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Brown Sugar related posts will be deleted
Posted by: bv ()
Date: October 2, 2021 07:52

IORR has been spammed by political posts related to "Brown Sugar" in the past. Unfortunately, but sure like the sun rise every day, some people make this a highly political discussion. The discussion may be harmless initially, but within minutes and hours, a highly political fight will start.

Hundreds of posts have been spamming the live threads as well as many other threads. I have spent hours and hours cleaning up offending and/or political posts, and deleting access to those who clearly are troll posting. So here is the deal:

- Please do not post about Brown Sugar in any threads for now
- Please do not quote any Brown Sugar or BS or similar "bait" posts

Challenging the IORR posting policy may lead to loss of posting access, i.e. getting banned from posting.

If you have posted, or quoted, in violation of the above, feel free to "Edit post", and clear it off the forum.


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Re: Brown Sugar related posts will be deleted - posting access to be deleted as well
Posted by: bv ()
Date: October 13, 2021 20:33

There was a mention of Brown Sugar in an interview with LA Times and Rolling Stone last week, as mentioned in the IORR news entry dated Oct 7, see below.

Feel free to read the articles and the comments, by using the links in the IORR news entry:


Any attempt to start a new discussion on Brown Sugar politics will be handled just like I said in the first post here, see above. No change. There has been new attempts to start new political discussion here now, they have all been deleted. No change. IORR is not open for political discussions. It seems like it is impossible for some to discuss BS and the case without getting highly political and offending. These discussions turn bad and highly political within just a few minutes. So no more posts here on IORR about Brown suggar now, no matter if you find a reference in any sorts of media. End of story.

Oct 7: Los Angeles Times interview with The Rolling Stones
Los Angeles Times have a great report ahead of The Rolling Stones shows at the SoFi Stadium in LA Oct. 14 and 17. Talking about the new album the Stones have been working on for a long time, they happily confirmed that Charlie Watts laid down his parts for a number of songs before he died. "Let me put it this way," Keith Richards said. "You haven’t heard the last of Charlie Watts." See the Los Angeles Times report 'You haven't heard the last of Charlie': Rolling Stones on a bittersweet tour and new music, and the IORR thread 'You haven't heard the last of Charlie' - Los Angeles Times.


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