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The perfect setlist
Posted by: SeNdEr ()
Date: January 29, 2006 02:18

This is the perfect setlist, it has all, 4 abb songs, Rough Justice, ONNYA, Rain Fall Down and This Place Is Empty, it is just perfect, it has also gimme shelter, Worried About You, of course it could be mixed up with Sweet Virginia, As Tears Go By and Ruby Tuesday and it would be perfect anyway, you got also Rocks Off and it can be mixed with All Down The Line, just see this setlist, it is one of the best from this tour, i think they should play this setlist everynight, but with Paint It Black istead Love Is Strong maybe but anyway Love Is Strong is awesome...

Jumping Jack Flash
Let's Spend The Night Together
Oh No Not You Again
Love Is Strong
Rocks Off
Worried About You
Rain Fall Down
Midnight Rambler
Tumbing Dice
--- Introductions pt. 1
Gimme Shelter
--- Introductions pt. 2
This Place Is Empty (Keith)
Happy (Keith)
Miss You (to B-stage)
Rough Justice
Get Off Of My Cloud
Honky Tonk Women (to main stage)
Sympathy For The Devil
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar
You Can't Always Get What You Want (encore)
Satisfaction (encore)

Re: The perfect setlist
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: January 29, 2006 02:26

That pretty much resembles the setlist from MSG 1 last week

I was there and it was a very good setlist (although I preferred the 2nd night), but I'd hate them to keep ANY setlist static for the rest of the tour. Not only for the fans' sakes, but for themselves as they run the risk of getting into autopilot mode

I wish they'd shake the final "post B stage" warhorses set up a bit - and changing the running order around doesnt count!. Its essentially been the same for about 30 years, with the only rotation being one of the 6-7 songs being used as an opener instead.

Re: The perfect setlist
Posted by: SeNdEr ()
Date: January 29, 2006 02:29

yes, it is from the MSG show, of course many song can be mixed but i think this should be the structure

Re: The perfect setlist
Posted by: Gazza ()
Date: January 29, 2006 02:49

I think if they're going to play 4 songs from ABB each night (and they only did 3 on the 2nd night at MSG), it might work better to rotate them. Say 4 one night and another 4 the next night when theyre playing 2 shows in one city

Its doable because theyve already performed about half of the album anyway and its made for live performance, but also because the vast majority of the people in the audience (if MSG was any indication) werent that interested in the ABB songs they played anyway - so if theyre going to play these songs (and they should) it doesnt really matter THAT much which ones they choose.

Re: The perfect setlist
Posted by: Here it Comes ()
Date: January 29, 2006 02:50

I think what's been interesting about the Stones the last four years is that they keep changing the setlist. I think if they toured with the same setlist every night, as they did for many years, we wouldn't be here posting every day.

At this point, with 42 years of recording under their belt (I'm sure someone will correct me on this), I don't think there is one ultimate setlist for the Rolling Stones any longer. I think they have managed to turn themselves into the sports arena version of a jukebox/bar band, and I think that's amazing in itself.

I saw the Garden shows last week, and, really, I thought they did a super job of covering their career. Virtually no era was left unexamined and, if you consider their four nights in New York over the last six months, they leaned heavily on what everyone thinks is their best period: "Let it Bleed," "Sticky Fingers," and "Exile." Not to mention "Get Off My Cloud," "Let's Spend the Night Together," "19th Nervous Breakdown," and "As Tears Go By" (hell yeah).

I think they finally got it right -- after all these years. It's too bad they weren't doing this in 1981. The arrangements on all the songs are exactly what make you jump out of your seat, and, given the circumstances, I found little to complain about last week.

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