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The Rolling Stones
1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD
Wednesday, February 1, 2006

The set list

  1. Jumping Jack Flash
  2. Let's Spend The Night Together
  3. Oh No Not You Again
  4. All Down The Line
  5. Love Is Strong
  6. Wild Horses
  7. Midnight Rambler
  8. Tumbing Dice
  9. Gimme Shelter
    --- Introductions
  10. This Place Is Empty (Keith)
  11. Happy (Keith)
  12. Miss You (to B-stage)
  13. Start Me Up
  14. Get Off Of My Cloud
  15. Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
  16. Sympathy For The Devil
  17. Paint It Black
  18. Brown Sugar
  19. You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
  20. Satisfaction (encore)
Show Start :  9:20
Show End   : 11:20

Review by Chris

Baltimore was the smallest of arena venues on the tour. There wasn�t as many floor seats as in the other arenas I have been to. We only got Oh No Not You Again and no Rain Fall Down or Rough Justice. Jumping Jack Flash is without doubt the best way to start a concert. From the opening riff everyone is on their feet jumping and screaming. The stones were on cue tonight with Keith and Ronnie just hammering away. Lets Spend the Night Together was much improved since MSG just a few weeks earlier. Oh No Not You Again was just rocking. Ronnie was on fire and continued on All Down the Line. His solo was just spectacular. The boys were enjoying this one!!!

Love is Strong had kind of a funk intro and one Mick hit the harp chords the crowd joined right in. I did like the version I saw at MSG better. Then we got a treat Wild Horses ... couldn�t drag me away. I thought it was going to be Angie when I saw Keith with the acoustic but was glad to get this one. Midnight Rambler! "can everyone say owwwwww wwwwwwwowwwww wowwwwwwww!!!" Charlie was just great on this. Just a great 10 minute jamming session! Mick walked to the end of the catwalk on this one. They had stairs going down to the floor and the crew said he was coming down but Mick didn�t make it. Tumbling Dice is always a pleaser. Keith right up front and then Ronnie on the other side hitting the solo ( which was really off key tonight). Gimmie Shelter was great but I think they need to move on. Even though I love this song I think it turns the momentum the wrong way.

Keith did This Place is Empty which is getting better and better. I have found myself singing along to this one now. Happy is always great to hear. I want Little T&A!!! We cant let him forget this one!!!!! Miss You to the B-Stage had a good intro with Chuck playing some keys before the rest of the band kicks in. Start me up was just nailed. I was right there and all the boys were smiling, even Charlie was grinning big time. Get Off of My Cloud is probably the best song selection for the smaller stage. Everyone yelling HEY HEY YOU YOU. They should have played this several tours ago!! Keith went over to give a pick to this lady in the crowd. She grabbed him and almost pulled him over into the crowd. It was hilarious he had a look on his face and the roadies kind of helped keep him upright. He hit the opening riff for Honky Tonk right in front of me. Tongue sticking out and smiling he hit the first riff and they were off to the main stage again.

Sympathy is a highlight. I have seen it over and over and still love it . Wooooo Woooooo . Wooooooo Woooooooo. Paint it Black is just rocking . Charlie makes this song . Once you hear the drum beat it is just rocking until its over. Brown Sugar was terrific. The sound was great for this one as I have heard a few versions which have lost sound quality. YCAGWW was better than a few other versions on this tour. Mick turned around as the back up singers took the first chorus lines from him. It was a great smile when he looked down like " ok we fucked that one up". Satisfaction gets better and better. And the extended verses at the end just get longer and longer. I put this show at the top of my list. The arena size was perfect. Even the farthest seat in the back of this arena was a good view. When I was leaving I asked this kid next to me what she thought of her first Stones show. Her reply as she grabbed her hair was " HOLY SHIT!! IT WAS AWESOME!!" Next stop....... Florida.

Review by Richard J. Pierce

What a great show! The band looked refreshed and came out smoking with one of the better versions of JJ Flash I have heard in a while and although some on this board have seen many more shows than I, this being my 15th, the Baltimore ABB show will rank as one of the best.

