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Posted by: skyhawk ()
Date: May 6, 2005 16:40

Isn't this insane: ticketprices for the Arena-shows in the US will cost 90, 300 or 400 USD (mentioned at Is this normal for the US? I mean, who can afford this? In Europe i payed for the last tour between 50 Euro (Prague) and 110 Euro (German shows).

Re: Ticketprices
Posted by: bv ()
Date: May 6, 2005 16:55

Same as on last tours, except they extend the $300 area further up on the sides of the venues, and they add $400 like they had in Las Vegas, and they simply ask for more because this is the trend in the market. With U2 they asked for $100 may be and the scalpers took the rest. With the Stones they ask for the price they think the market is willing to pay. I hate it but that is the way the money works these days. The good news are I heard there might be $50 tickets for stadiums. I would assume not really front row.

If you go to one show on the tour I am sure you can afford the steep price. Compare to two years of beer drinking or holidays or any kind of waste you might have done. It's the greatest rock'n roll band in the world, and this might be their las major tour ever.


Re: Ticketprices
Posted by: KeithRichards ()
Date: May 6, 2005 16:57

That's 75 Euros for the cheaper places in the arenas- why's that insane?
It depends where in the arena this places are, of course...
Last year I paid 90 Euro for the cheapest places in a stadium show - and they were great, right next to the B-stage.

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Re: Ticketprices
Posted by: marquess ()
Date: May 6, 2005 17:05

Portugal prices in 2003:
€ 40 - Pitch (All pitch)
€ 50 - seats
€ 60 - seats (premium)

Re: Ticketprices
Posted by: Wolter ()
Date: May 6, 2005 17:10

The only people who are argueing about ticketprices are people who go to more than one concert. If you go to 6 or 7 concerts it's expensive. If you go to only one I think it's affordable. I rather be at a stonesconcert than at a musical. Do you know what the prices are for a trash musical like the Lion King? I think you'll be scared!

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