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The Rolling Stones
Ford Center Arena
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Tuesday January 28, 2003

The set list

  1. You Got Me Rocking
  2. Street Fighting Man
  3. If You Can't Rock Me
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Live With Me
  6. Monkey Man
  7. Sweet Virginia
  8. Loving Cup
  9. Rocks Off
  10. Tumbling Dice
    --- Introductions
  11. Slipping Away
  12. Happy
  13. Sympathy For The Devil
  14. Start Me Up
  15. Can't You Hear Me Knocking?
  16. Honky Tonk Women
  17. Satisfaction
  18. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (B Stage)
  19. Like A Rolling Stone (B Stage)
  20. Brown Sugar (B Stage)
  21. Jumping Jack Flash (Encore)

Review by Robert Bagel

On a night when it was tough to get away from politics with every media outlet blabbing about George W. Bush's state of the union address, it was nice to go into the lovely Ford Center and let Mick Jagger and Keith Richards give their state of rock'n'roll address. And the state of rock'n'roll as told by the Stones is STRONG judging by tonight's show. It was amusing that on the way into the arena as we happily escaped politics, for a moment we had to negotiate religion: there were a large number of religious zealots packed on a corner across the street, singing hymns and led by a man screaming about the bible and how to get more fulfillment than you can get from a Rolling Stones show. While Pope John Paul II does sometimes have cooler stage outfits than Mick, this middle America sideshow reminded us that after 40 years some still view the Stones as controversial. And yes, tonight the Stones did play Sympathy For the Devil!

The energy level was high tonight, and the band seemed really into it. You Got Me Rockin has turned into a great opening number, nice and lean with Chuck Leavell and Darryl Jones providing enough backup vocals. While we veered into Let It Bleed early with Live With Me (Mick updated the song with the lyrics, "So twenty FIRST century"), and a livelier than usual Monkey Man, the declared theme was Exile.

Sweet Virginia was really good with Keith's back up vocals steeped in the traditional country sound, but Loving Cup was excellent and the highlight of the night. Mick played acoustic guitar (not bad at all, contrary to the lyrics), and Keith's playing was as good as it was in Nashville, with charming country fills that bended strings and brought forth rhythms within the usual rhythms of the song. Charlie's drums were crashing and precise. When Charlie's featured parts came up Ron was very into it, waving his hand as if conducting an orchestra before returning to his guitar to compliment the awesome guitar Keith had underway.

Lisa Fischer had a big role in Honky Tonk Women tonight, which was really good to see after stints by Sheryl Crow and Johnnie Johnson. Mick and Lisa moved all around the stage, singing and dancing together so at one point Mick had his right leg hooked around the front of Lisa's legs. When Lisa stayed near the horn section, Mick got her attention and motioned her to the other side of the stage so they could continue their duet on the other side. While I am sure some would have preferred Gimme Shelter tonight, this was a very refreshing Honky Tonk Women with Lisa.

Before heading to the small stage, the Stones played Satisfaction with Keith once again having the visually loud silver and magenta guitar he used for the song in Houston. It sounds as loud as it looks and the song is as good as ever, so I have no complaints about this new ax. The small stage set was good, but not great like it was in Houston when the small stage was used to develop rather than end the show.

While Houston and Boston remain my favorites in 2003, this show was nearly that level of consistent quality from beginning to end. Oklahoma City was psyched, spirited, and deserving of an excellent show tonight; the Rolling Stones sensed this from the first chord and delivered.

Review by Chris McCue, Lawrence, Kansas

After talking a friend into driving from Lawrence, KS to OKC for the show (315 miles) without tickets, I got lucky, and acquired some front row tickets right in front of Keith. I had seen the Stones twice before, 81, and 98, and knew they would be great. The closer we got to OKC, the more fired up we got. Stones, Front Row, 4 Hours, 3 Hours, 2 Hours... LOL

We went to the pre party at the Westin that the rock station was putting on for a bit, and then had a great dinner there.

The show was fabulous!!! Talk about making getting older not seem so bad! If these guys can have this much fun at 59, so can I!!! The sound was great, except when they went out to the B stage. The sound system up front just died for some reason??? But it was only 3 songs, and I was wishing everyone could be front row with us!

They were a blast, and I look forward to seeing them again!!

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