The venue was great as nearly everyone in the building had that intimate feeling that the band was playing just to them. It may have been the acoustics in this old barn, but the crowd, mostly middle-aged was electric from the start. The band must have had a great feeling hearing around 12,000 screaming practically in their face.

The set list was one of the best on this tour. Let�s Spend the Night Together was well done leading into Oh No, Not You Again. Unfortunately, this was the only ABB cut of the night aside from Keith�s This Place Is Empty. So, with the set list short on new numbers they loaded up on the hits. This has to be my first show since BTB in Syracuse that I wasn�t subjected to neither You Got Me Rocking nor IORR. I could do without either and would have loved to have skipped Tumbling Dice as well because IMHO Ronnie�s solo is not near what it used to be and sounds like annoying �noise� now. Oh well, they did play it, but they sandwiched that number between two classics from Let It Bleed, Gimme Shelter, and one of the best and more uptempo versions of Midnight Rambler. This tune makes every Stones concert and last night was no exception. This version actually eclipsed the MSG version on Four Flicks (yeah I was at that show and it rocked!). Keith and Charlie took turns driving the engine to this song and it was thrilling to watch.

All Down The Line and Love Is Strong were great additions and well placed early in the set list. I was hoping for As Tears Go By as I have yet to see them perform this classic, but settled for Wild Horses, maybe not one of my favorite ballads, but it was well done. After Keith got everybody back into the groove with Happy (You know I hate it when so many people take a piss break or beer run when Keith sings. He sang This Place Is Empty and he couldn�t have been more right!), Miss You, the funky, but still long version was good, but when they began their B Stage set with Start Me Up, the place exploded. Keith�s guitar work here was riveting at times and he seemed focused on bringing this one home. He and the rest of the band succeeded. This tired old number sounds and looks great on the B stage without the pyrotechnics that have accompanied in the past. Although it has been overplayed, when you see it here and hear it from this small space, you appreciate what a GREAT song it really is and forget how many times you have heard it. Get Off My Cloud followed and was well done, but I thought should have been replaced with Rain Fell Down or Look At What The Cat Dragged In (I know they haven�t played it yet and may never play it live, Laugh, I Nearly Died would have worked well here or Back Of My Hand with the blues playing in the tight quarters of the B stage.

Sympathy was good, but somebody forgot to turn off the drum machine or whatever is used because it kept playing for a few counts at the end, or Keith ended prematurely. I think it was the former. Paint It, Black was killer and if not for Midnight Rambler, this would have been the highlight and arguably the best number played. Brown Sugar was tight and not drawn out too much like it was for BTB and NS tours.

You Can�t Always Get� was well done and the crowd was in fine, loud voice on this one. Mick was BEAMING with delight at the crowd�s response! Satisfaction rocked the house and Keith put on an incredible jam. You know, no one works a giant stage like Mick, but no one works a small stage like he does as well and in this small venue, the smallest on this tour, he was the MASTER. At the end, the band seemed to catch Mick off guard as they continue to play a few bars of I think a Wilson Pickett song, and Mick seemed surprised as he was preparing to take a final bow, Keith and Charlie started back up for about an eight count and then seemed to stop when it appeared that Mick mouthed something to the effect �I�m not going to sing that tonight.�

Great show altogether! Great pre-party at Mick O�Shea�s. I was happy to meet people from all over the East Coast and thrilled to see some Steeler fans in town getting set for the big game with the greatest band on the planet! Go Steelers! Rock on Stones!

Review by Bob Achtziger

The show last night really can be deemed the only "Club show" of this tour. When the original tour dates were announced last spring it was expected that they would play the MCI center, in fact there was a rumor of a second show at MCI last October so when they announced that the other DC show would be at the Mariner Arena in Baltimore in February many of us hardcore fans were surely dismayed including myself. An old arena in the middle of winter was not the best the time!

