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The Rolling Stones
Allegiant Stadium
Las Vegas NV USA
Saturday May 11, 2024

The Rolling Stones live at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas NV USA - May 11, 2024 - Photo by Bjørnulf Vik

The set list

  1. Start Me Up
  2. Get Off Of My Cloud
  3. Let's Spend The Night Together
  4. Angry
  5. Like A Rolling Stone
  6. You Got Me Rocking (Vote song)
  7. Mess It Up
  8. Tumbling Dice
  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want
    --- Band introductions
  10. You Got The Silver(Keith)
  11. Little T&A (Keith)
  12. Sympathy For The Devil
  13. Honky Tonk Women
  14. Miss You
  15. Gimme Shelter
  16. Paint It Black
  17. Jumping Jack Flash
    --- Band off stage
  18. Sweet Sounds Of Heaven
  19. Satisfaction

Live pre/post show comments:

Las Vegas NV USA show live updates - Saturday May 11, 2024 - The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds Tour

Review by Dean Goodman

When Keith is happy, we can all be happy. And that was certainly the case on Saturday as Pavarotti's protégé charmed Sin City with his cheery demeanor, elegant guitar work and boisterous singing. The cheers that echoed around Allegiant Stadium when it became evident that Keith would sing a second song - I've never witnessed such a spectacle, and it was truly an emotional moment.

What a relief. For a minute on this tour, I thought we might have lost him. Keith didn't seem very cognizant at times, more lethargic and sullen. But he sparked a bit in Phoenix on Tuesday, and a few days later the old boy was all revved up. There's no stopping him now. The Earth has resumed spinning on its axis.

There were one or two bizarro world moments. I actually didn't mind getting “You Got Me Rocking” and “Like a Rolling Stone,” and that's 100% on Keith. Egged on by Ronnie, he underpinned the former with cutting rhythms, and he sang his heart out on the latter, which is a Vegas staple for the Stones. By that stage, Keith had already loosened his vocal chords on “Let's Spend the Night Together.”

And later on Mick revealed a secret fandom for fellow Vegas trouper Donny Osmond, so now I need to dust off my Osmonds records and see what I've been missing.

I didn't notice at the time, or at previous shows, but a random photo indicated Ronnie contributing backing vocals to “Angry” (which featured a blazing Keith solo.) I believe this could be his first turn behind the mike since the 81-82 tour? It was marvelous watching Ronnie and Keith communicate spiritually, Ronnie closing his eyes and listening as Keith studied his mastery.

And then there was Mick, who told us we were “definitely the rowdiest crowd” on the tour, with the caveat that we were just four shows in. “Tumbling Dice” started out a mess, with Mick missing the first line (or two?), but that's what we pay the big bucks to see - how a pro wields his powers to avert catastrophe. He also mentioned a few times that he was getting a workout. Well, how does he think we slobs feel?

I was hoping for “Whole Wide World” instead of “Mess It Up,” but that's OK. “Angry” is an immediate crowd favorite. I really, really hope they dust off a few more Diamonds before too long, though. With “Sweet Sounds of Heaven,” a little Chanel goes a long way.

Overall, a wonderful outing to mark my 300th show, and my wife's 10th. Great to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in years, and to see that Ol' Keith is the same as the old Keith.

Review by Bjørnulf Vik, Norway

For me the best show so far on the tour was the one in Glendale, and before that it was New Orleans. All of that was before I got the Las Vegas show... It was hard to write a report from the Glendale show, because I did not have words, it was so powerful. When they moved "Gimme Shelter" down on the setlist from New Orleans and on, it got such a powerful combo with "Paint It Black", almost making a chain reaction in my head and my body, each song is so strong and performed so great, together them make the perfect combo. Also, the first part of the Glendale show was still so unique, there were hardly any weak points.

Anyway, this is not my Glendale report, it is all about the Las Vegas show. Already before the show, I met so many friends, and people I have met over the past touring years, it seems like Las Vegas ir the most popular "travel show" among many fans. Personally I don't do much in Las Vegas, I stay here for six days to keep warm, and to see the show. I haven't even been to the strip, but I do understand the magic many see in Las Vegas, and when you have met so many friends, it feels more like a "home show". Also, meeting friends I spent every day with for two weeks during the LA rehearsals last month was emotional too, always special bonding at rehearsals.

