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The Rolling Stones 2002 Toronto Rehearsals

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The Rolling Stones were all in Toronto by Tuesday July 16, 2002, with a group of around 50 crew members and assistants, to start rehearsals for the upcoming World Tour.

Initial rehearsals started at the Crescent School in Toronto. On Thursday July 18 the guitar technician Royden "Chuch" Magee was suffering a fatal heart attack during rehearsals, and was taken to Sunnybrook hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The group as well as the rest of the crew was of course all chocked and saddened by the loss of Chuch.

On the following day Friday July 19 they moved out of the Crescent School, and into a new reherarsals location at the CTV studios in the Old Masonic Temple, on Yonge St. The first rehearsals at the new location took place on Monday July 22. For details of the rehearsals see below.

The following is feedback about what they are reheasring. Please do not take this too seriously, because what they rehearse one or two nights may not be played live at all. But as songs get reherased more and more, of course, then the chance is bigger they will do it on tour. Also, please note that these lists are not complete. If you have feedback, reports or comments about the rehearsals please send e-mail to iorr. Thanks!

Monday July 22

Tuesday July 23

No rehearsals on Wednesday July 24, as they attended Chuch's funeral in Michigan. See the Reuters report Stones Pay Respects to Crew Member.

Thursday July 25

Friday July 26

Monday July 29:

Tuesday July 30:

Wednesday July 31:

Friday August 2:

Monday August 5:

Tuesday August 6:

Wednesday August 7:

Thursday August 8:

Friday August 9:

Monday August 12:

Tuesday August 13:

Wednesday August 14:

See photos and detailed reports from the Toronty rehearsals by Toronto Tom and other fans on Shidoobee with Stonesdoug. Also a complete compiled list of Songs rehearsed.

For details and great photos from the Rolling Stones and their World Tour get IORR 45 due out in September 2002!

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