Well, last night "Rocked"! There was not a bad seat in the house and definitely the smallest most intimate venue of all the shows thus far. The accoustics from my vantage point was excellent and Keith charged the stage with the opening riffs of Jumpin Jack Flash right through Satisfaction not to mention his signature rocker "Happy" Keith really played with such intense emotion.

Mick minced a few lyrics last night but his energy level was flawless! Some of us remember last Monday in Chicago. Last night truly was in my top 5 of the 33 shows I have attended and woke up this morning pinching myself "Did it really happen"?

For many of us the North American leg is winding down and last nights performance was a reminder of how great the Stones are in the smaller venues not to mention the enthusiasim of the audience there were only a few who chose to sit but you could actually feel the vibration of this ancient Mariner arena.

Its Only Rock & Roll and............. I love it!

Well it's on to the Super Bowl!

Review by Thomas McTaggart

Awesome show. The energy in this small venue was over the top. I took a chance and drove down from Philly and I got tix at the window when they were released @ 5 and ended up right next to the B stage on the floor. Sweet. I met some really great people in line and we all ended up in the same area so that was cool.

Now as Keef would say, On with the show. It seemed they all had an extra spark in them and the sound in this small arena was great. Ronnie was extra hot and Mick seemed to Be picking up the high notes as almost to prove something. Regardless, he was in top form, he sung the latter portion of Sympathy on ultra high.

I really enjoyed this show, even the old war horses such as SMUP were a lot of fun. The highlight for me were Let's Spend the Night Together- I can't remember the last time I heard this. Love is Strong was extra bluesy and it was good to hear Mick on harp- haven't heard this one since Voodoo Lounge. All Down the Line is always a great rocker and Ronnie really tore it up. Wild Horses- Keef on acoustic, Mick in long trench coat. Midnight is always a great concert tune and was no let down this evening- Mick on harp, Ronnie jammin and in pink and green striped CBGB shirt. It was great to hear Gimme Shelter as they have just started playing this on the second leg- Lisa was extra fine as usual and Keith really flew on the solos.

I liked Keith's set better this time as he does one slow with This place is Empty and one fast with Happy. I enjoyed the B stage as it was right in front of me. Mick had this cool Wine Purple coat on - I really don't know why he has to play guitar on Miss You though , still great. Every one seemed so happy and into it. Daryl and Chuck were all smiles- everyone was groovin. Get Off My cloud was a good rocker.

Sympathy was on Fire. Awesome. Paint it Black is such as wonderful tune. I love to hear Charlie just pounding on those drums.

The usuals are left for the end and I was dancing in the aisle. Confetti came down and I said my good byes and was on the road home. On the way I realized that they didn't play Rain Fall Down. They had been playing this lately and I was actually looking to hear this as it is a good groovy funky tune.

Review by Jackie Minghinelli

How lucky can a any Stones fan get???

This show was by far THE BEST THAT THE BOYS HAVE DONE in a very long time. They played like twenty year olds. The smaller forum brought out THE BEST in the GREATEST ROCKIN ROLL BAND IN THE WORLD!! This New York girl was in Baltimore for medical reasons needing to go to Johns Hopkins. How lucky was it that my husband arrived by cab to tell me that my favorite band was here!!!! I said "WHAT??" And they were right here playing at the arena literally right next door to our hotel. We ran over to the arena (well ..walked really fast as we are not in as good shape as Mick Jagger). The lady at the ticket booth said, "NO tickets." We went back again . Same thing. My husband says very prophetically, "Let's go back at 5".

WE ARE ON BABY! Got floor seats next to the cat walk!!!! The guy in front of me knows Chuck Lavell, and tells me that they will be right in front of us for three songs. I am HYSTERICAL!!

They come on pumping and grinding a tighter than tight version of JUMPIN JACK FLASH. They are in their finest form in years!!! Let's Spend the night together rocked the young, middle aged, and geriatric crowd. Hey, no one is really old at a Stones concert, especially this one. LISA and JAGGER were on sensuous fire with a meltdown version of GIMMEE SHELTER. This was a definite highlight for me.