I was in the pit, and unlike the pit in the other shows on this tour, the crowd was wild, next to me I had many fans with the age of my own children, in their 40's, even some younger around, also some at my own age of course. Still, from the first song, and on every song, there were so many hands in the air. The guy next to me started dancing and spinning around his own axis halfway into the show, he was in a happy trance for the rest of the show, you get such a boost from shows, and the band on stage, when it is clicking you just end up in a happy moment, some times lasting the entire show, other times it happens during the show. I did not sleep much aafter the show, it was still so strong in my mind, no way of sleeping then.

Some said "Keith is back". For me Keith has never been missing. He is 11 years older than me, I will see how great I am at the beginning of a tour in 11 years time. Sure there are times during the shows I feel the "engine" is struggling, with a bump or two in the road, but they keep coming back on track, they are human, for me the shows are just perfect every time, it is more about the energy the crowd is feeding back to the Stones, and then the Stones feed us with even more energy, and the Las Vegas crowd was like putting a lot of steem into the Stones engine!

Mick said it already after just a few songs: "You are the best crowd so far on this tour... We have done just 4 shows, but you are the best crowd!" So true. Everyone loved "Angry", which was wrappeed in nicely in-between the oldies "Get Off Of My Cloud", "Let's Spend The Night Together", and "Like A Rolling Stone". Two songs with Keith, both powerful, that feels like a gift and an extra bonus on this tour. "Honky Tonk Women" - those few seconds, may be 10 seconds or so, when Mick and Keith were close, I am sure they are captured on video recordings, very emotional.

"Gimme Shelter", Keith sitting down in front of Steve Jordan, playing the intro, he looks concentrated and happy, then Chanel and Mick, there is so much to tell, these shows are so great, and from "Gimme Shelter and through the rest, I was just all smiles, best show of the tour so far. Tired, but happy, so happy!

Review by Gary Miller

My first show since Seattle 2019. Got into Vegas a few days early - always something to do here.

I figured I was too old for the pit, so got a seat on the rail in first row behind Pit B. In my opinion these seats are just as good or better than the pit, minus the chaos.

On with the show... First and foremost the rumours of Keith's demise have been greatly exaggerated. As soon as I saw the bandana instead of the weird hat I knew we were in for a great show.

The first five songs got things off to an amazing start. Angry is a great live song with plenty of great guitar. Like a Rolling Stone with Keith singing back up- wow.

Moving along - Keith's first song -YGTS- was fantastic with him and Ronnie on acoustic guitar.Little T&A may not be a classic, but it brought me back to college and the '81 Tour if I remember correctly...

As far as the "war horses" are concerned I thought Keith nailed it on Sympathy, JJF and PIB.

The encores were great and turned a packed football stadium into a great rock and roll party.

Other thoughts - Ronnie seems even better than 2019 tour, Chanel was excellent and of course Mick once again defied father time ....

Looking forward to my hometown show in Vancouver in July....

Review by Craig Allison

I could make this simple: THEY HAVE BEEN THE BEST BAND SINCE THE 60’S, AND THEY’RE STILL GETTING BETTER. I had my own excellent hardcore blues band for 30 years, a group does get better over long periods of time; it was so clear that their mastery is on a whole new level here in Allegiant Stadium last evening. At the bottom of it all is another simple perception ; they are absolutely professional to the last tic on the dial. It is the supercharged combo of raw power, intense precision timing , sheer musical artistry , and unstoppable rythymic drive that made for one of the top 3 shows I’ve seen. I have seen every U.S. tour since MSG NYC ‘69.

To the songs - SMU hit like a howitzer, & immediately the distorted yet rich sound of the intertwiining guitars was stunning. Oh, guess what.? Mick is singing fantastically as was also evident on the Hackney Diamonds recording. At times in the past shows, he would just block out the vocals for a stadium, but now he shapes, he shades, he SINGS.

It kept getting better as the boys warmed up through GOFMYCL, LSPNT , when they launched a monstrous Angry , and then an emotional, perfect LKRST w/ Mick’s amazing harp solo and Kwith in singalong mode, I just about melted in sheer grateful amazment. You know thw show is going right when you see Keith smile on the screen. We were treated to two killer tunes from KR instead of just one. ‘Silver’ was a perfect example : warm feeling , beautiful. acoustic guitar sounds entwining both slide and regular, Keiths’ still capable voice guiding the song. And he cooked a righteous LT&A. And yet we still get a “real” GS, a truly savage , extended JJF , and the ‘ Diamonds ‘ SSOH . On both GS & SSOH, new female vocalist Chanel Haynes blew the musics’ top off like no one has since the heyday of Lisa Fischer.Haynes was an arousing singing lioness.

