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Tell Me
Band 2
Tim Ries

The Rolling Stones
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Cleveland OH USA
Saturday June 15, 2024

The Rolling Stones live at Cleveland Browns Stadium - Cleveland OH USA - June 15, 2024 - Photo by Jim Pietryga

The set list

  1. Start Me Up
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Let's Spend The Night Together
  4. Angry
  5. Heartbreaker (Vote song)
  6. Monkey Man
  7. Whole Wide World
  8. Tumbling Dice
  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want
    --- Band introductions
  10. Tell Me Straight (Keith)
  11. Little T&A (Keith)
  12. Happy (Keith)
  13. Sympathy For The Devil
  14. Honky Tonk Women
  15. Miss You
  16. Gimme Shelter
  17. Paint It Black
  18. Jumping Jack Flash
    --- Band off stage
  19. Satisfaction

Live pre/post show comments:

Cleveland OH USA show live updates - Saturday June 15, 2024 - The Rolling Stones Hackney Diamonds Tour

Review by Matt Shields

I’ll get my gripe out of the way first: Pit was way oversold. People were cool where I was which made it easier, but I told a friend after the show I might be done with Pit if I hit any more shows.

Getting into the venue was interesting, but certainly not the worst venue experience I’ve had. I didn’t think or stress about it too much, got there in plenty of time, and just rolled with it and before I knew it I was in and all was good.. Except the Pit was oversold (did I mention that?)

On to the show. Great. Guitars were chunky and crisp. Keith was sharp again (last show I saw was Atlanta and I thought he was sharp there too). Mick was having a blast and cracked me up more than once. Was hoping for a song I’d yet to hear live and got it with Heartbreaker, though I think they dropped a verse (not sure, will have to check the videos on YouTube). Personally I love hearing Midnight Rambler as often as possible, but Miss You went over very well. Mick’s falsetto was in fine form and like I mentioned he really was having a blast tonight on every song.

Really wanted them to play another song during the encore, it didn’t have to be Sweet Sounds Of Heaven, just anything to keep the music flowing and the groove going. Satisfaction was a good one though, Mick got playful with it almost rolling around on the floor (did I mention how much fun he was having?)

As for Cleveland it was my second visit to the city and I enjoyed it. Breakfast at Slymans with their thin-sliced corned beef. Enjoyed walking the streets, got great espresso at Phoenix coffee, picked up some food for the long drive back to Alabama tomorrow at Heinen’s grocery store (it’s in an old bank and has a decent wine and beer selection on the second floor), and my favorite place I visited? The public library downtown. Best one I’ve been to (and I love libraries). 100 years old, multi level, with some great displays including an amazing dried flower installation (yes, I said dried flower installation, check it out, it’s cool.) And a good staff.

To wrap up, thank you Cleveland, enjoyed it, saw a couple good friends I’ve met at Stones shows over the years, heard Heartbreaker, Mick cracked me up all night, and the music was mighty mighty fine.

Review by Alwyn Welch

The Stones first visited Cleveland in November 1964, almost 60 years ago, and this year’s concert was their 10th in the city – and 18th in Ohio. But, as Mick commented, it’s been 22 years since the last visit of the Stones touring caravan. Only 6 of the songs played then appeared on this year’s setlist of 19 songs. We had nothing “new for this tour” which disappoints those lucky enough to see multiple shows, but of course means nothing to the vast majority of the audience in any city.

Early in the 20th century Cleveland was the 6th largest city in the country. It was a major manufacturing base (we passed a Ford engine plant on the outskirts of town), using its inland port links to the Atlantic Ocean and Ohio Rivers – the latter dating back nearly 200 years. It was so industrialised, and pollution-generating, that the local river caught fire 13 times. The last occasion in 1969 prompting a major environmental clean-up. Healthcare is now by far the biggest local employer – but they were not needed for the band who were again in rude health last night.

This year, so far, the weather has been kind to the Stones and their fans alike. Show day was sunny, blue skies, a nice breeze and dry with a high of 25C (77F). It cooled nicely in the evening such that the band members kept moving around or retained clothing layers and some fans wore jackets on the way home. With over 47,000 fans in the Brown’s stadium, some even buying tickets at the box office well after the Stones came on stage, warmth was not an issue for most during another energetic show.