I couldn't believe it when THE BOYS started walking the catwalk right toward my section. JAGGER AND KEITH WERE LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I have danced to MISS YOU for years, but to have the STONES do this KICK ASS VERSION RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME was SUBLIME!!! START ME UP took the crowd and myself even higher. I couldn't believe it when I am singing GET OFF MY CLOUD with Mick Jagger five FEET AWAY!!! Ok B stage goes back. BUT WILL I EVER COME OFF OF THIS HIGH???? SYMPATHY WAS DIVINE and YOU CAN"T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT was a meshing of JAGGER and the CROWD. THE BEST VERSION I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! SATISFACTION LEFT US INCREDIBLY SATISFIED. THE STONES AND THE ENTIRE CROWD WERE MESMERIZED. My husband and I left in a blanket of confetti. I will save this stuff until I die. And to think I went to Baltimore for medical problems. I CAN TELL YOU ALL THAT THIS SHOW WAS A MIRACLE FOR US ALL!!!!!

Review by H. B. Shelton

I attended the first Philadelphia show back in October. On my way home from the show I had a thought that never occurred to me before during the previous Stones concerts that I had been to over the years � �What, God forbid, if that was the last time that I would ever see them live in my area?� I wasn�t able to go to the second Philadelphia show, so I was bound and determined to get to another show on the tour. As I live in Wilmington, Delaware, the only other nearby performance would be in Baltimore on 2/1/2006. I got a ticket on the Internet at back then and held my excitement through the fall and Holiday season and looked forward to February. This show was going to be very special to me because I wanted to savor it unlike the other shows, just in case. It was also, for the first time in all of the previous 9 Stones concerts since �81 that I would attend alone. No one that I know shares my fanaticism to the point of spending over $200 on a ticket and taking a road trip for a show. For me it was like a pilgrimage. It was something I had to do.

I arrived in town a little after 5 in the afternoon and went to the waterfront. You could easily tell that there were a lot of out-of-town Stones fans in the area as many of us drifted around not sure of what to do or where to go before the show. Most of the people were very friendly as there is a common bond among Stones fans that transcends our socio-economic backgrounds. After having a great dinner at a Sushi restaurant on the waterfront, I headed to the ancient arena in time to catch the second half of the opening act�s show. They finished with a great version of �Stay With Me�, which was apparently requested by Ron Wood. Before the Stones came on, I just sat back and took in the entire atmosphere and experience watching the people, sharing stories with other fans and watching the crew set up, including the spotlight operators as they were hoisted to their perches high above the floor. My seat was about as far as you could get from center stage � I was in Row L of Section 328 (one row from the very top) completely on the opposite end from the stage. However, since this arena is so small, the seat was absolutely nothing to complain about �great view line and when they would go to the B stage, we would be right over top of the band.

After the video intro, the curtain slowly lifted and you could see Keith standing between the speakers waiting for the right moment to kick it off. He then sauntered to center stage in the dark and slammed home the opening chords � da da duh da da �. Of all the songs in the Stones arsenal, JJF is the best song to open with (with all due respect to Start Me Up). I also love how, at least since �89, the show opens with Keith in the spotlight.

Highlights are as follows:

-All Down The Line was incredible, Ronnie nailed the solo (Mick Taylor would be proud)

- Love Is Strong was, in my opinion, done better than on the Voodoo tour

- I had hoped for Worried About You, but Wild Horses was done superbly as the �bring it down a bit� number

- Midnight Rambler was one of the best performances of that song that I have seen (although I wish Mick would bring back the belt from �72 to slam during the �Well you heard about the �� middle sections.

- I�m glad we got Gimme Shelter to showcase Lisa, she seems to get better every tour.

- Mick noted that this was their first visit to Baltimore since �69 � references made to the Colts bolting and Ravens winning the Super Bowl.