You know the end is there when Satisfaction launches; but we still got a truly kick ass version . After 60 years of super- fandom including a pricleless bootleg collection dating back to ‘63, I can only say that for those who think they are too rich to be relevant, you should’ve been here last night. With the principals at age 80, thry didn’t just come to play. They came to remind us that they are the Rolling ‘Fing Stones , and there will never , ever be another band like them ; almost very band ever stands in their shadow.

If 5/11/24 was my last, I will remain supremely grateful for this “take your breath away” show, and the literally thousands of hours of transcendent pleasure they have bestowed on myself and millions of others for an unbelievably long time . What more is there to say ? but God Bless the Rolling Stones.

Review by Alwyn Welch

This was the show when the 2024 Tour really hit the jackpot, but it was not due to a game of chance. Keith was on absolutely on top form; four new songs (new to this tour anyway); a rowdy crowd (to quote Mick) feeding energy to the band and vice versa; two songs from Keith and 19 songs in total. Fantastic!

For the second time in 3 years the Stones played the Allegiant stadium, in front of probably 60,000 people who had clearly come to rock. The Pit was packed tight; even the back of the GA was very busy. The sound, despite the difficulty of a stadium with hard walls and a roof, was excellent all over the floor. Access was easy; the staff at the stadium helpful and friendly. I met, and saw, lots of fans I knew or recognised, from all across the world. Vegas really is a place for people to fly into and out for shows, gambling, and any other activity you care to choose – so long as it stays here.

I think the Stones have played here 17 times since 1994. Mick told us that he and Keith had visited Vegas in 1964, staying at the Flamingo, with Mick losing at the tables. It must have been a real eye opener for young men from London who 2 years previously lived in the squalor of Edith Grove.

Vegas is a city of contrasts. Founded less than 60 years before the Stones were themselves founded; surrounded by mountains that keep it very dry. I could see snow still on the far mountain tops from my hotel, but you could sit outside all night in a t-shirt. Over 2 million people live here: over 40 million visited last year. You can go from the brashness, the 24-hour business, of the Casinos on the Strip to really nice neighbourhoods in the foothills. It’s a city running on maximum energy all the time.

Which is rather similar to last night’s Stones performance. From the opening riff of Start Me Up, through to YCAGWYW, the pace of the opening 8 songs was hard to follow. The continuing drum beat led into Get Off Of My Cloud – which features very loud singing-along from the crowd. Then the first new song for the tour: I saw a mike stand being brought out for Keith, and Mick asked Chuck to start the next song – Let’s Spend the Night Together.

Then it was Ronnie’s turn for backing vocals in Angry, which I think continues to grow in confidence and stature. Then another new 2024 song, for me a great surprise: to quote Mick, a song written for the band by a Nobel Laureate: Like A Rolling Stone. Keith and Mick sharing a mike for the chorus, and being joined by the crowd. Mick knows almost all the words: I didn’t see him check the auto-prompt once. It must be as big an anthem to him as to so many people.

The band was so energised that Keith then kicked-off song-vote winner You Got Me Rocking before Mick had a chance to announce it was the winner, or even for the video screens to show the list and the winner. Keith smiled and mouthed something like “sorry” and Mick grinned back. Mick apologised for missing the intro at the end of the song.

The closeness between these two friends was evident many times during the show. In fact the troika of Mick, Keith and Ronnie was on full display. Mick pushing Ronnie to do his solos (the slide on two songs really excellent); plenty of weaving between Keith and Ronnie – including some Ronnie improvisation on a couple of songs which caused Keith to grin in appreciation. No tensions here – they are enjoying this tour, which bodes well for all fans.

Mess it Up followed, another song settling into the setlist well: maybe too well as I’d like to hear more from Hackney Diamonds. But we did have 4 new songs (to the tour) at this show and there is a limit to how much even these seasoned troubadours can play around each night and maintain their incredibly high standard.

The mess-it-up theme continued into the start of Tumbling Dice. I think Mick came in off cue, and had to pause, using Bernard and Chanel’s vocals to get back in synch. Ronnie I also felt was a little off on the solo: Keith was perfect, as were the horns blasting through the guitars. Mick was suffering from some issues at this time, and needed water and frequent throat clearing. He asked why they did shows in the dry desert air. Whatever the cause, it soon seemed to disappear – this show was the first where all band members seemed on 100% form.

