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OT: WC 2010
Posted by: Hurriganes ()
Date: July 14, 2006 14:59

Subject WC 2006 is closed here so it's time to start with WC 2010.

Some speculation about the teams here:


Pinocchio, Libero, Vimto, Memento, Borneo, Tango, Cheerio, Subbuteo, Scenario, Fellatio, Portfolio

SUBS: Placebo, Porno, Polio, Banjo, Brasso, Stereo (L), Stereo (R), Hydrochlorofluoro (GK), Aristotle


Itch, Hardtoreachitch, Scratchanitch, Hic, Sic, Spic, Pric, Digaditch, Fallinaditch, Sewastitch

SUBS: Mowapitch, Letsgetrich, Shagabitch


Whodyanicabolicov, Ticlycov, Chesticov, Nasticov, Slalomsky, Downhillsky, Risky, Mastershev, Taykitov

SUBS: Rubitov, Sodov, Pastryshev, Najinsky, Desert Orchid


Chatanoogaciouciou, Atishiou, Blessiou, Thankyiou, Busqueue, Snookercu, Pennyciou, Twoapennyciou, Fourapennyciou, I'llgetciou, Youandwhosarmi SUBS: U, NonU, ManU, Stuffyiou, Lee Kwan Yu


Toomanigoalssen, Tryandstopussen, Crapdefenssen, Haveagossen, Firstsson, Seccondsson, Thirdsson, Legshurtssen, Notroubleseeingussen, Wherestheballssen, Getthebeerssen

SUBS: Howmanygoalsisthatssen, Finallygaveupcountinssen, Hurryupandblowthewhistlessen, Yourelatedtoalexfergusonssen


Baloni, Potbelli, Beerbelli, Giveitsumwelli, Wotsontelli, Toonsgotkenni, Onetoomani, Legslikejelli, Havabenni, Wobblijelli, Spendapenni

SUBS: Cantthinkofani, Buggermi


San Francisco, Costa Brava, Hopelez, Juan Andonly, Manuel Gearbox, Don Criformi-Argentina, Bodegas, Luis Canon, Sombrero, Chihuahua, Jose Canyouseebythedawnsearlylight

SUBS: Jesus Maria Don Key, Burrito, Speedy Gonzalez, Tequila, Caramba


Kenning van Hire, Van Diemansland, Van der Valk, Per Van der Vert. Van Gard, Van Erealdizeez, Ad van Tagus, Hertz van Rental, Transit van Dors, Van Coova, Van Sprokendown, Aye van Hoe

SUBS: Van Iller, Van Ishincreme, Van Morrison

Anyone rumours about US, Spain, Argentina, Germany... ?

Re: OT: WC 2010
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: July 14, 2006 15:07

Politically very incorrect, but funny as @#$%&! LMAO Loved the Rumanian names

Re: OT: WC 2010
Posted by: Hurriganes ()
Date: July 14, 2006 15:49

Gazza Wrote:
> Politically very incorrect, but funny as @#$%&!

Oh, sorry Gazza. Didn't mean to forget England ;-)

...Bridge, Fridge, Gas-Range, Outch, Lennon, McCartney?

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