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Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: stonesman87 ()
Date: June 24, 2007 01:57

Does anybody know how to view the multimedia content on the Stripped CD in Windows XP? Or are there any links to a "recompilation rip" of the content that could be burned to DVD?

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: Rolling on ()
Date: June 24, 2007 13:18

I have checked my version and I could not find any multimedia content on it, too. It' s written on the label but there is only the audio session on it. But I have the Voodoo lounge CD Rom and this one works fine on Win XP.

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: bluesinc. ()
Date: June 24, 2007 16:30

the multimedia content was oly with the first print

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: open-g ()
Date: June 24, 2007 18:00

Unless you find an ancient 486 MPC or Mac it's not going to work, unfortunately.
the FAQ sheds some light on the issue, but it won't make it work.
here goes...


The Rolling Stones Stripped CD - as of 10 October 1997

Thank you for purchasing "The Rolling Stones - Stripped" CD.

This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is a combination of help, hints
and trouble shooting with regard to the BONUS interactive multimedia
content on "Stripped". The BONUS multimedia programme, which can be
played on MOST* multimedia computers has been included on "Stripped" for
your enjoyment at no extra charge. But you don't need this FAQ to enjoy
the MUSIC! Just put "Stripped" in your audio CD player and listen to a
superb album by the Rolling Stones which we know you'll enjoy - it
really is a cracker of an album!

* Special Note *
* *
* - This note is an addendum to the original October 1996 FAQ - *
* *
* Since the release of "Stripped" many technological changes have *
* taken place. One such change is in Microsoft Windows 95. *
* Whereas Windows 3.1 and earlier versions of Windows 95 supported *
* Pre-Gap Enhanced CD technology (Pre-Gap ECD) - which is the *
* technology used on "Stripped" - current versions of Windows 95 *
* do not. *
* *
* This unilateral disabling of pre-gap ECD support by Microsoft *
* effectively renders the multimedia content on pre-gap ECD's *
* such as "Stripped" inaccessible under Windows 95. This disabling *
* was implemented without consultation or warning. We discovered *
* the problem when customers reported that copies of "Stripped", *
* which had worked perfectly well before, suddenly ceased working *
* after users upgraded their operating system to the newer versions *
* of Windows 95. *
* *
* Microsoft Windows 95 DOES support the multi-session ECD formats *
* CD-Extra and "Blue Book". All Virgin's current ECD releases are *
* in these formats. *
* *
* If you are reading this FAQ because you have Windows 95 and all *
* you can see are the audio tracks then, unfortunately, you will be *
* unable to access the multi-media content on "Stripped". The CD *
* is not defective, and will work on compatible CD ROMs running *
* under Windows 3.1 or earlier versions of Windows 95. *
* *
* Because "Stripped" is such a great album we manufactured many *
* millions of copies - one of which you now have. We are very *
* sorry for any disappointment - but the problem is due to *
* circumstances completely out of our control. *
* *

But you want to know more about the "Stripped" multimedia programme -
that's why you're looking at this FAQ! Some of you may need a little
help getting started, some just a hint or two and others answers to a

The world of computers is still evolving. There are many conflicting
standards and we've tried to make the "Stripped" multimedia programme
compatable with as many computer systems as possible. But even with our
best intentions it won't work on them all.

It is possible that "stripped" will not play on your computer because of
hardware or software conflicts. If this turns out to be the case for
you, we share in your disappointment - but this is not an inherent fault
in "stripped" - it is simply a limitation of current technology. But
even if the multimedia programme doesn't work for you - the music of The
Rolling Stones "Stripped" is there for your enjoyment - and that is,
after all, what "Stripped" is REALLY all about - the MUSIC.

This FAQ includes answers to all the questions we've received (that we
have answers for!) regarding the "Stripped" multimedia programme. It
will be constantly updated as we find out more. To get the latest
version of this FAQ either e-mail or vist the
stripped help site at []


This FAQ is split into three sections-


a) Minimum System Requirements:-

MPC 486/25sx processor
4 MB RAM free
640x480 monitor
256 colours
300 KB (2x) CD-ROM drive
Windows 3.1 or later
Multimedia compatible Sound Card
QuickTime for Windows 2.0 (included)

b) Loading the CD information:-

Your PC must be a 386, 486 or Pentium model running Micosoft
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. It is important that the programme
is run directly from either of these software options as it
cannot be run through any of the "auxilliary shell" software
packages. Please make sure that any auxilliary shell programmes
are turned OFF.