I was watching Chuck closely at this gig, having left my regular place in Keith’s side of the Pit for Ronnie’s: going to the dark side… well maybe not. Chuck rarely gets the chance at Stones shows to really show his full ability, but is a core part of the band and in Vegas seemed to be cueing more starts, changes, and stops. He seemed to have some issues with the equipment at one point, waving urgently to his keyboard tech: I heard nothing amiss.

At times there are three keyboards playing, and whilst Tim Ries (on YCAGWYW) gets plenty of attention (Ronnie and Keith pointing at looking at the Hammond and Tim) Matt Clifford gets less. He only gets one chance in the spotlight, with his French horn: at Vegas I heard more of his keyboard contribution which was nice.

Whilst on the band introductions it is worth saying that Darryl is, I think, playing more extended bass lines; stretching out within the constraints of the overall sound – and not just on Miss You. 30 years now of being a band member: almost half the Band’s life. Karl is a bit under-utilised now with no Brown Sugar, and shares solo duties with Tim on Miss You. They do need the twin sax work on several songs.

Steve Jordan played another great show. He provides a bit more drive than we were used to seeing; his movements more exaggerated than Mr Watt’s style. The effect is as good, perhaps leaning the band towards faster numbers? He has lots of interactions with Keith and Mick: great to watch how he fills the centre of the stage and the band. Offstage he manages to keep a low profile: now that’s a bit of an acquired skill.

Scanning back across the stage you come to Bernard. Lots of percussion from him. On Angry he is hammering out the beat on a drum pad, so hard a workout that he changed hands partway through the song. But also congas, and on what I think he told me is a guiro and well as other percussive instruments: all that work on his excellent Inside Out album now adding to the Stones live. He supports Mick almost transparently, with an intuition born out of 40 years of working together; and still finding time to help Chanel on a couple of occasions when she was looking for a cue.

Chanel, as many have said, is an inspired addition to this band. The audience reaction to her featured songs, Shelter and Sweet Sounds, is fantastic and well deserved.

For the first time this year Keith did two songs: normal service was resumed after he fully recovered from his start of tour illness. A delightful version of You Got The Silver, with a different solo from Ronnie. Then the re-energised Little T&A – Keith reverted to this historic, perhaps non-woke, name in Vegas.

The rest of the gig passes so quickly when one is lucky enough to see a few shows. Keith particularly strong on Sympathy, Shelter and JJF. Sweet Sounds of Heaven seems to be slightly different every night. The confidence the band has in themselves and this song to continually evolve an encore song! Astounding. Satisfaction completes a really great show.

Many people afterwards thought his show raised the performance bar up another notch for this tour, as the band settles-in; gains confidence; warms-up. There is no rehearsal that can substitute for a live performance and with approx. 20% of the tour under their belts the Stones are indeed warmed-up. As I’m writing this review the trucks are heading north to Seattle the 1,100 miles through the Rocky Mountains. Seattle is a city for more setlist expansion, and hopefully trying out more of HD.

Review by Matija Djuricic

Before the opening act we got a glimpse of music of one of the members. A video came on the stage screens, like a commercial or something and the soundtrack of the video was Ooh La La by Faces. Nice beginning of great evening.

One of the things that made the show unique was the feel I got from the band. It seemed like they really did their best, were focused and looked like they were trying to impress. On the other hand I noticed something completely opposite. There were few "slips" that weren't completely arranged beforehand, but they took it with a smile, again and again. For me the majority of the show felt like a rehearsal infront of a full stadium, very loose and relaxed. Brilliant. Mick please don't get angry with (me) whoever wasn't tight as you expect them to be or usually is. This few details made a show so special besides usual profesionalism we got and get from everyone. Mick had great lines while speaking to the audience. Don't know which was written and which he improvised. It was funnier that usual, at some points like a stand-up comedy show, lot of laughs by people near me in pit.

Other highlist I will remember this show by: During LSTNT on "every need" Keith did harmony in lower pitch, as I remember studio and other versions it's usually higher harmony, it sounded different, but nice touch. Keith started vote song YGMR before Mick announced to the audience that they were going to perform it. While Keith was doing the intro riff Mick gave him a WTF look, Keith just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, Mick smiled back. While Ronnie was playing his slide solo Mick leaned on his shoulder like taking a nap. TD Mick started singing a bit late and synchronized with instrumental part in few seconds.Great Ronnie's solo in YCAGWYW, Mick concluded part with audience interchanging Yeah, Yeah with S h i t yeah. Ronnie danced on the catwalk during his introduction and Mick commented he is stealing his moves. In part of GS Mick almost forgot his microphone. Mick and Keith laughed to each other during JJF. I hope I remembered those details correctly, overall I loved this show.

