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Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: BluzDude ()
Date: January 9, 2018 22:11

To the OP, thank you so much for bringing Oasis back into my consciousness! I loved the first album but not much more. After following this post I checked it out and they have a 3 disk version of Definitely Maybe packed full of goodies and I also found an excellent 94 boot to go along with it. Great Rock and Roll no matter what anybody says!

Haha Your welcome, I’ve been doing the same.

Check out the Wetlands 1994 Gig on YouTube. I only wish it was a little better quality.


Great stuff Thanks Coffeepotman !!

Tonight I'm a rock 'n' roll star
You're not down with who I am
Look at you now you're all in my hands tonight


Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: bitusa2012 ()
Date: January 10, 2018 04:01

It was Oasis or Blur back in those days, weren't it? And Oasis CLEARLY won out.

Huge band in their heyday, DOWNUNDER as well, that regretfully couldn't keep it together. Their early albums are packed with sensational, yes derivative, music and songs. Much like - well - The Stones, a band who's 2 primary leaders at least 'get on' enough to keep touring!

The Stones cribbed off, mainly, Berry.
Oasis cribbed off The Beatles. If you're going to mimic someone, to the degree Oasis did, well, The Beatles aren't too bad a band to 'copy'.

I can only imagine what Oasis would be doing if their 2 leaders could have 'got on' better.

****** Rod - love the missus, the Stones, Springsteen, Travel, NYC, Cars and Apple.

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: Hairball ()
Date: January 10, 2018 06:23

It was Oasis or Blur back in those days, weren't it? And Oasis CLEARLY won out.

Always preferred the quirkiness, originality, and creativity of Blur vs. Oasis.
I still listen to Blur to this day as something I truly enjoy vs. listening to Oasis's first two albums and B-sides for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.
I saw Blur at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years ago and they were f*king great unlike some of the Oasis shows I've seen which were always a bit monotonous.

"Rip this joint, gonna save your soul..."

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: Big Al ()
Date: January 10, 2018 08:36

I remember being a twelve-year-old in the school playground, discussing Roll With It vs Country House. If anyone recalls, Blur won that manufactured battle, but Oasis won the war.

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: Wild Slivovitz ()
Date: January 10, 2018 13:11

"Country House" was excellent, while "Roll With It" sounded underwhelming to me.

"Some Might Say" was so much better, and I prefer it also over "Country House".

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: JumpinJimF ()
Date: January 10, 2018 13:55

Oasis are great fun. Especially the first two albums, plus The Masterplan (odds and ends).

Derivative of course and don't take them too seriously though. The Suspersonic documentary was hilarious.

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: Adrian-L ()
Date: January 11, 2018 14:57

As alluded to be the brother's G in the excellent & hilarious 'Supersonic' film, it all got too big & corporate.

they were never the same band after Knebworth.
They were great live & on record before Knebworth (saw them at the Astoria, Earls Court etc, etc on their memeoric rise) & plenty of times after with differing lineups & differing levels of onstage & audience enthusiasm.)

Knebworth - somehow (luck was on my side) I managed to bag tickets for the original Saturday show via the Oasis phone hotline the morning they went on sale (when that sold out in record time, they added a second show for the next day).

Knebworth was crazy mental.
6-7 support acts on a blazing hot August day watched by 200,000 .

Oasis made the mistake of hiring The Prodigy as the support act who proceeded them. They're set happened at dusk.
They had 200,000 in the palms of their hands.
You ever been in a 200,000 strong crowd that are pogoing??
Absolutely unforgettable & exhausting.
Problem was after that & 7-8 hours standing in the sun the crowd had no energy left for the headliners & Oasis seemed unusually subdued too...


Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: potus43 ()
Date: January 13, 2018 03:18

So soand band

Re: OT: Oasis
Posted by: MadMax ()
Date: January 13, 2018 12:40

I catched them three days before Knebworth at Sjöhistoriska in Stockholm, it was magical! Liam came out on stage like Nosferatu drinking Guinness and with a proper menace not seen since Keith in the 70's.
Thank God for England, bringing us real Rock stars since 1943.
smileys with beer

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