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The Rolling Stones
United Center, Chicago, USA
Wednesday Jan. 22, 2003

The set list:

  1. Street Fighting Man
  2. You Got Me Rocking
  3. If You Can't Rock Me
  4. Don't Stop
  5. Monkey Man
  6. Bitch
  7. Waiting on a Friend
  8. Neighbors
  9. Start Me Up
  10. Tumblin Dice
    --- Introductions
  11. Thru and Thru
  12. Happy
  13. Sympathy for the Devil
  14. Gimme Shelter
  15. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
  16. Satisfaction
  17. When the Whip Comes Down (B-stage)
  18. Like a Rolling Stone (B-stage)
  19. Brown Sugar (B-stage)
  20. Jumping Jack Flash (Encore)
Start time: 8:55 p.m. 
End time: 11:00 p.m. 

Notice that Honky Tonk Women was not played tonight.

Review by Rich and Karen Kaczmarek

Tonight's set differed greatly from last nights. Nine different songs were played that were not played last night. A great thing for Chicagoans who had tickets for both shows. A few rough spots in the show, perhaps due to shows being back to back. Nevertheless, a great evening.

Mick commented about the weather as he was strapping on his guitar for Don't Stop, "It's fucking cold enough to freeze your balls off"

A Tattoo You set was played tonight. Worried About You was not included but it was great to hear Waiting on a Friend. Solid versions of Neighbors and Start Me Up concluded the album feature.

Charlie did not get his usual extended ovation tonight as Mick forgot to introduce him. Ronnie was so dismayed that he ended up lying on the floor. Keith said, "He forgot to introduce Charlie, it's one of those things."

Absent from tonight's set was Honky Tonk Women. After hearing that song on every single show that we've been to, we are not that upset.

Lastly, this show was our last show of the tour. Thank you to It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, the number one Stones site in the world. The work involved in keeping everyone up to date does not go unappreciated. May there be many more Stones tours.

Review by Robert Bagel

Tonight's show seemed slightly strange, which made it more interesting while still being entertaining. Maybe the extreme cold temperatures had something to do with it: as Mick said early in the set, "It is so cold here you could freeze your balls off." When Monkey Man was played, I thought "Oh no, here we go with the Let It Bleed theme again!" but the featured album was actually Tattoo You, with the highlight of the evening being Waiting On a Friend. It was amazing to see this song live, with Keith supplying plenty of beautiful bended-string fills. Tim Ries had the sax solo (not Bobby Keyes), and it was very reminiscent of the 1981 tour when Ernie Watts played sax on the song. Knowing that Slave was rehearsed in the fall, I got my hopes up but it was not to be: we did get a nice version of Neighbors (but not quite as good as at the MGM in November), and Start Me Up. I can see a song from Let It Bleed or Sticky Fingers and not get too nostalgic, but the Tattoo You theme really hit home.

The strangest thing of the show was during introductions when Mick went right from Ronnie to Keith, completely forgetting Charlie Watts! Keith seized on the error, going to the mic to say "We also have Charlie Watts up here, but Mick forgot. It's my show now!" Now up front, it seemed Keith was ready to begin, but had taken center stage without his guitar. Once his instrument was delivered, he did a nice combination of Thru and Thru and Happy, though Thru and Thru had a loud buzzing noise creep up a few times. In fact, Mick seemed to be complaining to the sound guys throughout the show, even though one would think the sound would be perfected on the second night.

It was really excellent to get It's Only Rock'n'Roll on the main stage, as it has recently become a mainstay of the small stage. It just seemed tighter and more Chuck Berry-ish with everyone relaxed on the big stage, rather than running laps on the small stage. Keith and Ron locked in on each other's playing as they cranked out the chords, making for a showcase of musical chemistry.

The small stage featured When the Whip Comes Down, Like A Rolling Stone, and Brown Sugar. Again maybe it was the cold, but Like a Rolling Stone did not captivate the crowd like it usually does, and certainly not like the giant sing along it was on that warm night in September at Comiskey Park. The tension that started with Mick omitting Charlie for the intros carried through to the small stage, where Mick loudly said to Keith "Watch it now!" with Keith then running back over to Mick and yelling in his ear. I was not close enough to the small stage to see exactly what transpired: hopefully someone can fill us in.

So after 5 glorious LICKS shows for Chicago, what now? Greed and hope leads me to think of the rumored U.S. dates at the end of the world tour. Come on back in September boys, we promise warmer temperatures, and also to remind Mick to properly introduce Charlie!