Review by Jordan Samata Chicago, IL

I would like to proudly start off by saying that Keith Richards is god. This night was his. My 38th show and definitely one of the top ones. Definitely the best show on the tour so far. For anyone out there who was complaining and doubting him, he just stuck it right in your ignorant face. I knew it all along that he was going to kick ass this tour, and it's not like he didn't during the prior 3 shows. So what he did 1 song for a few shows? So what he's not moving around as much? So what he's not entertaining you as much with stage antics? It's all about the music and quality of guitar playing. His playing is very disciplined and he is focusing on it by carefully watching the notes he plays more often. He wants to deliver and he does every time.

The man is not only back, he never left! You got the silver was great and I think it was the first acoustic song (for him) on the tour. I wish he would do more. Before the show I saw Pierre setting up his acoustic and I thought, You got the silver ? Are we getting two? His acoustic playing is special and subtle. Him and Ronnie were great. I sometimes wonder what it would sound like if Steve were using brushes on the song like Charlie.

The most special moment of the night hands down was when Pierre handed Keith his black 355 after you got the silver. All of us in the front of Pit B knew it right away and we lost our minds. "He's gonna do it!" I raised my arms high and had 2 fingers peace sign on both of my hands to acknowledge 2 songs, followed by multiple screams of "F*%K Yeah"

We all let him know our admiration for him at that moment, and he definitely acknowledged us, "I'm not done yet" With a chuckle. It was very emotional in that moment, and truly a pure joy. I'm here at Harry Reid writing this now and I'm tearing up trying to relive the moment. Strong men also cry!

Everything he did last night from the backing vocals, rhythms, and solos were all fantastic. I just absolutely love that guy, he really is the best.

Anyways, I'm just so blown away by last night. It was like watching old men acting like kids on stage. They were having so much fun.

Noticed Ronnie Ditched the Strat for the Les Paul on start me up. He proceeded to play it for the first 3 songs. I don't think he does that much. He really trusted that axe to stay in tune. That guitar is gorgeous and sounds great. Noticed he had a new black Les Paul on Angry, he said Slash gave it to him. Pretty sweet! My next show I'm going to make a point of checking out his backing vocals. Keith also had a smokin solo on angry.

We got two harmonica songs from Mick tonight and I'm very happy about that. Still hoping for Rambler at least once.

I had a feeling Keith was going to start you got me rocking early before Mick's song vote shtick, Mick was a little upset by it and looked at Keith for a while. Their exchange was priceless. For a split second there, Keith thought about stopping the song then shook his head at Mick and smiled. I interpreted that look as "Hell no brother, this is my band" I absolutely loved that moment.

Mick missed the beginning of tumbling dice a bit, and was searching for the right lyrics, switching about a bit. After 20 seconds he was locked in. What a true professional he is. Almost on the verge of collapse and he got it right back, that's why he's the best front-man ever.

Mess it up was really good tonight. Mick works very hard directing the band through the changes and it pays off.

There was a very whiskey drunk guy next to me, him and I were cool, but he made himself quite a lot of enemies in the pit. He came and went before and during the show 3-4 times. Every time it got worse pushing his way back deep to the front. When I saw people pushing and yelling at him , I just got wide eyed and cringed, but hey at least he gave me a few nips off his whiskey!

Mick's commentary was very great tonight. He mentioned the first time he and Keith visited Vegas they stayed at the flamingo (me too). He then mentioned losing a lot of money at the Flamingo last night and unfortunately, so did I.... Someone here isn't telling the truth! He made me feel better about my "nasty habits", and never have I been so honored to lose that much money!!! I also really liked how he said he loves Carlos Santana.

He acknowledged us as the best audience yet. Another cool line was "put your phones down for a little bit and sing with us" for YCAGWYW. He's now playing a beautiful blonde hummingbird for that song. An absolute beauty, when the lights were hitting it you saw every finish crack on it. Loved it. I'm a guitar geek.

Keith now back to playing the Les Paul Jr for gimme shelter. The 355 is great, but P90s are best for that song. The tremolo on that intro is so sinister, it's incredible. Those tweed fender twins are outta this world. During the last song He took a stroll to the other side of the stage.

