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The Rolling Stones European Tour 2003

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These pages will supply information about the cities the Stones will be visiting this summer. To read about each individual city please select the actual city link in the IORR travel guide pages. If you have information for these pages please send e-mail to [email protected].

Nearest big city

Essen, Duisburg, D�sseldorf.

Oberhausen, right in the middle of the Ruhrgebiet, which is right in the middle of Germany, ranging from Duisburg to Dortmund.

How to get to the city

D�sseldorf Airport is about 25km from Oberhausen, D�sseldorf-city about 35km. D�sseldorf is nearest "bigger city" and has the nearest Airport and you can go directly by train from airport to Oberhausen.

D�sseldorf is linked by air with all major European cities. The airport is approximately 35km of the city Oberhausen. There are frequent S1 (Train) D�sseldorf (Airport) - Essen. Until Duisburg - than change the Train and go with the S2 direction Dortmund. Leave the train at Oberhausen Hauptbahnhof (Station)

Cologne-Airport is about 70km distance, cologne-city about 60km

How to get to the venue

Now you can take the Bus or the Tram - Station: Neue Mitte. Walk to the O-Vision-Park: 10 Min.

Using a car to the venue: Motorway A2/A3 At motorway interchange turn on A 516 direction Oberhausen. Then left on B 231 direction Oberhausen CentrO. Motorway A 42 Departure "Oberhausen /Neue Mitte". Heading "Oberhausen CentrO".

Motorway A 40 from Duisburg Departure M�lheim D�mpten. Twice left in direction Oberhausen, Follow the street till end and then left.

O-Vision-Zukunftspark: opposite the Osterfelder Str.

Oberhausen map

Travel information

The "venue" is a field near the "Neue Mitte" and "Centro" Shopping centre. Actually, it's more of a building site, so expect lots of mud, should it be raining on the day.

Venue maps

Recommended hotels

Backpacker hotel: in-hostel-veritas




Recommended bars/restaurants

30 or more - Shopping Mall: Centro centro

Link: Gastronomie - Link: Gastronomie nach Standorten - Link: Promenade Link: Apfelbaum - N - After-show: Cover-Band - possible

Meeting place for fans


with exhibition and the Rolling Stones Cover Band Voodoo-lounge The greatest Stones Party in the Ruhrarea

City map

Tourist links

CentrO - Neue Mitte Oberhausen

Oberhausen homepage

The o-vision web cam

Other local events


Be prepared to go there early. About 80.000 tickets will be sold and there is a nearby shopping center, so there might be lots of traffic. You can park in the shopping center (hopefully) and you might be able to park near the site. This place is a building site, as they are building the O.Vision area there Hopefully that will not disturb the show and the arrival and departure in any way.



Thanks to Peter J�tten, Dieter Heine, Robert van Otterloo and Johannes Delmere for information!

For more Stones news see IORR 47 of May 2003!

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