- Tonight Charlie was �Wang Bang� Watts during the intro and Keith escorted him to the stage for his bow.

- Keith was a bit more talkative than usual � we got �On with the show� as well as �Its great to be anywhere� among some other inaudible gems

- On the B stage, someone threw something that hit Keith and he picked it up and put it in his coat pocket, not sure what it was, but all other �debris� including a bra was deposited near the drum kit

- You could really tell from their expression on the B stage that the guys were enjoying themselves

- Paint it Black was a pleasant surprise

- Great audience energy and participation � �woo woos� during Sympathy, �Yea Yea Yea Woos� during Brown Sugar, etc.

- Average age appeared to be late 40s to early 50s as compared to Philadelphia where I seemed to be about the average at 41

Since I�m so biased its hard to find any faults including the inevitable slip ups by the band or Mick. In fact after seeing them so many times, you look for things like that since we all know the songs so well as has been noted in so many posts of previous shows.

If I had my way, since such a large core of the audiences has seen the Stones several times, I think we could make do without the entire list of classics. I think if they just replaced two each night with some of the many greats that they have rehearsed it would be incredible. At a minimum I would sacrifice Miss You. They haven�t done it to true form (lyrically and instrumentally) since �78 and it seems to be presented without the passion of the other songs (I hope we don�t see it at the Super Bowl). But, who am I to complain, I would be happy just to see them perform covers all night.

All in all it was a great show with high quality, energy, enthusiasm as the band and audience bonded well. I will savor this performance and pray that it is not the last I ever see.

God bless the Rolling Stones!!!

Review by Adam Dean

A tremendous night in Baltimore! I must give �kudos� to the IORR Ticket Trade page where I hooked up with good buddy Chris from VA and scored a Floor Seat in Row V (last row in first section � FIRST ROW for B Stage!) just 48 hours before the concert. Drove down from Philly reminiscing about the 2 October shows from this tour � we did get one of the few Angie�s there � but this show just blew the Philly shows away! It was a combination of the set-list (full of Great Hits, short on New Material), the venue (very intimate and very good sound), and the crowd (totally �into it� from the first note of the first song) that made this concert such a memorable one! My compliments to the no-hassle security on the floor who allowed us to dance in the aisles the entire show.

A few highlights for me � Let�s Spend The Night Together took me all the way back to the Ed Sullivan Show (and yes, I am old enough and do remember watching them sing �let�s spend some time together� on that show oh so many years ago) � Love Is Strong was very hypnotic and the band was obviously enjoying playing it � Wild Horses � why does this song always send chills down my spine? Did anyone else see Lisa and Blondie dancing slow and close during the guitar break? Simply, Wow!!!! Gimme Shelter � love to see Lisa strut her stuff and belt out the vocals, the crowd was really into this one. Get Off My Cloud � is there any better song for the B Stage? We danced our asses off and the crowd was frenetic for this one � Paint It Black � I will never ever tire of hearing the hypnotic beat that Charlie lays down for this song, simply amazing!

It certainly was one the very best Stones performances I have ever witnessed, high energy level from start to finish.

Review by Mike Farragher

This was the most intimate show of the tour, as most folks have pointed out, with only about 13,000 seats. It was akin to seeing them in a high school gymnasium, which was a thrill. I guess I was expecting something special for this, my 21st show. From an experience perspective, I gave it an A++! Security was lax in the 1st Mariner�s Arena and it was easy to sneak onto the floor. Got to hang with this gorgeous woman who was the nanny for Mick�s kids in the Seventies. She said Bianca was a witch. THERE�S a surprise! As far as the quality of the music, I think the grade would be a B- at best.

�Let�s Spend The Night Together� was a sloppy mess. Flubbed piano keys on Chuck�s part, the band not knowing how to end it, and when they did, they rolled into an awful version of �Love Is Strong.� Mick�s harp playing saved the day there. Many missed cues; Mick looked particularly annoyed when Ronnie peeled off a solo in the middle of Love Is Strong where the harmonica solo should be. Keith�s hands were getting in the way of themselves during a tepid �Wild Horses.� �As Tears Go By� would have been better. Ronnie looked drowsy and out of touch. It�s hard not to think the worst on that one..

