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Paris rehearsals Feb. 2014

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The rehearsals for the upcoming Rolling Stones "14 on Fire" tour of Asia & The Pacific are done in Paris. These pages will keep you updated with rehearsals informations, and will be updated often. If you have reports or comments please send email to [email protected].

Important! Please DO NOT read on if you want the soon to come shows to be a complete surprise. The songs they are rehearsing will probably end up in the set list of some of the shows, if not every show...

Day 1 - Monday Feb 3
Day 2 - Tuesday Feb 4
Day 3 - Wednesday Feb 5
Day 4 - Thursday Feb 6
Day 5 - Friday Feb 7
Day 6 - Monday Feb 10
Day 7 - Tuesday Feb 11
Day 8 - Wednesday Feb 12
Day 9 - Thursday Feb 13
Day 10 - Friday Feb 14

For more reporting, pictures and comments from the Paris rehearsals see also

Thanks to everyone who helped in with details about songs rehearsed. Special thanks to Michel for support with the song lists!

All comments by Bjornulf Vik unless otherwise noted.

Monday February 3

First day of the rehearsals in Paris. Just the core band of Mick, Keith, Ronnie, Charlie, Chuck and Darryl present.

Tuesday February 4

Wednesday February 5

Thursday February 6

Friday February 7

COMMENTS: Mick Taylor arrived to the rehearsals today on day number 5 of the rehearsals. Just to make it clear. See the IORR news entry:

Mick Taylor rehearsing with the Rolling Stones tonight:
While Keith Richards left the current tour rehearsals in Paris today to visit his newborn grandchild, Mick Taylor was a great and familiar guitar replacement tonight. They rehearsed songs such as "Silver Train", "Sway", "Street of Love", "Moonlight Mile" and more. See the article The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards becomes grandfather for fifth time and the IORR thread Rolling Stones Paris Rehearsals February 2014 - 14 On Fire.

Monday February 10

COMMENTS: Keith Richards arrived as the first of the Stones core members tonight, in fact fifteen minutes before Mick Taylor. I don't normally go too close to the gate, don't want to be a nosy stalker, but today I took a look over the gate. As I am tall enought to see over, I saw Keith as he arrived. But you don't see him at the hotel or in the car. Security. Rest asssured. He was at the today Monday Feb 10 rehearsals from start to finish, and he was alone with his band without Mick for the first hour. By the way, they did Keith songs, so I am surprised there are speculations about Keith NOT being here when they do Slipping Away, Happy, B4...

First day with complete band doing SILVER TRAIN as they want it to be. A howling harmonica by Mick, like the train is really there, and the startup with Mick Taylor on slide guitar. With three guitarists present today they did some extra work on the guitars coordination, and believe me, this will be a great crowd pleaser during the 2014 tours.

Worried About You, Moonlight Mile, Streets Of Love, Loving Cup, Out Of Control. All of these are worked on seriously with retakes and I like what I hear. These will fit nicely into the early set list section of many shows. I just can't wait to get these in a real show.

Paris just get colder and colder. When the sun is down it feels arctic, even if I brought my real winter jacket. The promlem is we stand still for hours, so I keep moving. That helps, but the wind is not nice.

Tuesday February 11

COMMENTS: First they started off so quiet we could not hear anything. Rain is adding noise to traffic so it was hard to hear. It was a slow song with Mick (& Keith backup) on vocals, and it turned out it was two takes of... "Till The Next Goodbye" - from the IORR album - How great!

Wednesday February 12

It was a long wait tonight and the weather was not on our side. Finally they speeded into a blues, impossible to tell what it was. Then "Let It Bleed" and lots more interesting stuff. I will make the complete list later on.

The real goosebumps part arrived later, with "STREET FIGHTING MAN". It was played like it was the final song of thee night, an amazing powerful version, where Charlie did so hard and intense drumming I was sure they would have to carry him to the car. I walked over to the gate, preparing myself to say goodnight. Meanwhile they rushed into "You Got Me Rocking".

OK so they were not finsished by far, because the best was yet to come. SWAY. Some testing of the intro, then they were into it and I was glued to the fence. The Mick Taylor solo hit me right into the heart. It was short but there is quality and quantity. It tasted so good I can't wait until the first show of the tour with that solo.

One More Shot is back, two takes, and it is there, just as they did it when we were the lucky 32 fans to attend the rehearsals of the very same song last time they were in Paris.

All in all, a great night, wet, yes, cold yes, but emotional, powerful and a great memory. Thanks to the Stones and all my friends who I met up with tonight.

Thursday February 13

Friday February 14

Reherasals pt 1

Rehearsals "performance" with 27 invited fans:

Rehearsals pt 3:

They invited 27 lucky fans plus a few special guests into the rehearsals for a small "performance" of eleven songs today. Many fans had waited outside for two or even three years, long time before the Stones even came to Paris, so this was a nice gesture to the fans.

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Thanks to everyone who helped in with details about songs rehearsed. Special thanks to Michel for support with the song lists!

All comments by Bjornulf Vik unless otherwise noted.

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