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OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: RockingLonestar ()
Date: March 9, 2020 11:18

A little bit late, but recently I got the new live CD set by Blackberry Smoke:
Homecoming - Live in Atlanta.
I´m a big fan of that band, especially on stage.
The live CD/DVD Leave A Scar _ Live in North Carolina was spectacular, and so is the new live CD. Southern Rock/Blues/Country/Whatever...And Charlie Starr is a great singer/guitar player and songwriter.
For all those who love the Stones, Faces, Georgia Satellites, Allman Brothers, 70-ies Lynyrd Skynyrd, ...

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: Irix ()
Date: March 9, 2020 11:40

See also the Thread from 2014 about Blackberry Smoke: [] , as well as here from 2010: [] .

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: RollingFreak ()
Date: March 9, 2020 12:12

Liked them for years, but thats literally just coming from their album Little Piece of Dixie which is a decade old. Really like that album, so I can't explain why I haven't sought out any of their other albums besides that one. I guess its nothing other than laziness, cause its been the same seeing them live where I'd like but something always comes up. Really like that one album though, just heard it within the last month. I guess at this point with newer bands I don't like to invest myself if they're not totally going anywhere cause then I end up getting annoyed and hurt at another good band NOT making it. Not a healthy attitude but would be as close to the truth as I could convey. Seems like most of the bands I like fizzle out after an album or two, or completely change direction, so I guess I only listened to one album to not get totally invested.

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: erikjjf ()
Date: March 9, 2020 15:12

Too country for rock...too rock for country! cool smiley

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: Meise ()
Date: March 9, 2020 16:55

I particularly love "Run Away From It All". That's just a great gem.


I can't imagine a world without the Rolling Stones! (A. Erthegun)

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: TooTough ()
Date: March 9, 2020 17:16

Mixed it up...I thought you meant Blackstone Cherry...
I liked them opening for Alice C.

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: Hairball ()
Date: March 9, 2020 18:02

See also the Thread from 2014 about Blackberry Smoke: [] , as well as here from 2010: [] .

They're the type of band where various new threads pop up occasionally, and then sort of dissolve into the void due to lack of interest.
I saw them back in 2015 open for ZZ Top at the L.A. County Fair, and thought they were OK - nothing more, nothing less.
Never looked much deeper though as most of their music sounds similar, and the retro southern rock band look and vibe seems a bit gimmicky
They sort of look like a combo of Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Allman Brothers, but infortunately their sound is nowhere near either of those bands.

Rip this joint, gonna save your soul, round and round and round we go......

Re: OT: Blackberry Smoke
Posted by: TumblinDice76 ()
Date: March 9, 2020 18:13

Kind of a pop/country band disguised as a Southern Rock Band. Unfortunately all Southern Rock Bands turn Pop way too soon-Black Crowes, Kings of Leon, Alabama Shakes, etc. All started great but started to chase top 40 hits. I've seen Blackberry Smoke 3 times, each time they lose a little luster. I'm kind of having a crap Monday so I'll throw Gov't Mule under the bus too while I'm at it. I loved Gov't Mule in '98 & '99. Now I have to admit, the only thing good about a Gov Mule concert is the covers and only the covers. Just my humbled opinion....

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