I like the Stones when they are ragged, but they were downright sloppy tonight to the point of distraction. Things did kick into high gear for �Midnight Rambler.� Mick, bathed in a blue light, was in top form. �Sympathy� was great fun, and Lisa Fisher ran away with �Gimme Shelter.� The woman is on fire!!! I liked the horns added to �This Place Is Empty,� one of only two songs on the new CD. Are the Stones losing confidence in the best CD they�ve put out in 20 years? Gee, I hope not! The B-stage was pure magic, with �Miss You,� �Start Me Up,� and �Get Off My Cloud.� The last song is far and away the highlight of this tour. What a great singalong! For $450, I would have liked to see a more imaginary setlist, especially in such a small venue like this where the band usually takes more chances. Onto the Superbowl!

Review by Cardiff Giant

4th row on the floor, Ronnie's side for the smallest venue on the tour so far. My 10th show on the tour, my friend Brian joined me from Washington DC. He also was with me for Fenway #2 and Pittsburgh. We were stoked for Baltimore !!! We caught the last few songs by Antigone Rising... They're pretty damn good ! And their final song was by request of Ronnie... As they said, "when a Rolling Stone asks you to play do it" ...They did a rockin version of Stay With Me...sweet.

Before the Stones came on , I was able to chat again with longtime Stones Tour Logistics Director Alan Dunn. Just as in Montreal, he was very friendly and remembered me from our first meeting. We talked about the Super Bowl gig, and once again he gladly gave me an official setlist sheet for Baltimore. As I looked it over, I was sad not to see Worried About You or another lost gem, but that was just a fleeting thought...Everything else was great. Love is Strong...I was hoping for. All Down the Line...another hope for me, my first time seeing it this tour. And the rest of the set was lean and filler. Rarely do you get a show that has Rambler, Gimme Shelter, and Paint it Black. Add in Let's Spend the Night Together and Wild Horses...along with Love is Strong and All Down the Line.... you can't do much better. The first half of the setlist was killer.

Jumpin Jack Flash is a great starter...It really works as the opener. Right off the bat, we had loud clear, mean sound...Rocking. Keith was on...Mick was working it. Great start.

Let's Spend the Night together- and we could see that the band was concentrated on playing as a tight unit. Ronnie was in good form, focused on his parts...and it showed. having the setlist already was actually a great treat for this one because I was looking for certain things in this opening run of songs...and we got lots of energy and great playing.

Oh No Not You Again featured Keith on a Tele rather than the big Gibson... Keith hit the best solo I've heard for this song all tour. Mick was really in a groove. That was a theme for the night. The band found a great groove in nearly every song.

All Down the Line- Many people commented afterwards on this being a huge highlight. For sure. Ronnie nailed a great solo. The pace of the song was fast, but in sync....real momentum....a freight train for sure. The brass was perfect, powerful but not overly. The song really kicked ass. Mick greeted Balitmore by commenting on it being the first show here since '69. "A lot has happened....the Colts bolted (boos)...but the Ravens won a Super Bowl (cheers)"

Love is Strong- I heard that is was good at MSG...My hopes were up...and boy did they deliver. Another song that really needs to be in a groove to succeed. The groove was awesome. Mick on harp...outstanding !!!! Again, Ronnie was adding a lot. Charlie was making it all come together. The song just took off. The second half of the song was incredible. Very nasty, very hard and heavy.... the crowd was into it. A real treat to get this song. Ever since I saw the rehearsal list from this past summer...I was hoping we'd get Love is Strong. ...worth the wait.

