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The IORR Travel Guide 2012
Newark, NJ, USA

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These pages will supply information about the cities the Stones will be visiting this summer. To read about each individual city please select the actual city link in the IORR travel guide pages. If you have information for these pages please send e-mail to [email protected]. h2> Latest IORR forum updates: Newark travel and pre/post show info

Nearest larger city

New York City

How to get to the city

Newark Airport is nearby, recommended if possible. The other airports in the New York City area might be used as well. Also, there are trains and other transit services.


How to get to the venue

Prudential Center - How to Get Here.

Venue maps

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Recommended hotels

I travel to Newark two to three times a year. Most of the time for 3 to 4 days at a time. I stay at the Best Western Plus. Its about 2 miles from the Prudential Center in the same cluster of hotels around the airport. The reasons I stay there:

FREE 24 shuttle to and from the airport. There is a train station at the airport as well so you can get the shuttle if you are taking the train. You can get a room with a microwave and mini refrigerator for about $130.00 US.

Most of the hotels close to the Prudential Center are way over priced. You can take a taxi to the airport hotels and still save some money. Anyhow I thought this might hope out some fans travelling from outside the US.

Thanks to these comments from Chris!

Recommended bars/restaurants

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Meeting place for fans

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City map

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Other local events

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