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Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: djgab ()
Date: January 9, 2024 20:16

dear Björnulf,

I really would like to thank you for this great and unique place on earth.
A place where one can meet nice and knowledgeable people and discuss about music, art and all sort of Stones related stuff.

You can even start a band if you want it !

I really hope we can find soon a solution to keep this blues alive.

All the best

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: matthijst ()
Date: January 9, 2024 20:23

Wow, cool to read your life story and how you came up with the fanclub and this forum throughout the years.
Thanks for all the years you spent keeping it running and welcoming to everyone. smileys with beer

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: shawnriffhard1 ()
Date: January 10, 2024 02:10

Dear Bjornulf,
Thank you for the work you've done and the life you've led. IORR has been a part a centerpiece of my world since the mid 80's. I used to go to Tower Records in Sacramento to get the magazine and spent one of the most exciting nights of my life standing next to you in London, waiting to get tickets to the Brixton Academy show. I've been a daily reader on the web since at least 97 with the Bridges press conference. I wish you and yours the very best life has to offer.

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Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: edsaid ()
Date: January 10, 2024 16:32

Dear Bjornulf,

In the many years I have tuned in to IORR, I have rarely commented, but your site has been a fixture in my life and I want to thank you for all the work you have done here.

As a Stones-obsessed fan since the late 1960's, when I was just a kid, I have spent too much timing searching for info on the records, the concerts and all sorts of other matters concerning the band.

And IORR provided info, insights, conversation and fun like nothing else. I'm not much younger than you and can relate to your desire to move on. I hope the next phase goes well and you thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Stones726 ()
Date: January 10, 2024 21:12

BV- thank you for this great forum! You are the #1 Rolling Stones aficionado!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: novica ()
Date: January 11, 2024 08:35

Dear BV,

for the last 20+ your IORR was my first page in IE,Firefox...Chrome, along with first cup of coffee at work.
"Tell Me...Hot stuff..." became my living room and boy what a roommates are here, the best in the "www...."!
IORR was and still is my first tab in browser.
I think, pardon, I know that I'm not aware how much I've learned here during this was quite a journey, in fact still is...
Words can't express enough how much I'm grateful for all the hard work and effort and countless hours of dedication to keep this forum going for such a long is quite unique, hats down!
I wish you and to your family all the best!
One more thing, our paths never crossed in the past but I surely hope and with all of my heart wish to finally meet you somewhere on the road...

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: KillRill ()
Date: January 12, 2024 10:12

Dear BV,

really thank you! I won't repeat everything forum mates wrote to you because they just perfectly expressed my feelings and gratitude for what you did and still doing with this site.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Jimmer ()
Date: January 12, 2024 15:35


All I can really say in a most heartfelt way is: THANK YOU, BV ... for everything ... for your passion for the Stones ... for your undying commitment to the Stones and their fans and providing such an amazing, precious, invaluable resource for us all ... for all of these many, many years!

God Bless You and Your Family, BV, and All of our IORR members and families!

You are the Best, BV!


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: mattstones ()
Date: January 12, 2024 17:12

Bet you didn't think back in 1971 that you would be retiring before the Stones!

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Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: satisfaction2 ()
Date: January 12, 2024 17:54


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Djuro ()
Date: January 12, 2024 20:52

Dear Bjornulf,

Thank you so much for everything. Your dedicated work and passion are priceless.


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: parislocksmith ()
Date: January 14, 2024 10:58

Thank you, BV!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: The Joker ()
Date: January 14, 2024 18:08

Bjornulf.... Since it's a goodbye... Maybe we could have a sort of page, apart from Tell Me forum, for IORReans wishing to write their emails and location. Thanks again for you kind hard work.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Date: January 14, 2024 18:24

Dear BV,

It is likely that none of us have any idea just how much time and effort has been put into this site. I have been on this site since 1997. I do not think that I have ever let three days go by without checking on NEWS and/or TELL ME.

I have always thought perhaps you were a secret employee of the band. Obviously you have inside information which has been spot on accurate.
Every time you spoke of an upcoming tour - it happened.

There is so much bootleg Stones music that I would be completely unaware of had it not been for this site and I bet I have only availed myself of a small fraction of the music traded and shared here. If it was not for this site, I would not even know of the latest 3-disc bootleg. FULLY FURNISHED STUDIO OUTTAKES. MOSTLY A GREAT COLLECTION OF PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN STONES MUSIC. BUT THAT'S JUST ONE EXAMPLE. Another favorite, FOR YOUR PRECIOUS LOVE. One of the mysteries of life, why do The Rolling Stones record so much music that remains unreleased? Well, perhaps there will be an avalanche of releases over the next 20 years, long after the band breaks up.

What should happen:
THE CORPORATION THAT IS THE ROLLING STONES SHOULD PAY YOU and/or PAY SOMEONE (A FAN) TO KEEP THIS SITE ACTIVE GOING FORWARD. I am fairly certain that they can afford it. How many MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of advertising have you done for them over the past two decades plus?