I liked the opener, but liked the singer even more, for obvious reasons. She has the same birthday as Mick. They were a decent enough band, but you wonder where'd they be without a hot babe fronting. I get now why people were showing me Grinch pics at the show. I was like wtf is this all about?

The announcements pre show were extremely loud, probably twice, maybe three times as loud as the band. It was beyond obnoxious! We get it AARP you're a sponsor and want to be heard. However, they're going to lose money on all the 50+ people who realize they need hearing aids Monday morning.

I believe Lady Gaga was in town, there was a lot of speculation that she'd make an appearance on sweet sounds. Let's just say I'm more than pleased with our outcome. Chanel is a much better singer. Her poise in confidence onstage is amazing. I might even ask her to marry me. If she declines, then I'll ask Taylor Momsen. I'll have a wife and settle down by the end of the tour, I promise!

I think they are dead set on angry and sweet sounds every night. Sure they are singles, but there's much more and that album that needs play. I'm hoping to hear every new song they play in my remaining 10 shows. Let's see what happens!

Other than that, the show was amazing and so much fun. I'm beyond excited for the rest of the ride. This one is really going to be special. Catch ya later down the trail!

Review by Art Lewis

The Rolling Stones on Saturday Night in Las Vegas What more needs to be said? Great show musically and visually! Some friends have said they thought this show was the best so far.

Mick mentioned from the stage having visited Las Vegas and the Flamingo casino in 1964. Mick introducing Ronnie called him the Rembrandt of Roulette. Nevada used to be one of the only states that casino gambling and betting on sports was legal in the United States. Nevada has lost that advantage over time with now widespread casino and sports betting legalized in many states. Las Vegas has now made itself into the Entertainment Capital of the World and now Sports Capital of the World. The recently constructed Las Vegas stadium which just months ago hosted the Super Bowl is the 2nd most expensive stadium in the world, approaching a cost of $2 Billion USD.

Mick mentioned there is always a lot going on in Vegas specifically naming Donny Osmond, Carlos Santana and Justin Timberlake shows all happening the same night in Las Vegas. With the Justin Timberlake show being an arena show within walking distance. This show was the 2nd time the band has played this stadium with the November 6, 2021 show being the band's highest grossing show ever. Did they break the gross record? probably but tickets were still accessible for around $70 usd.

Review by Fred Michmershuizen

A lot of the fun of traveling to a Rolling Stones show from out of town is running into fellow concertgoers who are also from out of town. My friend Craig and I both flew in to Las Vegas from the East Coast on Friday night, me from New York City, and him from Washington, DC. We spent the day Saturday checking out the strip. We stayed at Mandalay Bay, and we walked from there to Luxor, Excalibiur, New York, New York, MGM Grand, Paris, and Caesars Palace. All along the way when we weren’t playing the slots we saw many, and I mean a great very many, people wearing Stones tee shirts. Most of the wearers were Baby Boomer age. But some had children or even grandchildren in tow. We usually nodded to one another or said hi and sometimes we chatted each other up about where we’re from. People were in Vegas from all over the country and even from overseas. In an elevator we ran into a couple from Australia who were going to Seattle next to catch the show there.

Craig and I went for an early dinner but found that most of the places already had long waits! (Note to anyone traveling from out of town for a show: If you plan to have dinner beforehand anywhere near the venue, be sure to go plenty early, because every restaurant in the vicinity is sure to be packed!) We kept looking and found a pizza place, where we were among many fellow diners also in town to see the Stones. Two in particular caught my eye. It was a man who looked to be in his late 50s with a younger man who was obviously his son. Both were wearing Stones tees and big smiles. They were absolutely glowing. They were talking to each other the whole time, not on their phones, and they were clearly enjoying each other’s company and experiencing this event together.

Getting to and from Allegiant Stadium for the concert was a breeze. We simply walked across the bridge, which the local cops had closed to vehicular traffic, from Mandalay Bay. There were lots of people coming in, but the lines moved quickly and things went efficiently. I guess Vegas is accustomed to large events like this. This is the same stadium where the most recent Super Bowl was played! On the way over the bridge, the late afternoon desert sun was blazing. Several water stations were set up along the way. Once we were on site, the biggest crowds were the lines for merch. I would have bought a tee to add to my collection, but the lines were too long!