The stadium itself sits on the shore of Lake Erie – next stop north is Canada! Many people walked from the downtown area, and the concourses were very busy at times. The structure seemed to help the sound. For example during Monkey Man (yes, played for the third time this year) I could hear all instruments with high clarity. There was a bit of an echo off of the rear after abrupt music stops, but for most fans a great experience.

What wasn’t quite so good was that the video screen behind the band seemed to be out of sync with the sound. This may be an attempt to provide sound/vision sync for fans much further back, but for the front half of the stadium it was enough to be disconcerting. As the sound must take over one third of a second to travel from the huge hanging speaker stacks to the far, highest, reaches of the stands then it can never be perfect. But that delay may have been too much.

This was a show where all three of the band principals were on top form. I thought Ronnie played his best of the tour so far, excellent solos with only a couple of off-key notes. Despite plenty of leaping around and the odd playful push from Mick, Ronnie really nailed it time and time again. Keith and Mick showed their appreciation (and admiration) on several occasions.

Keith also had another excellent show, perfectly playing the complex riffs in Monkey Man and driving the riff-heavy songs perfectly. His solos, stylishly different from Ronnie’s, also fitted the bill very well again. For the third time we had the pleasure of him singing three songs from across the years: 2023, 1981 and 1972. He also sang plenty of backing vocals, including close-up with Mick on third song Lets Spend The Night Together.

Those three Keith songs, and a continued absence of Sweet Sounds of Heaven, makes me wonder whether Mick is still protecting him voice. There was a noticeable sigh of sadness in the crowd around me when it became clear that we were only getting Satisfaction as an encore. That said, Mick was moving all over the stage, singing strongly and rarely signalling for extra vocal support from the dynamic duo of Bernard and Chanel. He appeared to be 40 years younger, or more, for the whole show.

Mick did miss the vocal introduction for IORR (I think Keith played a lightly shorter Chuck Berry style lick) and looked askance across the stage as he quickly recovered. There was also a slight stumbling of words in Sympathy when he started singing a verse whilst there were a couple of bars of the instrumental chorus remaining: on this occasion the musicians behind him quickly caught up with Mick. Hardly noticeable to most people I’m sure. Such pros on-stage!

Whole Wide World returned to the setlist and sounded just great. All these Hackney Diamonds songs have established themselves in a live sense, and the audience seems to react very well. I assume CD, LP, streaming and download sales have responded accordingly. I’d just like them to try more than 5 on this tour, as would many fans. There was a good balance of older and newer at this gig to be fair, and the pace of the show is unrelenting. But…

The excellent sound allowed me to hear more of Chuck’s keyboards. Sometimes it’s a bit too far down in the mix to really appreciate his contribution: Cleveland was an opportunity to recognise just how well he covers the parts originally played by several people on the studio records, including of course Chuck himself. I could also hear Matt Clifford’s keyboard more, which at times fills in melodies that are an essential part of the mix, but not too prominent. He won’t have been too pleased with the start of his French Horn intro to YCAGWYW, but it’s not easy to pick up another instrument cold and lead off like that.

With Heartbreaker (song vote winner, played very well indeed) and Miss You (no Rambler tonight) we heard plenty of horns. Apart from the shared solo in Miss You, the horns don’t get much solo action with this setlist. Tim gets the opportunity to play the Hammond on YCAGWYW (hands shown close-up on the video screen) and in a very nice touch Mick mentioned in the band intro that Tim’s sisters were at the show. Mick’s intro of Karl was more focused than at previous shows this year.

The rhythm section again excelled. Steve’s drumming seems to be evolving through this tour to be a bit more of him and a bit less of Charlie, and he provides cues for many song starts, endings, and section changes. He is really driving the faster numbers whilst complementing the slower ones like a jazz great. His choice of shoes, bright green, attracted Mick comments when he was introduced. They matched (fairly well) the colour of one of Mick’s jackets and one of Keith’s shirts. Not quite Sherwood Green but certainly a merry band of men.

Darryl is also extending his bass lines, and not just in the Miss You solo. He plays the basic pattern, but is adding more and more incidental notes which adds nicely without being a distraction. He looked rather worried as Mick teased him during Miss You: no chest bump which he was probably expecting, but some words like “no kissing” which was clearly unexpected. The band was having fun in Cleveland.