Perhaps you only consider me a casual fan. I have owned every Stones album on LP, on CD and now digital download. I own scores of bootlegs.... and I have seen the band a mere dozen times.

But they really are the Greatest Rock and roll band in the world and you are the greatest fan in the world - because of how your shared your knowledge with the entire world. THANK YOU!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Chinnyone ()
Date: January 14, 2024 23:49

First time posting. Stones fan since aged 13 and heard JJF, then then I too worked through their back catalogue and what treasures I was to discover! Huge thanks to you BV. Happy retirement and I hope a newbie group can take up the New Forum soon. You are a treasure BV! Thanks. We need IORR!!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: frankotero ()
Date: January 15, 2024 15:30

I don't like piggy-backing too much. But in this case I have to say this site has been my go to everyday, sometimes several times. It's hard to imagine the possibility of it going away. So, thank you BV for making people like me happy all these. Certainly you deserve a restful life. Cheers!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: blivet ()
Date: January 17, 2024 17:17

I check in here every day without fail, and this site has been an invaluable source of entertainment and information over the years. Thank you, bv.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: shadooby ()
Date: January 17, 2024 22:41

Thanks for everything. Probably the only bookmark I can say I’ve had on every computer since I first got on the big web some 20 odd years ago. Not far behind you on the retirement thing. I’m not that old but my career has taken it’s toll on my bones.

Best of luck buddy.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: sotob ()
Date: January 18, 2024 21:35

Thank you so much for your time and effort!! I visit here all day. Love starting my day with coffee and going to the 'hot stuff' section.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Tonstone ()
Date: January 18, 2024 22:08

Thank you BV. For your time and dedication in making this site available in a dignified and debatable place to discuss and post.
I understand it must be a huge burden on you and your downtime' Just want you to know of my appreciation for all you have done. This is the most visited site I have ever used every day at least 4 times.
Good luck and best wishes in what you do.

smileys with beerthumbs up

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: filstan ()
Date: January 19, 2024 00:37

Eternal gratitude BV for all that you built here supporting fans of THE ROLLING STONES. This forum is world class and has been part of my life for many years. I wish you well in all pursuits moving forward. Thank you so very much!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: mickijaggeroo ()
Date: January 19, 2024 09:51

BV, a job well done and executed, thank You!

Nordic Stones Vikings

thumbs upRe: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Harlix ()
Date: January 19, 2024 11:03

BV Thanks for all the information and updates you've given us over the years

Nordic Stones Vikings

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Christos ()
Date: January 19, 2024 11:54

Dear BV

I had the pleasure to chat with you on a flight from Belgrade to Athens, back in 2007. I remember how surprised I was when I realised IORR was an one-man project!

I can't imagine how hard it will be to get valid information about the Stones without IORR. I have always been checking your site for rumours on tours, new music and everything Stones-related. I really appreciate that you succeeded in keeping this place strictly about the Music and kept it clean from sensationalism. The way you've handled some sensitive issues over the years should be taught in journalism seminars.

I hope this is not a goodbye. I wish that whoever joins the Next Generation IORR will bring new energy into this project, same as Steve Jordan did to the Stones!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: TDive25 ()
Date: January 19, 2024 13:24


Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Stoneage ()
Date: January 19, 2024 20:33

It's an Herculian work really running this website on your own, BV. All kudos for that. I have differed with you about your decision to exclude world news and events,
outside the fan bubble, from the site but I can understand why you made that decision. Anyway, thanks for your long time effort running this fan site.

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: no satisfaction ()
Date: January 19, 2024 20:55

hello BV, this message to thank you. This site has always been a reference for me regarding the Rolling Stones. During all these years spent reading the group's news, thanks to you and some of its participants, I was able to perfect my education spinning smiley sticking its tongue out (the stones) and learn more about the life and work of my favorite group. It's weird to read your post and think that this could all end one day. I keep hoping that this new project remains in the same spirit and that you will be able to keep an eye on it. In any case, thank you again for all this gigantic work, I wish you a happy retirement and a happy new year 2024 "100% rock'n roll thumbs upspinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Ricky ()
Date: January 19, 2024 23:53

BV Thank you !

This is the first page that I usually visit every day in the morning for the last 25 ? years.

Thanks for your hard work, for your time....

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: Woody24 ()
Date: January 20, 2024 14:29

BV, thank you so much for all your work and passion over all these years.

Without going into a long story, it was because of you and this incredible website that I was able to see The Stones at the intimate venue, “The Joint” at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in 1998

I come here daily for all the reliable news and rumors regarding the band. Thank you so much and God bless.

"Take all the pain...It's yours anyway"

Re: Next Generation IORR
Posted by: 1fatum ()
Date: January 20, 2024 17:19

Thank You BV

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