You must also have Apple Quicktime 2.0 for Windows, which is
included on the "Stripped" CD and can be easily installed.

Place the CD, Printed Side Up, in your PC's CD ROM Drive.
If you have Windows 3.1 - select "File Run" from Programme
Manager. If you have Windows 95 select "File run" from "Start".
Use browse to select your CD ROM Drive - this will probably be
drive D or E.

If Apple Quicktime for Windows has not yet been installed on your PC,
select QTinstal.exe on the CD and click OK. Then click OK again to run
it and follow the instructions.

To play the Multimedia programme simply select the file called
"Program.exe" on the CD and click OK. Then click OK to run it.

Please note: There is NO Setup.exe. Reference to Setup.exe in the CD
Booklet is due to a typographical error. To play the programme all that
is required is to select "Program.exe".

If you need help with using your CD ROM drive or Windows, please
see your PC dealer.

c) Sorting the sound

Your computer must have a Soundblaster compatible sound card
which has been correctly installed and configured in order to
play the Multimedia programme.

If your computer requires external Computer Speakers, be sure
they are plugged in correctly and switched on.

If you're not sure whether your computer has a sound card or how
to configure it, please refer to the sound card installation
instructions or see your computer dealer.

d) Sorting the colours

The Multimedia Programme will only run if your computer can
display in 256 colours.

If you have a PC and are running Windows check your display
settings in "Windows Setup" If you are running Windows 95, check
the Display Settings in Control Panel.

If your PC supports 256 colours, select the 256 colour option and
re-start Windows. Not all PC's support 256 colours and incorrect
settings can cause display problems. However, this problem is
restricted to PC's only and not Apple Mac's.

If you are unsure about your computer's video settings, please
see your computer dealer.

e) Advice on running the CD programme

This multimedia programme has been designed to play on a wide variety of
computers. Not all PC hardware combinations will work. Some video
cards and CD ROM drives (such as NEC) are not compatible. See item
Section 3 - General, item 6 for a list of CD ROMs known to be

Please see your computer dealer about the multimedia
compatibility of your computer.


a) Minimum System Requirements

030 (25 Mhz) processor
4 MB RAM free
13-inch 640x480 monitor
256 colours
300 KB (2x) CD-ROM drive
System 7.01 or later
QuickTime 2.0 (included)

b) Loading the CD information

You must have Apple Quicktime 2.0, which is included on the
"Stripped" CD and can be easily installed.

Place the CD printed side up in your CD ROM drive. When the
"Stripped" icon appears on your Macintosh Desktop, Click on the
"Stripped" icon to open the folder.

If Apple Quicktime 2.0 has not yet been installed on your Mac,
select and drag the contents of the folder labelled "Put these in
your system folder" and place it in your system folder. Then
restart your MAC.

Inside the "Stripped" folder are 2 icons labelled "Stripped 16
bit" and "Stripped 8 bit". Click on the "Stripped 16 bit" first.
If your Mac isn't configured for 16 bit then click on the icon
"Stripped 8 bit" instead.

If you are having difficulty running the Quicktime portion of the
programme, check that you have loaded Quicktime 2.0, Quicktime
Powerplug, Apple Multimedia Tuner & Sound Manager (which are all
included in the programme) into your system folder. If problems
persist, go to Apple, open control panel and find the extensions
manager. Turn OFF all extensions except Apple CD-Rom, Quicktime,
Quicktime Powerplug, and Sound Manager. Then re-start your

If you need further help, please see your Macintosh dealer.

c) Advice on running the CD programme

On all Apple Macintosh Computers the Virtual Memory must be
turned OFF when playing the multimedia programme, otherwise the
system will hang. To turn off Virtual memory, pull down your
Apple Menu Items, select Control Panels and then select memory.
Choose the OFF button under Virtual Memory. If your Macintosh
also has the "Apple Modern Memory Manager", set this to OFF as

This multimedia programme has been designed to play on a wide
variety of Macintosh computers, though not all models are
completely compatible. The Performa 630CD, Power PC6100 and
PC8100 may display some minor cosmetic irregularities within
certain portions of the multimedia programme. The programme will
not run on the new line of "PCI-bussed Mac's" ( notably the 7200,
7500, 8500 and 9500 models).

