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The Rolling Stones
Halifax Commons, Halifax, NS, Canada
Saturday September 23, 2006

The set list

  1. Paint It Black
  2. It's Only Rock'n Roll
  3. Oh No Not You Again
  4. Let's Spend The Night Together
  5. Monkey Man
  6. Streets Of Love
  7. Bitch
  8. Tumbling Dice
    --- Introductions
  9. You Got The Silver (Keith)
  10. Little T&A (Keith)
  11. Miss You (to B-stage)
  12. Rough Justice
  13. Start Me Up
  14. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  15. Sympathy For The Devil
  16. Jumping Jack Flash
  17. Brown Sugar
  18. Satisfaction (encore)

Review by Timm Hannebohm

A very wet night for all. Saturday night. A remarkable evening as the Stones put on a show like rock and roll vikings claiming new territory in the primal driving mist. They opened with Paint It Black just like they did in Boston a few nights ago. There were many technical problems early on, no doubt caused by the wet weather. Keith looked frustrated at one point, shaking both fists in frustration and desperation. Once again Woody did most of the heavy lifting tonight, mostly early on. Mick was fabulous in spite of the severe weather. He braved it like it was nothing, coming out in silver longcoat and a hat, looking like mephistopholes himself. His voice was amazing and unfaltering. He really led the performance tonight. Woody was in good spirits too.

Keith sang You Got The Silver as Wood played along on guitar, followed by Little Tapm,;&A. Keith talked alot, about the weather and how he couldn't get it to stop and "This is your town not mine". He did a thirty second comedy stand up routine that was welcomed by all, no doubt trying to lift our spirits - it did. It seemed at one point that Mick and Keith weren't eye to eye on something. Mick was trying to get Keith's attention during a song, but Keith just ignored him and wouldn't look at him. Mick said something to him into the microphone which I couldn't make out. They also did IORR, Oh No Not you Again, Streets of Love, Miss You, Rough Justice, Jumping Jack Flash, Sympathy For The Devil, which was surreal as flashpots and firework smoke covered the area in a red apocalyptic haze, the primal rythym infusing the mist itself.

I'll never forget the image of the movable centre stage returning and the Stones leaning into the driving mist, their longcoats flowing as they ripped Honky Tonk Women with an incredible solo from Keith, misty rain back-lit. Keith came over to within twenty feet of us, struck a singularly sloppy discordant note with flair, twisted his mouth tonge-in-cheek and rolled his eyes like a drunken pirate, smiling. A great moment! The show was cut short I think because they could sense the audience loosing it's fortitude. They also played Bitch, Tumbling Dice, Start Me Up. Ultimately it was a loosing fight against the driving mist. They played Brown Sugar, then Satisfaction for the encore. Everyone of us was wet, Mick said his shoes were soaking, he used a funny word for it.

I want to thank Mike, Charlie's drum tech, for taking the time out to show us all around. He took us into one of the buses for a smoke break, then onto the back stage area while Alice played (a smouldering set). It was like walking through an Orc lair in Sarumans subterranean workshop - everything black, a skyscraping constructor set with trolls keeping everything in order. There were pools of standing water in runoff areas and everywhere dripping water. Thick cables of super voltage snaking all around us. The guitars were all lined up like heavens music shop. Mike took us into the VIP area next where we had free drinks and tons of buffet style food - steak, shrimp, salmon, roast beef, salads, and desserts! Ron came out for a second and disappeared again. Alice was right beside me for a moment, just the two of us, so I pulled a near-mint copy of Billion Dollar Baby - the book - and a Sharpie felt pen and politely asked him if he would sign it. He said, "Hey, Billion Dollar Baby". I said it was rare, he said "It is" and signed the inside page. He spent the next 15 minutes posing for pictures and horsing around with people. He squeezed by me and I put my hand softly on the back of his shoulder as he went through. Very nice man. Diminutive. Mike really went out of his way to accomodate us. This is Charlie's drum tech! Playing the host! Wonderful guy! This just goes to show you the kind of dedication these pros have in hosting and accomodating their fans - it goes all down the line to each of them in a gracious spirit of selflessness and dedication. Long may you run. Media reports said they were staying in town until Monday, but one of the guys on the crew said they'd be flying out tonight around 2 a.m. Oh well, bad weather and all.

Review by Dean Goodman

�My feet are all squelchy!� Thus commented a rather chatty Mick before the band launched into �Jumpin� Jack Flash� near the end of a set that had to be cut short because of the appalling weather. By my estimate, the show ran from 8:30 to 10:10, and they scratched �You Can�t Always Get What You Want� at the last minute. I don�t think anyone minded too much. It had been a long day and we were all soaked to the bone. Mick made the best of a bad situation, extending his thanks to the crowd on multiple occasions for hanging in there. He really seemed to be having fun on the small stage, and was possibly reluctant to go back to the main stage. During the intros he referred to Charlie as �high and dry.�

As noted above, Keith � wearing an X-Pensive Winos t-shirt -- packed two mini-tantrums at the beginning of two of his showcase songs, �It�s Only Rock �n� Roll� and �Tumbling Dice.� He yelled into Pierre�s ear on the first song, but Pierre appeared to ignore him the second time. Keith�s guitar cut in and out, a possible indication of the technical challenges faced by everyone. Sometimes, it would be deafening, other times you couldn�t hear much of what he was doing. His turn in the solo spotlight was curious to say the least. He �sang� �You Got the Silver� while clutching the collar of his coat to his throat, as if he as trying to protect himself from a blizzard. It�s odd seeing him up there with no guitar � it�s like he just got his 5th limb amputated. I�d never heard �Little T&A� live before, so was obviously thrilled, even if it needs a bit of work. His sense of humor remains intact, though he could discuss �Schindler�s List� and still get a laugh.

