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Alfie - The movie
Mick Jagger soundtrack special

Updated Sept. 30, 2004

This is information about Alfie - The Movie - and the soundtrack, with Mick Jagger singing and composing.

The official soundtrack:

  1. Old Habits Die Hard - Mick Jagger (vocals) and Dave Stewart
  2. Blind Leading the Blind (live acoustic version) - Jagger (vocals) and Stewart
  3. New York Hustle - instrumental
  4. Let's Make It Up - Jagger (vocals) and Stewart
  5. Wicked Time - Joss Stone (vocals) , Nadira "Nadz" Seid, Jagger and Stewart
  6. Lonely Without You (This Christmas) - Joss Stone, Jagger (vocals) and Stewart
  7. Darkness of Your Love - Stewart and Gary "Mudbone" Cooper (vocals)
  8. Jack the Lad - instrumental
  9. Oh Nicky - instrumental
  10. Blind Leading the Blind - Jagger (vocals) and Stewart
  11. Standing in the Rain - instrumental
  12. Counting the Days - instrumental
  13. Old Habits Reprise - Jagger and Stewart
  14. Alfie - Joss Stone (vocals) with Mick Jagger
  15. Old Habits Die Hard - Jagger (vocals) and Stewart featuring Sheryl Crow (bonus track)

All music composed by Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart, except "Alfee" by Burt Bacharach.

"ALFIE - MUSIC FROM THE MOTION PICTURE" features thirteen original songs written, performed and produced by Mick and Dave Stewart. The 15-track collection arrives in stores on October 19. The first single "Old Habits Die Hard" is featuring Mick Jagger and Sheryl Crow on vocals.

Listen to the single "Old Habits Die Hard" now:

Information about promotional releases to show up here soon.

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