So this was another very high quality show, with an enthusiastic audience that seemed to encourage the band to play at their best. The setlist could have been a bit more adventurous and I fear now that there will be no more new songs from Hackney Diamonds: maybe they are holding back for the big music cities of Chicago and LA? On reflection New Jersey two remains the highpoint so far. In good news for fans across this Nation, there have been no obvious low points.

We now leave the East Coast behind and head to Denver. As we leave, Cleveland is about to experience an extreme heat event. In Denver and then Chicago we risk seeing more weather extremes. The mile-high altitude and extreme dryness in Denver will be a challenge to everyone on stage which may explain the 4-day gap – or that might be to allow the many red-cabbed trucks to cross the Plains. Onwards and upwards, in more sense than one.

Review by Dave Kohl

From the moment Keith screwed up the beginning of Start Me Up I could tell that the band's on stage on it's one of those nights!

The packed house in Cleveland got a nearly 2 hour performance with mostly the hits of the past 60 years, but the group was performing them at such a high level it didn't matter what they played. Ronnie was in especially great form and continues to walk around more of the stage and ramps than it seems he has on past tours, while Keith continues to appear confined to a small area and rarely ventures on to the walkway. Keith was seated for the opening licks of Gimme Shelter. But as long as he continues to play at the level he has been, I'm fine with having him on stage.

Heartbreaker was performed (as the song chosen to act as vote winner) as though they have been playing it every night and the sudden ending came off without a hitch. Monkey Man (for 2nd straight show) was a pleasant surprised and continues to be performed better than it has during the times they performed it on recent tours.

Whole Wide World sounded even better, as if they gave it even more energy as it continues to be played during alternating shows. By then, they were sounding so great that I considered Tumbling Dice to be one of the highlights of the evening, and it has been many years and tours since I last said that.

Keith performed an excellent set with all 3 songs. I'm loving how he and Ronnie weave guitars during Tell Me Straight and am glad it is sticking in the set list. Little T & A is a major favorite Keith song, and I was happy that this version maintained its pep and didn't drag. Because my previous in-person show was Orlando, this was my first time ever (81st show) seeing Keith perform 3 songs. This will go down as one of my favorite Keith sets for both song selection and quality of performance.

After Honky Tonk Woman, I'll admit I was hoping for Rambler. (It seems that parts of Rambler AND Miss You were heard from the soundcheck, leaving doubt until Mick was handed his guitar.) However, as only the Stones can do, I quickly forgot my initial disappointment once Miss You got rolling! It was charged up, funky, and everyone was in to it. My reaction is that this was best live version I have seen or heard of Miss You since the 1981 tour. A major highlight of the show, right up there with Gimme Shelter, which followed immediately. Well, almost immediately. Looks like Mick realized he forgot to talk about the Stones' history in Cleveland earlier in the show (when he typically does), so I talked it up before Keith practically cut him off to roll Gimme Shelter. As has been the case this tour, GS is the highlight of the show. I'm hooked on how Chanel Haynes has added to the track!

The Cleveland crowd was enthusiastic throughout, and, as much as some of us don't like so many hits in the set list, it was clear how Mick likes it when the crowd knows the song and is engaged.

Just a great night - once the show started.

Getting in was a different story, however. 22 years to prepare for the Stones and it was a mess early. The phone ticket scanners were not working properly at 6:00 and they held up the line. Minutes later, they claimed the scanners were fixed, and some people got in while others didn't. We were FIRST in line to get in, and it was 6:22 when I was able to raise my arms it triumph of being in for another Stones concert! Later on, people inside were standing on upper ramps watching the crowd back up across the street trying to finally get in. We heard about other struggles such as being sent to other sections for wristbands and problems getting to floor locations. Also, I thought that the opening act, Ghost Hounds, did a really good performance with new members, including a different lead singer, from when they opened for the Stones in 2021.

Review by Ian in Canada

Gotta say, that those who were lucky enough to catch the Stones last night in Cleveland were gifted with not just a beautiful night for a concert, but for witnessing in my opinion the very best Rolling Stones concert I have ever seen. Show #36 for me over the years.