The crowd giddily applauded the fireworks. Do they not have them in Canada?! Anyway, the smoke from the fireworks burst after �Satisfaction� completely obscured the stage, making the final bows pointless.

So much for the brand new set list though!! The absence of any cool �new� material was disappointing. Maybe they�re keeping that for the markets they have already bled dry.

And on another note, the hiring of Kanye West as a support act did raise some snickers on the message boards. But the crowd loved him, and he returned the love during a brief, energetic set backed by a group of �masked� ladies on strings. Whenever an opening act humbly expresses gratitude to the Stones, as Kanye did, I�m instantly on their side. And I�m sure Mick wishes he�d had the balls to write �Gold Digger.� Alice Cooper also did a great job under trying circumstances, rolling out his radio hits but dispensing with any chit-chat.

Review by Glenn Harper

The latest gig in the Bigger Bang tour was held at the Halifax Commons, a public park area in down town Halifax which used to be parade grounds for the citidal a British fortress on a hill overlooking the harbour. It was built to counter the French in the 1700's. I found it slightly ironic that the invading forces last night were 4 Englishmen aka "The Rolling Stones" The weather was terrible .. constant rain and drizzle. The crowd was staunch in that all withstood the elements dressed in an array of slickers and plastic bags. Mick acknowleged the resilance of the crowd more than once. I must give credit to the band for the A-1 show they gave despite the rain. Opening with "Paint it Black" we were treated to some songs off of "Bigger Bang" as Oh No Not You Again, Steets of Love. Rough Justice as well of the usual War Horse sogs that have milestoned the bands 44 year career. Personally it was good to hear Let's Spend the Night Together, Monkey Man and the ode to Patti Hansen..."Little T&A. Jagger's voice was clear and strong. The guitar work brilliant as Keith's playing was some of the best I've heard in my 53 shows I've seen. Woody played great too with no signs of the inconsistence which some say. Charlie beat the living hell out of his kit as he and the bass guitar could be heard for miles. As the show went on Mick did several changes of clothes .. I would assume shedding off the rain soak ones in favour of dry dudes. Woody wore a sou-wester for a couple of songsand fingerless gloves near the end of the show Keith had on a off white cap with a skull on it to match his ring.. My hat is off to the Marime crowd and the band for putting up with the driving rain. I want to say hello to my friends in the UK especially Mr.Dixon as well as my friends fromNorway and 2 amigos from Woodside, Queens, NYC. After the show I had a good hour walk to where I had parked and I was soaked to the core. Afterheading for home I put in alive tape that someone had just given me and strangely enough the first song was Paint it Black.

Review by Jim Johnston

A concert for the ages. Rock and rain - pretty good mixture for a September Saturday night in the Maritimes. The party was on from the time the gates opened, well okay a little before. The opening acts got some attention but most people relaxed back in the beer tent areas before heading down to see the geezers. Typical polite Maritime crowd, great party, lots of beer and a blessed fragrance wafting thru the air for the rest of the evening.

Started the afternoon viewing Ron Woods paintings in the Holiday Inn across the street from the Commons. He is a fine artist albeit he may have issues with Mick that come across in his art.

The show ripped open with PIB and charged into IORR. In spite of the rain coming in torrents the Stones hit Oh No Not You Again right on the nose. Streets of Love was absolutely nailed and anyone who is in their 40's that can't relate to it is probably brain dead. Keith put forward a masterful performance on You Got the Silver, Little T&A was a little rough. Rough Justice was plain rough. Considering it was live music and in a down pour no complaints. Honky Tonk Women - hell the place was full of them and what would be a Stone's concert without the country-rock classic. Brown Sugar was a pleasant delight. Would have been nice to hear Sweet Virginia and You can't Always Get What You Want, but it was a great set and with no duds.

Considering what the band played thru you could not have asked for a better show - I think it in many ways it was superior to Moncton last fall - except for the weather, but that in itself made this past Saturday night a night to remember. Live music rocks and no one does it better than the Stones!

Review by Warren Rigby

We were wet. We were cold. We were miserable. But when the Stones came out, all 50,000 of us forgot about the weather. The band played great, regardless of how wet they and their instruments quickly became. They seemed to be enjoying themselves too, Ron Wood in particular, with a goofy grin from ear to ear on the small stage. Later he even put on an old rain hat that was thrown on stage, much to the crowd's delight. Keith Richards proved that he was indeed the Pirate King of Rock and Roll, singing a great 'You got the Silver' and an even greater'Little T and A' (cigarette of course always dangling from his lips). Charlie smashed them bongoes like a chimpanzee, and gave an admirable performance. Mick Jagger (because of the rain) did not do his usual running around like a madman performance, but still did a heck of a job.

All in all, it was one hell of a show. I'd gladly do it again, even if the weather was twice as bad.

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