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Re: Phoenix Rises DVDr
Posted by: 2000 LIGHT ()
Date: September 17, 2005 04:20

How everybody is so sure it is a rip off?
you are nailing this guy to death before verdict.
Now when you are dealing with somebody you dont know, at least you.
ask for trade references.
i am not involve in this trade or buying.
i am following the a soap opera.

does all this story means if i advertise for a video of let say:
Bruxelles forest national 73 16mm video 4O mns proshot
some people ll jump in and i ll pay for my next hollidays??

Listen i am sorry if some of you ll get hurt.
but 25 bucks to learn to be less naive is cheap.

beleive me some people got ripp off much bigger time IN LIFE

Also treats are cheap if you dont mean them .
are you going to complain for not receiving an illegal stuff????????
the phone call to the cheapest lawyer ll cost you more than 25 $.

let s cross fingers and hope this video is real.

Re: Phoenix Rises DVDr
Posted by: Alice ()
Date: September 17, 2005 04:29

What the Hell are you talking about!! It's $25.00 Per Person!! And Yes $25.00 is cheap! The point is that NO ONE SHOULD GET RIPPED OFF PERIOD!!!!!!!!! If this is REESE , then it goes beyond this time!! So i guess it's alright that for every Stones tour this guy changes his name and rips people off! It's time we get this MORON off the lists!

Re: Phoenix Rises DVDr
Posted by: melillo ()
Date: September 17, 2005 18:47

hey 2000 light , either you are joking or you are a moron, take your pick

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