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new tour info so exciting!!
Posted by: Tate ()
Date: May 4, 2005 17:06

I must simply express my utter delight at all the info bv has provided us! Thank you!

This tour is very exciting for me because #1 they will be performing new material and #2 they will ("probably") be playing Fenway Park!! FENWAY!!

My dream is that they will do one show on the tour that consists of ENTIRELY never-bfore performed live tunes!! Think of all the songs they have to choose from... they could do it! (yeah, not likely but...)

Now I must strategize... must see Stones at Fenway...

(btw, projected on-sale date is my birthday. What an omen!!)

It hurts waiting
Posted by: nankerphlege ()
Date: May 4, 2005 21:11

I can't stand the wait. It hurts. I feel like I did when I first started listening to the stones in fifth grade. I couldn't wait untill I could scrounge up twenty bucks for a cd and beg my wonderful uncle or sister to drive me to the local record shop to buy a new disc. I wonder if this is what is like to be a junkie jonseing for a fix. I'll ask Keith if I ever meet him. (hahaha, probably shouldn't joke about such a serious subject).

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