It was my 18th Stones show and Craig’s first. In the song vote, I chose All Down the Line and Craig wanted — and got —You Got Me Rocking. (The other two songs up for vote this night were Sad Sad Sad and Live With Me.) Craig also wanted — and got — Sympathy for the Devil and Honky Tonk Women, and he also wanted — but did not get — something from the Steel Wheels album. He predicted, correctly, that Start Me Up would be the first song.

Our seats were in the 300 level, Row A. I chose those seats because I wanted to be in the front row of a section. I could have easily stood and danced and moved and grooved through the entire show, but it’s scary up so high! Both Craig and I were a little bit afraid of the heights, and we chose to stay in our seats for most of the show, not only out of fear of falling but also because we did not want to block the view of anyone behind us who might also be sitting.

We chatted up the folks on each side of us, of course. The gentleman to my left said he had been to see many Stones concerts over the years starting in 1972. He said he still remembers when the song Satisfaction came out when he was 16! To Craig’s right was a couple from Vegas. Her name was Angie! It was her first Stones show, and she definitely wanted them to perform “my song” but sadly it was not in the cards this evening.

The Las Vegas show did offer a few surprises. Two songs, Let’s Spend the Night Together and Like a Rolling Stone, made their 2024 tour debuts. The next surprise was Keith doing TWO songs at this show after only performing one on the first three shows of this tour. He started with You Got the Silver followed by Little T&A, also known as She’s My Little Rock ’n’ Roll. Keith was in fine form. Craig remarked to me after the show that he looks so happy playing music.

They did Angry and Mess It Up from the new album, the latter of which sounded a bit messy but that’s totally OK with me. I wish they would add Bite My Head Off from the new album to the set. I was sure that would be the new You Got Me Rocking, and I am flabbergasted that they are not performing that yet! The only song that did not sound all that great, in my view, was Get Off My Cloud. But Miss You and Paint It Black were both flawless. And Jumping Jack Flash never sounded better.

Mick’s stage banter included asking where everybody was from, and he also said that he and Keith came to Vegas for the first time in 1964, not to perform but to gamble. He said they stayed at the Flamingo and that he lost lots of money but tonight he was going to try to win it back.

Mick played harmonica on Miss You and on Like a Rolling Stone and, and he played guitar on several other songs including You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

For me one of the highlights of the show was Gimme Shelter, with Chanel Haynes. Chanel was fantastic, offering not only astounding vocals but facial expressions and physical gestures that were so very powerful. She put her whole body, voice, and soul into the song. Chanel returned for Sweet Sounds of Heaven, the first of two encore songs. The lyric “Let the old still believe that they’re young” moves me greatly. Yes, the Stones are older than the rocks in the Grand Canyon, but they are indeed young. In my view, this tour is a triumph, especially because they are promoting a new album, Hackney Diamonds, and a solid effort at that. Even more impressive, is that they recorded most of it this very year. I can’t wait for the follow up to Hackney Diamonds. Meanwhile, as long as the Stones are still touring, I will be there and wearing a lips and tongue tee to boot. I’m going to FOUR more shows this tour alone!

The opening band was The Pretty Reckless, featuring a female singer. I thought the band was fantastic, and she was charming. It must be difficult to open for the Stones, especially if you are a band that most audience members are not familiar with. I thought they did a nice, respectable set. I *always* attend the opening set. After all, if the Stones have invited a band to play on the bill with them, I am going to give that band some respect.

Before the show started, I told Craig that I was not going to take my phone out too much because there would be lots of pictures and videos posted to social media, as there always are, and sure enough, there were indeed. There was one post in particular that really made my day! Remember the father-son duo from the pizza place? They posted selfies from the show and, get this, it turns out they had Lucky Dip tickets and got Pit!

What a night, what a show.

See you at MetLife!

Review by W. Adam Puff

I was at a bar in Mandelay Bay, chatting with a fellow Stones fan who called himself “Gramps.” Gramps was 83, walked with a cane, and saw the first of “20 or so” Stones shows in 1965. We were wearing the same Stones, Hackney Diamonds Tour t-shirts, getting loose before the big show. “You think this will be the last time?” Gramps asked.

“I’d doubt it knowing them,” I said, “but how much can we reasonably expect from these guys at this point?” It appeared most in attendance were repeat offenders, many wearing shirts bought from shows and tours past. More than a few longtime fans, like Gramps, now walked with canes, walkers, and wheelchairs (oh my), sharing the experience with some 3 or 4 generations of family and friends. There’s not much that different generations see the same way but most could agree on one thing: The Stones were damn good, for any age.