I’ve not always curried favour to them, and often slagged them because of sloppiness or laziness or ego driven capitalism. But IF Mick Jagger ever reads this, I hope he knows that his voice never sounded better, with his dynamic range, eclectic styles and idiomatic phrases. “‘’elllloo Cleeeeeeveland!!” haha Mick was hilarious!!

Keith was spot on. Despite missing the solo in “Angry” Keith is forgiven. He gave us some of the grittiest riffs we ever heard last night. And all credit is due to Ronnie Wood for being so entertaining and playing so LOUD!! He played some of the dirtiest licks you couldn’t even touch him. He was elevated!! The crowd was in love with him!!!!! (cool purple shirt too with “Goats Head Soup” !!] haha

Back up band was tight and on-form. Darryl’s frenetic baselines, the horns really captured the lower register of songs, growling and gravelling up the scale. Chuck was mint as per. And of course Chanel was wonderful. She needs a bit more stage time. Perhaps one more song, if not for Sweet Sounds, then why not even “Monkey Man” ? (asking for a friend]

Highlights: “MISS YOU’. Personally never been a fan of it, but it really works perfectly as the alternatiive to Midnight Rambler. (a personal favourite]. We may not’ve got Rambler, but we got a greasy version of “Monkey Man” in lieu of. Fabulously creepy, dark and forboding.

The coda for Tumbling Dice seemed to linger on so wonderfully long.. ... No one had the guts to end it. Haha

Funny note, when Keith was about to start “Happy”, this obnoxiously loud, low flying propeller aeroplane flew by, halting his playing, he looked up gesturing “It only took me 22 years to get back to Cleveland and now a f**king plane!?!!” hilarious moment.

The only criticism that I have is that the tickets are too expensive, so we sat in the 5OO level nose bleeds. (even had to take an escorted elevator up we were so "“high”" lol ].

A solid 1O out of 1O. Their iconic presence, production design, and spectacular sound quality was par excellence. Of the the highest quality money can buy! Crystal clear sound system. Kudos to the sound team.

Folks, please… get tickets!! Do NOT miss the chance to see them. They really played with the audience’s emotions and took us on a remarkable cultural journey. Wow!

We’re looking forward to Chicago next week!! Thank you everyone in the Forest City! Beautiful people!!!

Cleveland Show wristband nightmare - by Suzanne Strok

This was terrible, unsafe and a fire hazard. We never did get our wrists bands!!!

We had to watch the show from the entrance halls to the gates. We are avid Rolling Stones fans and have seen over 60 shows. We have NEVER experienced such a disaster. Due to this disaster we missed the beginning of the Stones show and the whole opening act.

We have floor tickets to Chicago 1, Santa Clara and we are taking our whole family. The amount of time and money we save; to see our favorite band is something we prepare for, when the tours are rumored . The venue should not be putting our lives at risk; to patron the incredible Rolling Stones!

What we went through makes us question our safety at the remaining shows. In the 43 years we have been going to Rolling Stones concerts , we have never experienced such disregard and disrespect for the safety of the fans. I’m sure Cleveland Browns football fans never experienced what the Rolling Stones fans went through at the concert. We should be reimbursed for our floor tickets.

Review by Art Lewis

Great show musically and visually! with 3 Keith songs!!

What really made this show interesting was a Saturday Night show in a city they had not played for 22 years that is known as the birthplace of Rock 'n' Roll. From the historical marker outside the rock and roll hall of fame. "Radio station disc jockey Alan Freed used the term rock and roll to describe uptempo black rhythm and blues records he played beginning in 1951 he named a new genre of music. The popularity of his radio show led to the first rock concert on March 21, 1952. Freed moved to New York City in 1954 and continued to promote rock music through radio, television and live performances." The Cleveland airport also has an airside exhibit explaining the history of the city with a large photo of Keith and Ronnie.

The Rock and Roll hall of fame which is located right near the stadium was promoting Rolling Stones Weekend with a free performance from a School of Rock cover band before the show on their outdoor plaza from 3-5pm. The Stones sound check was scheduled from 5-6pm so it was easy to walk over and hear Heartbreaker, Monkey Man and Whole Wide World from the outdoor stadium on a warm summer night. Luckily having pit tickets for this show upon reaching the gates I realized something was a little off from other cities in that the staff told me to enter any gate. Quickly looking online at the stadium's website I found the wristband pickup location. Sadly all floor ticket holders were directed to a folding table with four staff members quickly being overrun with a large line of people grabbing for wristbands. Not sure how the stadium staff made that planning mistake.

