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ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: Lynd8 ()
Date: August 3, 2022 15:54

This has always been one of my very favorite Stones tracks and was super excited that they finally tackled it this tour! I've checked out a few videos on YT and wondering if anyone as obsessive as me has found a really great sound quality version of it and could steer me to same? (Or just generally the best quality show floating around so far? For this song alone I am hoping they release a live set!

Re: ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: BlueTurns2Grey ()
Date: August 3, 2022 16:04

A MultiCam version with good audio (imo) is included in this Vienna DVD. []

Various Audio Versions:

[] Stockholm
[] Lyon
[] Hyde Park #1 and #2
[] Gelsenkirchen

and a lot more, if you search on these sites.

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Re: ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: Sici ()
Date: August 3, 2022 19:10

I've see London 1, Lyon and Milan.
I think Milan better version of Out Of Time
Waiting a good quality of this song at this show

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Re: ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: exilestones ()
Date: August 4, 2022 14:42

I don't remember which version of "Out of Time" was the best performance but I do remember enjoying one of the performances the most. I also don't remember which performance of "Out of Time" had the best sound where I could hear the guitars well.

I remember watching videos of "Out of Time" when the videographer was recording with the camera pointing towards the stage the sound was good. The the video guy would follow Mick with the camera as he went down the ramp and the sound suffered from not having the recording device pointed towards the speakers.

I know my comments aren't much help in finding the best "Out of Time" in 2022. Sorry. I do share your interest.


I remember being in the pit in Washington DC 2019. Being in the pit sucks from standing for hours, but there's an up close view of the Stones. I do remember hearing the music not through the PA system but directly from the amps on the stage. That is the best part of being down front. "Mercy Mercy" was one of the most beautiful guitar sounds ever coming out of Keith's amp. It was a great performance that cannot be discerned (recognized) from the various audience recordings. The Stones nailed it! I'm hoping tha track is released live.

I went OT about sound.

B2TG thanks for the links above. I'll be listening and watching.

Sici, I think it was Milan I liked the best.

Lynd8, I have no doubt the Stones played "Out of Time" every show for a reason and that reason was to get a great live rendition of "Out of Time,"

Every Stones show in 2022, I go right to "Out of Time."

Some podcaster complained "Out of Time" isn't a guitar song (Stones Month Podcast).

I'm not really into the Metamorphosis album. A lot of it isn't the Stones but rather Mick with session musicians. But I do love "Jiving Sister Fanny," Jimmy Pages' guitar solo on "Heart of Stone" and "Out of Time." I love that version of "Out of Time!"

Rolling Stones stadium shows have a lot of Big Hits. Us Big-Time Fans would rather have an obscure "She Smiled Sweetly" or something like that but the stadium crowd goes wild for "Honky Tonk Woman," "Miss You" and a few other songs. They dance and sing but if they're singing, they are not listening. They're having a real good time!

B2TG, thanks for the video picks!

Re: ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: U2Stonesfan ()
Date: August 4, 2022 19:59

Philipp Happel Video is the best sound quality wise IMO

Re: ISO Best quality "Out of Time"
Posted by: EddieByword ()
Date: August 4, 2022 20:56

This one is pretty good too.....starts 20.31......

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