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Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: Erhard51 ()
Date: April 7, 2020 22:33

I got a Keith plektrum, Cologne 30.05.1990,

and the original setlist from the B-Stage, Hamburg 15.08.2007.

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Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: georgie48 ()
Date: April 8, 2020 11:56

Some are very spoiled ...

Keith's "Happy" guitar pick (second Nijmegen NL concert 1995)
Ronnie's guitar pick (Amsterdam Arena 2017) (my oldest daughter caught it)
Mick's T-shirt (Arnhem Gelredome 2017) (my youngest daughter "won" a battle with my help)

According to some near me Charlie (looking to me) threw a drumstick to me in Mannheim (1998), and almost hit my head, while I was just looking in another direction, aagghh. But off course I never forget the gesture cool smiley

Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: stones2 ()
Date: April 8, 2020 17:39

daniel t
Montreal, 1998... I was with my brother, 5th row Ronnie's side. At one point, Ronnie threw his pick and it passed right beside my head and hit the guy behind in the chest. It fell on the floor and 5-6 people dived to get it. I stayed standing watching the show. At a certain moment, all the people stood up probably thinking another guy got it. My brother looked on the floor, bent as if he was picking something on the floor and asked me ''Is that what you were looking for?''
I kissed him and I still got this pick at home. At he hand of the show, Charlie threw his right hand stick and it was coming towards me but clearly too high. I turned around and saw a guy's hand catching it 2-3 rows behind me. I turned back to the stage and watched the Stones make their salute to the crowd.
Turns out that the guy didn't catch the stick or dropped it and it ended up under my chair.
Again, my brother went to get it and even touched it, but at the very last second, the guy behind me took it. I looked at him. He was short and very skinny.... The thoughts that went threw my mind.... I'm not gonna tell you hahahahahah
Anyway... Still got Ronnie's pick at home and it has a very personal value 'cause my brother died a couple of years after. He got me that pick :-)

Sorry for brother ..

Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: strat72 ()
Date: April 9, 2020 00:53

Charlie's drum stick - Brixton Academy 1995.

I had to struggle for it though. Luckily, I caught it smack bang in the middle, and there was no way I was letting it go.

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Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: Koen ()
Date: April 9, 2020 05:44

When my kid was born I wanted to call him Charlie, wife said no. My favorite stone , Charlie, my favorite footballer Charlie Nicholas (when at Celtic). I now think he is a wee shite. Anyway she said no, kid came two weeks early, on Charlie Watts birthday. It’s a sign. She said no. I wrote to Charlie watts & told him the story along with 2 photos of my kid (not called Charlie) playing the drums. He signed both them & send them back to me. He is now my kid’s favorite Stone

Great story adress Charlie ????

Charlie Watts

Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: SteveDMosley ()
Date: April 9, 2020 10:45

One Pick from Ronnie - was in the Pit at the first London Gig in 2018 ;-)

Re: Drumstick Charlie
Posted by: Carnaby ()
Date: April 11, 2020 17:24

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