Please see your Macintosh dealer about the multimedia
compatibility of your Macintosh.


1) Some sections work - but some don't:

If you have successfully installed the programme and are still having
problems with certain sections then try removing the CD from your CD-Rom
drive and cleaning it. If you are still unable to view certain sections
of the programme then it is likely that the CD is damaged. Ask your
retailer to replace it.

2) Stripped & CD+:

Please note that Stripped is an Enhanced CD and NOT a CD+. CD+ is a
different format which requires special CD drivers. Stripped requires
no special drivers.

3) Shattered & Tumbling Dice Footage:

If you are having difficulty finding the backstage footage of
"Shattered" and "Tumbling Dice" - these are accessed by a "secret" hot
area which you can find by moving the mouse cursor over the pendant
around Keith's neck on the main screen (where you select the video,
interviews & lyrics). When the pendant's "hot" and your mouse cursor
passes over it, it will glow. But the pendant's only "hot" sometimes!

(Hint: If you double click on the word "STRIPPED" on the main screen,
you will notice that the background changes colour. The pendant becomes
"hot" when the background is sepia (sort of tan/light brownish) and the
least colourful - happy hunting!)

If your wondering why the guitar break for the backstage footage of
Shattered suddenly becomes a 12-bar blues -- because that's the way God
planned it.

4) Phillips CDi:

The AUDIO portion of the Stripped Enhanced CD CAN be played on Phillps
CDi machines but the MULTIMEDIA portion CANNOT. This is because Phillps
CDi machines will only play Phillips CDi format mutimedia programmes and
not standard CD ROM format - which is what Stripped is.

5) Audio:

Although every effort has been made to make sure the audio portion of
the CD will play on all CD players, a few models are known to have
problems playing the Stripped album because of the bonus multimedia
elements. In some instances, you can play the audio by skipping to Track
2 and then backing into Track 1.

We have discovered that Stripped may not play properly in certain audio
CD players:

Sanyo 10 disc multiplayer (car)
Blaupunkt 10 disc Multiplayer (car)

JVC RC-X3 portable (1988)
Aiwa Discman

Marantz CD-63
Philips CDi 210.

6) CD-ROM Models with known incompatability:

The Stripped Enhanced CD uses the I-TRAX enhanced CD technology to
combine CD audio with CD ROM multimedia content on the same disc. It
does this by "hiding" the CD ROM data in track 1 index 0 of the audio
session on the CD - sometimes refered to as track 0.

Unfortunately, the I-TRAX enhanced CD technology is not compatable with
all brands of CD ROM drive. This is NOT a fault of the Rolling Stone's
Stripped Enhanced CD, but a limitation of the I-TRAX enhanced CD
technology and current variations in CD ROM computer hardware.

The symptoms of an incompatable CD ROM drive are:

1) Only the fourteen audio files ( track01.cda - track14.cda ) are
2) No files at all are recognised on the CD.
3) The CD itself is not recognised as being in the drive.

************ IMPORTANT NOTE re: Windows 95 *********************

Since the release of "Stripped" Microsoft has updated Windows 95.
The newer versions DO NOT support pre-gap Enhanced CD Technology!
Even on CD ROM drives that worked under earlier versions. We're really
sorry but this was completely out of our control. The symptoms are
that Stripped is seen as only an audio CD. This will apply to ALL
pre-gap/hidden track technology Enhanced CDs. Thank you Microsoft.

