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Re: Nasty violent incident in T3 13th July - Anyone else close to it and see it ?
Posted by: grzegorz67 ()
Date: July 16, 2013 21:36

Thanks for all your anecdotes and responses to this - my personal pick has to be Green Lady's 'Harmonica Man'. Blimey, that would drive me absolutely insane! How did he last so long ? I'm surprised no-one took it off him.

Overall I thought security & general organisation of both events was absolutely abysmal. They seemed to have a policy of letting anyone misbehaving back in again, where they invariably caused further trouble.

A FOS section for early birds in T3 would have sorted 80+ % of the pushing in problems but there wasn't one. Let's face it we just knew after all those early chops and changes to the floorplan back in April that it was a stick-on cert to be a shambles.

The only 1 good thing for me was the volunteers up front handing out water and refilling peoples' empty bottles.

I put it all down to AEG and the Stones' choice of them as promoter. Clearly they were chosen as they paid the best fee but it's abundantly clear they achieve this by cutting corners & costs!

Crap inadequate security,

No organised FOS for T3,

Shambolical entry to park for early arrivers - what did everyone think of that
head of security bossing everyone about in an unnecessary OTT way? What a prat!

Non delivery of tickets for many thousands with zero communication about box office pick up arrangements causing untold stress.

I still haven't been refunded my delivery charges for 6th.

2 great shows and I don't regret going but come back Michael Cohl - all is forgiven !!!

Does anyone have a link to PaulyWaul's AEG feedback form as I plan to vent my spleen....

Stones, if you care about your fans' experience, please, please please drop-kick this incompetent shower of sh!t (AEG).

Re: Nasty violent incident in T3 13th July - Anyone else close to it and see it ?
Posted by: Beast ()
Date: July 16, 2013 21:56

Feedback form here:


Re: Nasty violent incident in T3 13th July - Anyone else close to it and see it ?
Posted by: wolfmeister ()
Date: July 16, 2013 22:06

Green Lady

The other Security concern was Harmonica Man - tall, thin, scruffy, clearly a bit out of it, insisting on playing along on harmonica (quite well from what little I could hear) to all the acts - sometimes while lying on his back. He was pulled out once, judged to be OK-but-eccentric, and put back - but taken out again during the Stones set looking very much the worse for wear and not returned.

ha ha, he was outside the fence on sat 6th, wearing guitar socks with his trousers tucked into them, lol, and playing a harmonica.

Re: Nasty violent incident in T3 13th July - Anyone else close to it and see it ?
Posted by: Whale ()
Date: July 16, 2013 23:42

Well, I was in T3, a bit by the side, but with only two rows ahead of me since noon or so. It was not a great great spot I realised later on cause you didn't see shit unless Jagger or Richards showed up in front of us. In which case it was very nice to be where I was. Otherwise I could just see jagger's head.
Anyway, also there people were trying to move in at a late stage. We stopped a few but two young guys indeed just made their way past us getting exactly to the spot where others here writing had been since much earlier.
It was very annoying and there were later on a few incidents with security. But the lesson learnt is that people can just push their way in, without security doing a thing.
The only thing that can stop this behaviour is action from the people who did wait. There were a couple of people quit effective. But you need to be big to be effective.
All in all the atmosphere was less than optimal towards the front, but there were a lot of nice people too ( Hi Karsten and Nina! ) Personally I prefer this to the o2 arena, which wasn't half the fun of what we had on saturday evening.

Re: Nasty violent incident in T3 13th July - Anyone else close to it and see it ?
Posted by: gotdablouse ()
Date: July 17, 2013 00:23

Yeah I don' think I would chance the front of GA without being in a group, there were about 13 of us in the corner of the catwalk/stage and while the beginning was a bit shaky after the mad dash at around 11.50, things settled down pretty quickly and no one managed to barge in. We were able to alternate all alfternoon between sitting and standing and leaning against the rail and even some loo/food runs although it was really hard to hack your way through! We only had to stand at the end of Jake Bugg's set.

The catwalk was very helpful too, obviously for those against it but also because it prevented any massive left/right movements and allowed for very liberal handing out of water, even during the show.

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