Review by John Scanlon

Just wanted to expand on Robert's review of the Chicago show 1/22. It was pretty funny when Mick forgot to introduce Charlie. Keith seemed to be the one that caught the oversight and made a joke out of it. Before Mick left the stage he leaned over the drums and said something to Charlie. Perhaps to apologize or have a laugh as both seemed to be smiling and laughing. Charlie did not seem to care.

I saw both Chicago shows from the floor and it seems to me that Charlie had a smile on his face the whole night for both shows. When Mick told Keith to "Watch It" on the b-stage was hilarious. Right when they started Like a Rolling Stone Mick when directly to his left to start dancing and ran right into Keith prompting the "Watch It". Also during the show Mick commented on this being their fifth show in Chicago during this tour. Before Keith started his set he made a comment about taking up residency here in Chicago.

I've attended all of the Chicago shows with the exception of the Aragon Brawlroon show and now have many wonderful memories. The last two nights I've sat on the floor (one night right along the runway) and behind the b-stage. It is great to see Keith's face as he turn to face and play off of Charlie. Watching Charlie play drums from behind was incredible too. Highlights for me have been the rarities here in Chicago. The last two nights being Bitch, Waiting on a Friend and Sweet Virginia. Back in September at the United Center Shattered and Far Away Eyes (Some Girls being one of my favorite albums). Comisky Park saw Angie and Undercover. Count me in as one the people that hopes perhaps Chicago may get a sixth show sometime next fall.

Review by Paul A.

Haven't seen the stones since 1981 in Philly outside areana, The warm-up bands were George Thoroughgood and Journey. Almost 20years have passed since then, the sound today is much better ya know everything being digital I went to the show thursday nite unbelievable!!!!!! The music was crisp clear and clean. We had behind stage seats but didn't sit there. We were down in the 74 section dancing and rockin and security didn't mind a bit. We saw the whole show from those seats. THANKS SECURITY

Review by Bill Kincaid

This was my 7th show, 6th tour in 25 years. The Rolling Stones really do get better and better. I thought the video screen had incredible resolution as it was about 40 feet square. Mick wore a black leather jacket as Keith and Ronnie tore into Street Fighting Man. It's funny how times have changed. With the Stones checkered past now they are hassled for having a cigarette on stage. It was great to see the varied set list as any Stones fan wants to see a some different songs in concert. What better feature album than Tattoo You as it is there last number 1 album. Keiths songs were a joy to see as always. Thru and Thru did sound a little muddled at times. Ronnie seems to be Keiths equal these days. It was the best Sympathy I have ever seen and it is always a crowd pleaser. Followed by Gimmie Shelter does it get any better? Satisfaction still demonstrates the raw power the Stones still have. And what better song to play in Chicago as it was cut there at Chess Records. A woman at the B stage held up a sign saying Mick I want to give you 40 Licks. Mick saw the sign but never really acknowledged it. A couple bras flew up on the B stage as usual. The close was an awesome Jumping Jack Flash. Thanks Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie for another great show.

Review by Peter Wenzel, Zurich, Switzerland

Having read in the IORR magazine so much pathetics I was wondering how they would really be. And - to my surprise - the first show on Tuesday was the best rock show I have ever seen. Mick and Keith had been so unbelievable, so loaded with power and energy. Keith had been so big on stage and played all the guitars. Mick always singing and dancing and well had Keith's pace.

Don't stop, Before they make me run, Midnight rambler and Sweet Virginia had been fantastic and are hoped to be on the next Stones album (what about a 10" live?). Live with me and If you can't rock me as well. On the other side they missed each other into Wild Horses and they could never play Honky Tonk Woman as it is on record. In Slipping away the crowd was really slipping away. Let's forget these three. As well Ronnie who hardly played anything, but helped to an exciting Don't stop and Rambler. And did I mention that Lisa had lost 3.000 pounds and looks like Whitney Houston now?

The second night started as the Tuesday night ended: loud, quick, rousing, rambling and this night's Don't stop even topped Tuesday's version. But suddenly Mick turned around and yelled something to the band and forced them to slow down or to play more silently (???). Resulting from that there had been a break through the show. Ronnie didn't played anything anymore. Keith was fooling around, hugging Mick, and was not there at the final bow, but shaked audience's hands all by himself. We witnessed probably the first bow without Keith. Mick forgot to announce Charlie and so on. All in all we have seen a funny show and the music was not more than average. Nevertheless they laid down something, that made me a happy happy happy Stones fan. They played a version of Start me up that I probably would never forget. This could be THE song Keith is alwasy looking for. Rock at it's best. Never heard anything else. I hope its bootlegged.

Thanks to Jim Pietryga for photos.

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