If you have comments or suggestions pertaining to the I-TRAX enhanced CD
technology, please email I-TRAX directly:

What follows is a list of CD ROM drives which we have discovered are not
compatable with the I-TRAX hidden track tecnology used on stripped.
Most of these makes & models have been brought to our attention SINCE
the release of Stripped. Question marks next to the CD ROM drive
indicate that we have had reports of problems from customers, but we
have been unable to verify or test the make & model in question.

ACER 4x CD-ROM drive (?)
ACER 6x CD-ROM drive (?)
Aztech CD-Rom (x2 speed) (?)
Aztech CDA 268-031 SE double speed CD-ROM drive
Aztech AZT 468-021 (quad speed) (?)
Aztech 6x CD-ROM drive (?)
Cinon 535 (?)
Creative Labs CD-ROM (2x) (?)
Creative Labs CD420E (?)
Creative Labs CR-563 (?)
Dolphin 8000 AT (?)
Matshita CR52X (?)
Matshita UJDCD4700 (?)
Media Vision 6200 (6x) (?)
Mitsumi CD-Rom Drive (2x) (supplied with the SB-Pro) (?)
Mitsumi CD Rom Drive (4x)
Mountain Sidecar Cd-Rom drive (?)
NEC CDR 84-1
NEC Multispin 4XPRO
NEC MultiSpin 6x
NSA Double-speed cd-rom (?)
Oak Technology CD ROM (?)
Oak Technology OTI 011 (?)
Philips CM205
Philips PCA 42CR CD (?)
Philips PCA 52CR/MI (?)
Reveal FCR-C2-P (?)
Sanyo CDR 93MV
Sanyo CDR 254S 1.01 (4x) (?) / CRD-254S 1.01 (?)
Sanyo Quad speed three CD (?)
Sanyo SIG 4X (?)
Sony 55S via Adaptec SCSI (?)
Sony 4x SCSI CD ROM (?)
Sony CDU-33a (?)
Sony CDU-54I Int.
Sony CDU-541 EXT
Sony CDU-6211
Sony CDU-7811-10 EXT.
TEAC CD-56E (6x) (?)
TEAC Quad 4X
Toshiba 3401 (?)
Toshiba T2150 CDT (?)
Toshiba Quad speed IDE CD ROM (Model #?) (?)
Toshiba XM1102B 2 X using ATAPI (?)
Toshiba XM-1202B CD-ROM (?)
Toshiba XM-5302B (?)
Trust 6 Speed CD ROM (?)
Wearnes CD ROM x2 (?)
Yamaha CDU 55S (?)

Please note that MANY of these manufacturers make CD ROMs for other
computer manufacturers who may put their own brand names on them. So it
is possible that you may have one of these drives and not know it.

c Virgin Records Ltd 1996

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: stonesman87 ()
Date: June 25, 2007 01:48

Hmmm .... I've seen all this technical stuff in the past. Very complicated, and that's where I gave up. But I've hit on a new possibility. IsoBuster reveals the "hidden" content and can extract it. I'm working on getting it all off the CD and into some meaningful file organization on my PC. I have all the media files so far, and I can view all the .mov and .pic files with QuickTime, which is a breakthrough in itself. So far so good. I'll do further posts with any other progress I make.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 2007-06-25 03:06 by stonesman87.

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: open-g ()
Date: June 26, 2007 20:53

So, ISO-Buster reveals it - thats good news.
yeah, let us know how it's getting along.

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: stonesman87 ()
Date: June 27, 2007 13:02

Well, I got all the .mov and .pic files off it (they're in the "MEDIA" file) using IsoBuster, and I can group them any way I choose, but menu operation isn't possible with just this lot. I've asked a listed contact at vmg if there's anything that can be done - still waiting for a reply. At least I've achieved the big breakthrough of being able to view all the content once again - that's exactly 100% more than previously! Might have to settle for this, which is pretty good anyway, but if anybody else knows any other techniques to improve on this, go ahead and post a message.

Re: Stripped multimedia content
Posted by: open-g ()
Date: June 27, 2007 14:16

Maybe use a DVD authoring program like in Nero and build an own menue.
you've got all the bits and pieces, it seems.

maybe I'll have a go on my other pc.

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