Mick did mention from the stage the first show in Cleveland in 1964 that was pretty empty but rowdy with tickets priced at $2.75. A very memorable Saturday night!

Review by N. Cheechoo from Innisfil On

This was my second trip ever to Cleveland. Both times it's been for the Stones, however the first trip was to see the Stones 50th Anniversary Exhibit at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. As good as that was, this trip was much bigger. There was an excited buzz in the air on Saturday afternoon as Stones fans took over the downtown streets. Stones T shirts everywhere. Many smiles of acknowledgement and greetings between total strangers on the street all sharing one common passion. In a few hours we were once again going to see the greatest Rock & Roll Band in the world.

I've always said there's just nothing like the energy of a Stones show day. For me this was even more special as it's my first show in 5 years. Enjoyed a few hours outside the stadium picking up some merchandise before the show and visiting the Rock Hall. It seems many thousands of others had a similar plan as the Hall was very busy but that was expected. We returned after a few hours of rest at the hotel and perhaps a cold beverage or two. The weather was outstanding. Couldn't ask for better.

The excitement was at full peak as my longtime Stones companion Rob and I took our seats lower bowl beside the stage. Even though I've said in the past I could do without SMU as the first song and quite frankly I'd be happy if it didn't make the setlist, but tonight I put those thoughts aside. I was just so thrilled to see the boys that I cheered and sang along like it was my favourite song!!

IORR - I knew this would be in tonight. You can't play a concert next door to the Rock Hall and not include this classic. Another great version. The guitars were loud and raunchy. Just the way we like them.

I didn't think we'd get Let's Spend the Night Together as they'd played it the two previous shows however much to my delight and the delight of my friend Dave who counts this as one of his Stones favourites, it made the set for the third straight show.

There seemed to be a bit of a guitar snafu on Angry but hey that's part of the whole deal when you go to a Stones show! If I wanted to hear the album version I could have just stayed home and played the album. Great song though.

Song vote winner Heartbreaker. I figured this song would win but it was still a thrill to see we were going to hear it. I've never seen this one performed live before at any of the shows I've attended over the years so I was pumped. Great version. That excitement would continue as Chuck played the opening notes of Monkey Man!!! Now we're blown away!! Another first for me. A definite highlight especially with these two rare gems back to back.

I wasn't sure if we'd get Mess it up or Whole Wide World. I like WWW a little better so I was happy with that. It's nice to hear the new ones played... I guess. I won't go over every song here but I gotta say I did love this version of Little T& A. I thought the guitar work was mean and loud. Loved it.

Sympathy is a highlight everytime. I thought it sounded slightly different without Charlie there but not in anyway a knock against Steve Jordan.

The homestretch of classics. I wished for Midnight Rambler. I guess Miss You is crowd sing along favourite but I'd rather forego the singing and take in the event within the event that Midnight Rambler can be. I guess that was my only beef if there was one.

Gimme Shelter is (arguably) the greatest song in the Stones catalogue if your asking me. I loved this song when Lisa was singing on it. I thought Sasha also did a fine job for a few tours but Chanel Haynes has taken this song to another level to take nothing away from the aforementioned talented ladies.

The end was coming JJF which I've said before is the perfect opener but the flip side of that is it's also the perfect closer so that's what we got. I just took it all in. The opening riff from the riff master nearly knocked my friend Rob back into his seat much like it did when we saw Keith hit that riff back in 2005 at the Phoenix Club show in Toronto. That was a full on collapse. I had to pick him up off the floor.

Then came the end and truly there was Satisfaction. I loved it. 60 thousand of us agreed with that sentiment.

I don't know if I'll see this beloved band again. I'd like to get one more show in on this tour but as of right now there are no solid plans.

Cleveland was an awesome show. Sometimes you can get what you want. I did this past Saturday night and I'm not ashamed to say, it made a grown man cry. I doubt I was the only one.



Photo by Jim Pietryga

Photo by Jim Pietryga

Photo by Jim Pietryga

Photo by Jim Pietryga

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Photo by Geir Greni

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Photo by Art Lewis

Photo by Art Lewis

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