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Revenge for Altamont
Posted by: slakka ()
Date: August 6, 2013 03:25

With the fiasco still fresh in the minds of bay area folk this went down shortly thereafter.

Vol. 70, Mo. 21
5 Sections 66 PAGES
11,000 View
Brawl After
Cycle Heroics
Two Hell's Angels were hurt and ten others routed
by furious motorcycle fans at the Cow Palace after daredevil
stunt rider Evel Knievel first jumped 1L automobiles
with his motorcycle, then punched a member of
,he Hell's Angel motorcycle club in the face.
An estimated 11,000 ,._.
w i t n e s s e d Knievel's worldrecord-
setting feat and about
150 of them joined Knievel's reaction
to being thrown at or otherwise
being hindered during
lis jump by Hell's Angels
cording to Daly City police.
Delayed in his jump for some
45 minutes because of a broken
cycle chain, Knievel told his audience
motorcycle gangs were
tarnishing the image of motorcycle
Then, as K n i e v e l roared
along, bent on breaking his own
indoor record for distance jumpng,
a man wearing a Hell's Anjel's
jacket but otherwise unidentified
either threw some object
at Knievel or jumped out in
front of the rider — police were
not certain which.
Police said Knievel completed
his jump
where the
rode his cycle to
Hell's Angel stood
(Please See Page 8, Column 8
flopped the bike and belted him.
This triggered the crowd, police
said, and many poured onto
the floor. For about ten minutes
some 150 fans were involved in
fights with the Hell's Angels,
who were escorted to safety by
Daly City police. .
Taken to Mary's Help Hospital
for treatment of cuts and
bruises and minor head injuries
were Richard Smith of 101 Los
Banos, Daly City, and Joseph
Sanchez of San Jose.
After being escorted out of the
Cow Palace by police, the other
Angels quickly went to the hospital
to see their injured comrades.
Several of those who attacked
the Angels called United
Press International later.
They refused to be identifiec
but said "The Angels ruined the
scene at Altamont and they ru
ined things again t o n i g h t
They're a bunch of phonies."
The Altamont reference was
(Please See Page 8, Column 3)

Hell's Angels
Are Attacked
(Continued From Page 1)
o a December 6 Rolling Stones
ock concert attended by 300,000
jersons. The Angels were hired
jo guard the stage and a member
of the group allegedly killed
another youth.
Daly City Police Sgt. Ralph
Varren and Broadmoor Police
patrolman Walt Krizman were
at Mary's Help Hospital las
night — Warren with two vicims
of the Cow Palace disturbance;
Krizman on a matter
rom his own jurisdiction.
Both lawmen were standing
alking and drinking coffee with
"girl Hell's Angel," to quote
At one point during their con
rersation, the girl tugged at the
op of her trousers and, Warren
aid, a 32-caliber r e v o l v e r
ilunged down the pantsleg to
he floor.
And it was loaded.
Mary Elizabeth Poummer. 20
f 1140 Lighthouse, Monterey
was taken into custody on
charges of possessing a concealed
weapon and possessing a
loaded weapon.

Re: Revenge for Altamont
Posted by: stonehearted ()
Date: August 6, 2013 03:30

Funny how they would publish the actual street address of one of the HAs ("Richard Smith of 101 Los Banos, Daly City")--perhaps people who worked at the paper also wanted revenge....

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