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OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Date: November 23, 2018 06:42


Ronnie with the toilet guitar. I think it is in Open D, haha.. only Ronnie would actually have toilet in open tuning.
One thing that I always love about the Faces is something that isn't mentioned too often: what a great bassist Ronnie Lane was. Besides Jamerson I can't really think of anyone else (maybe, maybe Greg Ridley) who played such rumbling counterpoint. He would never play 'with' Ron wood; as in doubling up; or following. He totally was out on his own. So in a way, the Faces' construct was even more fragile than the Stones.
If you think of it - "Stay with Me", the verses, when Rod is singing are a rhythmic nightmare. Right on the verge.
But the main concert - I am not even so sure I've seen this one before. It is fantastic.
"Angel" was Ron Wood at top of his chording.
"I'd rather go blind" - that is what all got lost when Ronnie joined the Stones - all that breathing room, for him to develop something; alone at center stage.

Somebody please tell me about Kenney Jones. I have always been on the fence about him. He has played in the greatest bands in the world, been at the very center of things. And obviously knows his stuff. But his whole approach to the 'beat' bothers me so much. His snare hits come at the LAST possible increment of what can still be called 'on'. During "Blind" his snare hits are to the point where they are actually just late and distracting. he needed some lessons with Clde Stubblefield.

Re: OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Posted by: bitusa2012 ()
Date: November 23, 2018 10:21

WHY does Ronnie have a strand of toilet paper attached to his guitar! ;-)


Re: OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Posted by: thegroove ()
Date: November 23, 2018 21:42

I think that maybe Kenney was kinda imitating Mickey Waller from the Jeff Beck Group. He also plays on some Rod Stewart solo stuff.Not sure.Any how I enjoyed the live stuff.Thanks for posting.

Re: OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Posted by: ab ()
Date: November 25, 2018 02:12

Kenney Jones was aces in the Small Faces. His playing made that box set of Immediate sessions.

Re: OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Posted by: Chris Fountain ()
Date: November 25, 2018 15:48

Great Post - Brings back great memories of when rock-n-roll and life were simple. Of course, I was a huge fan anyway.

Kenney Jones
Posted by: Spodlumt ()
Date: November 26, 2018 02:16

His reputation took a beating at the hands of Roger Daltrey when he was in The Who. Daltrey was actually kind to him in his biography and said he was a good drummer just the wrong one for The Who. Anybody who could sub for Charlie Watts ("It's Only Rock n' Roll") and not have die-hard Stones fans notice is okay in my book. He's a great drummer.

Re: OT - Faces at the Bluelight
Date: November 26, 2018 16:05

I am not saying Kenney isnt a good drummer. It is maybe a philosophical question. About the entire approach and attitude towards what is called 'the Beat'; or "the One'. In Funk the One is next to Godliness, because as long as you are there on the One, what you do in between, pretty much IS the Funk, haha... These Funk drummers, and Soul guys can not wait for that One to come around; so they anticipate it ever so slightly. This is not a matter of syncopation; it is a much finer grade.
Then you have these Heavy Metal hitters not the fast Speed Metal guys, but these secondary drummers like Tommy Lee and bands like that, who play the beat so late that it is almost impossible to ever dance to that kind of music.
It is tricky when you have a good drummer though; like Jones and even Bonham. Who are very very good, they just see the beat from another angle.

Yes, Daltrey did not have much kind words for KJ; as the Who drummer. The Who probably should have done a Zeppelin and retired the Who after Moon died.

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