A 5 song start that is hard to match....and then Wild Horses....just a great ballad..very to hear Keith's vocal. This signature song never disappoints.

and we go to Midnight Rambler.... People ask me what my favorite Stones song is and I can never give one answer. With each time I see Rambler moves into the spot of favorite for me. ..all-time. Mick started off with a very strong harp, very! Keith kicks us in and off we go. Mick was doing all kinds of ad libbed harp fills, even popping a vocal growl in between notes at one point. It ws clear that Love is Strong had him warmed up for some great harmonica playing. His harp on both songs was top notch and very much filled with feeling...a real groove. Keith and Charlie were working the "engine room" and were on fire. Mick worked the crowd for some huge yowls and screams, including the longest high pitch scream I've ever heard from him. His voice was so strong and so good all night. The transitions in the song were great....each one with its own little twists, always different than previous shows. Keith did some riffs that sounded right outta '73...listen to those old boots and you'll know what I'm talking about. I've been listening to that stuff a lot recently. I picked it out last night in the show and was amazed. The end of the song was huge, very big...a wave of power. Charlie is just killer. And I'll say it again...An expertly crafted setlist.... these 7 songs worked so well, and were played so well.....It didn't matter that we didn't get a hidden gem.

Tumbling Dice was a nice mix to make it fun and loose.....perfect time to play a warhorse. And it was beacause I knew what was next. ...... Gimme Shelter- a little rough on Keith's open..the sound was low. But the song soon took off. Lisa Fischer was fantastic. She was working a denim outfit, complete with hat and she looked great and kicked ass on her always. Keith was nasty on his middle solos. Really digging in.

Band Intros and Charlie came out for a bow with a big wave and smile. I caught many smiles from him during the show. He is having fun and loves running the beat. Keith says hello to Baltimore, "been a long time...we're all family." "Great to be here...great to be anywhere"..delivered with some real humor and the crowd really ate it up. Keith had a of his real grins...he was having fun. This Place is Empty was a great emotional vocal from Keith. He's all over this song...I love it. Happy was a nice romp. Again, I like the way he is focusing more on his vocal...even if it means less guitar. I want to hear Keith pour himself into songs like that.

Miss You took things to the back of the arena and you could really get a feel for how small this venue is. It's flat on all sides so everyone is very close. It's a box...not a bowl. Feels like an auditorium or theatre, not a mega arena. Great vibe. Start Me Up really works on the b-stage. Crowd is hotter, the song is tighter....good move to put it out there. Get Off of My Cloud was getting great participation. Honky Tonk blasted off with Kieth going very loud...good...blast it can be freash when they do that. As the stage moved back up front, Keith had one of those moments...In one motion, he slashed a note and let his pick fly into the crowd. My view of that, as the band was to my left, framed with the crowd in the background...was just great. Keith is so loose, so free, so fun. Nothing looks forced by Keith. You can't plan stuff like that. He was smiling as he let it fly....He is so fun to watch in those moments !!!!

Sympathy for the Devil was a solid run. Mick put in a lot of effort...both vocally and physically. Keith worked it too. The percussion loop at the end was off, but who cares. Little things were the only problems on this night. Paint it Black was fantastic. It had a great pace... fast but controlled. That's the key to so many Stones songs live....If they hit the right pace and feel a flow, there is nothing better.... whether its warhorse or something rare. Pace and feel is everything.

Which brings me to....Brown Sugar,...maybe the best live version I've ever heard. Clean, loud, hot, rocking.... Bobby's sax solo was electric. The power of sounds coming from all parties was dead on. Vocals, worked so well from everyone. Crowd ate it up.

You Can't Always Get What You Want had some tempo did get on track as Mick was back at the drum riser and trading grins and grimaces with Charlie. Again, Ronnie hit a solid hot solo.... Great show for Ronnie...real focus....real feeling without messiness and screeching.

