsy i look forward to the re-issues and bonus's, here was a band who wher the received wisdom was that their albums were patchy and yet they can find more stuff to release and there is a market for it. i'm as gulty as the enxt person but does anyone else think that sometimes more is less.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Date: February 17, 2008 13:31

The eagerly awaited Faces CD re-issues contain many previously un-released tracks not featured on the 'Five Guys Walk Into A Bar…' box set.
Behind The Sun (Outtake)
The Mona (Outtake)
Shake, Shudder, Shiver (BBC John Peel Session)
Flying (Alternate Take 3)

Whole Lotta Lovin' (Outtake)
Tell Everyone (Alternate Take 1)
Sham-Mozzal (Instrumental (Outtake)
Gasoline Alley (Live at Fillmore East)

Miss Judy's Farm (BBC John Peel Session)
Stay With Me (BBC John Peel Session)
It's All Over Now (BBC John Peel Session)
True Blue (Never Been A Millionaire) (Live in Pocono, PA)

Cindy Incidentally (BBC Session)
Borstal Boys (Rehearsal)
Silicone Grown (Rehearsal)
Jealous Guy (Live at Reading Festival)
© 2008 SMILER Magazine

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: CharliMoon ()
Date: February 17, 2008 15:52

A Nod's As Good As A Wink, I love that album, it's so cool!

Thanks very much for the heads-up, dishevelmentblues, I'm looking forward to the live version of True Blue and Jealous Guy.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: john r ()
Date: February 17, 2008 16:23

I think Rod (solo, '69 - 74) got the critical acclaim for those classic albums he made before the Faces breakup - deservedly. Though Wood is all over them, and the other Faces appear as regular 'supporting cast' they do have a different feel & character from Faces albums released during the same era. Yet Those Faces albums have imo got better with age, and part of the difference in style or character is that the band was a pretty deocratic one considering the singer was a superstar, and Ronnie Lane makes great contributions vocally and in terms of material; the Stewart/Wood songs, Lane material, Wood/Lane tracks, and the many with McLagan's name in the credits insure they're going to be different from Rod's more deliberate (and by "Smiler" verging on the formulaic) solo classics. So I'm glad to have them all, and the great box set, but don't agree with the critics of the era's view of the band's albums as more frivilous and undisciplined little brothers to "Gasoline Alley" etc.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: Nanker Phlegm ()
Date: February 17, 2008 17:04

Just listening to the BoxSet and despite my previous comments I WANT MORE.

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: john r ()
Date: February 17, 2008 19:32

Mentioning the Replacements here doesn't seem so - how does one say? - "OT" - considering that Faces were a huge influence on the 'Mats, & Westerberg contributes a brief essay of his own, I think, to that Faces box. And while I wouldn't put the lo-fi mid-69 rehearsals, or a couple of the less essential (i.e. the 'Bad 'n' Ruin' BBC track that sounds like the Long Player version with a live vocal) items from "5 Guys" on a 'proper' Faces album, I'm happy to have them, and with around 50 'rarities' included, it's remarkable that 80 - 90% of them are wonderful. I mean there's easily a killer 'lost' fifth studio album within that box (If Loving You Is Wrong, Open To Ideas, Gettin' Hungry, Skewiff, As Long As You Tell Him, You Can Make Me Dance, I Came Looking For You, etc) PLUS plenty of terrific live or BBC stuff - my faves include their 'Love In Vain' which is a fascinating contrast to the Stones'versions, Angel, I'd Rather Go Blind, the hard rocking Maggie Mae, etc. I bought it for a 19 year old friend who digs the Stones, but understandably dismissed Rod Stewart based on what he's become in recent decades. Now Caleb's a Faces fan. In the last few years, only the third (it took that many tries to get it right) box by The Band is as full (like '5 Guys' nearly 80 min. per disc), or offers a similarly generous helping of first rate rarities - in both cases the obvious care and intelligence produced boxed sets that actually enhance the legacy of a great group. Oh:
Back to the 'Mats, I'd forgotton, & correct me if I missed some reissue campaign, that neither the Twin Tone ('82 - '84) nor the Sire ('85 - '90) albums have been upgraded/remastered for CD. So I gravitate to the old LPs or the 2 CD comp from a few years back. While I'm excited about the TT reissues, when the hell will Warners (or Rhino) get around to the later albums?

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: carlton ()
Date: February 17, 2008 20:40

Yes, agree the FACES could have put a studio album out in 74\75 that would have been a strong album. Also, besides the tracks you mention JOHNR, if woody had guided his energy towards the Faces, as opposed to his own album that would have made it even stronger, if you take 4\5 songs from his first album. Probably Ronnie Lane leaving dealt the death to any future albums. Look forward to reissues!

Re: Faces expanded cds
Posted by: andrewm ()
Date: February 18, 2008 00:33

Couldn't agree more with everything you said John. Re the 'Mats Sire stuff, apparently a box set and more reissues are in the pipeline but, then again, they've been in the pipeline about as long as the Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 box.

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