Opening with Start Me Up and Get Off My Cloud, Vegas welcomed the show with great energy, “a rowdy crowd” as Mick said. The Stones have had a variety of incarnations. There’s the original 60’s lineup, the golden era from Beggars to Exile, Ronnie’s entrance leading into the 80’s, Bill Wyman’s exit and Daryl Jones’ entrance into the 90’s and 2000’s. The Steve Jordan era is now into its third tour, and it’s clear the rhythm section approaches the classic material much differently than Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman once did. The way the Stones play their war-horses now is where the biggest changes are felt and heard. Charlie did not play songs anything like the records live. Often powered by a Ufip China crash cymbal, Charlie’s attack made the classics vastly different animals in concert, fueled by the energy of more bombast and faster tempos. With Jordan, the Stones have seemingly gone back to the future, playing the songs far closer to their original arrangements and tempos.

In addition, it’s Steve Jordan and Daryl Jones-- not Keef--who have taken a bigger role in moving the show forward, starting Get Off My Cloud, Angry, and Mess It Up without an intro riff leading the way.

It’s a remarkable thing when a band can both sound different, yet more like themselves after 60+ years, but they’ve done it. At the tour’s start, Keith was in noticeably poor form. The legend of Keith can’t be told without the tall tales of his hard living. Had the past demons finally caught up? Was it possible for Keith to continue any longer?

Thankfully, the Vegas show appeared to be a turning point to better days ahead. Keith returned to his usual two song, mid-show set. Keef hasn’t yet performed the Hackney D standout “Tell Me Straight,” likely a disappointment for many who expressed a desire to hear the song while chatting in the long merch and entry gate lines. How many fans of legacy acts hunger for the new stuff?

Still, Vegas received ‘You Got the Silver’ and ‘Little T&A.’ While appearing in better health, Keith has noticeably slowed. The riffs, the attack are more labored, some flubbed. He stays mostly in his space now and does not work the stage anywhere close to how he used to. As our beloved pirate looks at 80, he smiles as he rides the momentum of the rhythm section rather than being the force-of-nature riffmaster band leader from days of old.

The dynamic between Keith and Mick appears healthier now. Where Mick and Keith avoided each other before, since Charlie’s passing, there appears to be less ice between them, and one hopes more appreciation for the miracle they’ve nurtured for decades. Even when Keith started You Got Me Rocking before Mick could announce it was the “crowd vote” song, they both had a laugh over it, Keith smiling and saying “I’m sorry,” Mick laughing and taking it all in stride.

There’s always a f**k up or two during a Stones show. The Stones are always a kiss away from flying off the tracks, loose and dangerous on the world’s biggest stages. Sure, Mick’s entrance into Tumbling Dice fell off, Keith’s riff to You Got Me Rocking missed. There were clams here and there. It’s all a part of the charm of it all, a salute to realness in an offbeat sort of way.

Sympathy For The Devil and Honky Tonk Woman opened the second half, the crowd grooving along to the classics. It must be said—new vocalist Chanel Haynes is stunning. She flows to her spots on stage with a mix of swagger and drama. Her delivery on Gimme Shelter is powerful, belting out the line “Rape! Murder!” with striking intensity. As the band is performing the songs closer to the record versions, Haynes’ vocal closely mirrored the original by Mary Clayton, while making her own presence felt. It will take some more shows for her to vibe with Mick as the great Lisa Fischer once did, but she makes her presence felt. Whether it’s a set opener or closer, the opening riff to Jumpin Jack Flash is weapons grade explosive. Age has changed things, but there’s never a time where that riff won’t flat kick some ass.

Sweet Sounds of Heaven, like Angry, is another great new addition to the Stones’ catalog. It’s a joy to see the new tracks work well and stand with the classics on a high level. Vegas got a leaner version of Sweet Sounds, which cut the extended ending. This was a smart choice.

There are certain songs that must be seen and heard live to genuinely be experienced. U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name, Aerosmith’s Dream On, Springsteen’s Born To Run, and the Stones epic trademark closer Satisfaction. Many forgot they needed their canes or walkers shaking and moving in ways they haven’t since the Carter administration. The song’s power is impossible not to react to. No ass was near its seat. The great irony of the song—everyone left satisfied. When the last time will be? Who can say? Still, for a while, we had the best time, which was all that counts in the end.



Official set list of the show tonight in Las Vegas

Photo by Bjørnulf Vik

Photo by Bjørnulf Vik

Photo by Bjørnulf Vik

Photo by Bjørnulf Vik

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