Keith ripped the ass out of Satisfaction's opening riff. So loud it was amazing....He was aggressive and mean. Mick was in a zone. The song went to that place where they let it all go and just lift off. Keith drove it with nasty riffs, which gets Charlie challenging him with a groove....Ronnie added..which is a big plus. and Mick went on a scat singing binge. Mick was doing scat stuff all night...little things that were great and it would lift his energy and he would lose himself in the song. He made a little lyric about heading to "Detroit City"...very cool. Mick got to the wing of the stage near us and just went into a scat and then started a freestyle freak dance back to the cool. The song had a super long end and flourish even as the confetti had dropped. Charlie would not let the song end. He was going crazy. That was so perfect.

This show was top notch in so many ways. No filler....All mean and lean. No cover song, no tired songs in the 1st half (She's So Cold, Its Only Rock and Roll etc) The warhorses were in the right spots and worked well. The first half of the show was a flurry of great performances and killer tunes. Love is Strong and All Down the Line providing the real fire...with Rambler coming in to knock us out a few minutes later. The second half was full of great feeling on classsics. And most of all, everything was clicking nearly the whole way. Sound was great, Mix was great...Every player on that stage was giving a grade "A" performance. Horns, singers, band and of couse the Stones themselves. Ronnie had focus and feel. Keith was filling with riffs, taking his leads and running, hitting great vocals. Charlie was swinging, grooving, loud, poweful. (with Darryl adding to the pocket) And Mick was doing all of his things to the hilt. Vocals, harp, energy, dance. THE showman. And as a unit, they were finding a groove all night, over and over..... It's what really made the show huge !!! The right songs and the right groove to showcase the many talents of the Stones on a variety of styles...and a hot crowd that was into it. It's probable this is my last show until (fingers crossed --Fall '06 USA???) ...what a way to close out a great run of concerts on this tour. It's been worth every penny !!!

Review by Michael Wrobel

How many people can say they saw the stones at the very same venue, 36 years apart? This was the concert of my dreams and everything was perfect. The stones didn't try to blow the lid off the place, and the song selection was excellent. finally heard gimme shelter on this tour. to me, this is one the most powerful songs you can hear live, but the name doesn't exactly conjure up that power. a true master piece is midnight rambler. all of the scuttlebut before the song gives it away entirely. you know you're in for some serious shit on this one, but mick got a little surprise. egging us on to give a yell after him, the crowd let loose with a holler that left mick with a "whoa, you guys are good" look on his face. then he proceeded with a long, primitive growling scream that was sure to be unmatched. what a moment! this one will be safely tucked away into my memory banks for eternity.

wild horses gave us a true feeling of the intimacy of the stones, begging and pleading for the love and companionship we all seek and cherish. again, the b stage is a stroke of genius that brings the boys out into the audience for some warm bonding, putting themselves up on a pedestal, so to speak, for all to see. get off my coud is a real crowd peaser, with everyone singing along the chorus. even though mick gives us his "get off my cloud, get off my cloud", we're singing the standard version. again, mick asserts his domination over the audience. this tour has been possibly the best of all tours. the boys have just been having one hell of a good time, with smiles all around and enough energy to light up the whole damn city they're in.

the music is always exhilarating, i won't go into that. but, after seeing 5 shows on this tour, i feel like i've been brought a hell of a lot closer to this whole thing. just can't explain, but it's a sense of belonging, that we're all in together, no matter what. personally, i've come full circle. seeing the stones at the old civic center in baltimore in 1969, being there for only the second concert in my life. and now coming back and reliving the past, soaking up the aura of this once in a lifetime rock and roll band, the chills and weakness in the knees of hearing the opening chords to jumpin' jack flash, i'm feeling a lot of satisfaction. in fact, the stones may have been feeling something, too. for just as sure as the building crescendo and ultimate beginning of the end of satisfaction, there it was again. that little riff in the air, charlie's drums perculating. satisfaction squirming back out into the night, for just a little bit more. it sent me a little message. yeah, baltimore, the stones, and a big swell of emotion that makes me grateful to be alive, well and still rockin' out with the stones. after all these years, wwwhhoooooo, wwwwwhhhhhhhhhooooooooooo!

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