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Stones re-start work on new album 14/3/05
Posted by: stones40 ()
Date: March 11, 2005 23:59

Mick,Keith & Charlie travelled to France this week and will be joined on Monday 14/3/05 by Ronnie & Daryl Jones to re-comence work/mixing the new album.
Early indications of song pre-work is that Mick/Keith have went right back to their roots to try and find the spark that created the songs on albums as Beggars Banquet,Let it Bleed,Sticky Fingers & EOMS.
Comments by Don Was that he has never heard the Stones write/play this type of sound makes me wonder in which direction they are travelling.
I sincerely hope that it is back to the Stones Rock & Roll roots and not future based R &R style songs such as Stealing my Heart.
There again the Stones are entitled to write brand new songs in any style/direction that they want -who are we to be telling the guys what they should do.

Re: Stones re-start work on new album 14/3/05
Posted by: Fansince1964 ()
Date: March 12, 2005 11:27

To be honest, your post is so positive that it seems to be made up.
Please tell us where you've heard this comment or where you read them.

I must say that it is good news though! Back to Beggars Banquet and stuff. Well maybe now they will throw a custard pie into Ronnies face too, just to make sure he knows he a real Rolling Stones after all these years. I'm just ironic now.
Really it's good news, I've lways longed for a BB revisited album but still with a feeling of being in the 2005.



Re: Stones re-start work on new album 14/3/05
Posted by: stones40 ()
Date: March 13, 2005 18:36

Fansince 1964 this is a genuine article.
I do not post specific messages about the Stones unless absolutely certain that they are true.
If you are looking for confirmation Stonesdoug on shidobee and have posted similar information.
Stonesdoug provided part of the info. first and foremost as he has sources about Stones movements which are always sound but the source is strictly confidential.
Mick,Keith & Charlie have been in France most of w/c 7/3/05 working on the new album.
Ronnie Wood & Daryl Jones are due in France 14/3/05 onwards to add their parts.
How long it will take to complete only the Stones will know but an August 2005 release date is prime time if a new world tour starting September.05
is to happen.
There have been so many rumours and conjecture on the boards re the new album that subject matter has often become bitter & twisted.
Hopefully now that the Stones are back in full swing fans will be a bit more patient as the two biggest events of the year start to materialize.

Re: Stones re-start work on new album 14/3/05
Posted by: stones40 ()
Date: March 14, 2005 22:35

Re: Stones in the studio
According to steen from the french message board "The World Is Stones", Mick, Darryl, and Keith are back in France. The guys have been seen today at Tours airport, near Mick's castle.
Mick,Darryl,Bernard were all actively involved at Ronnie's gig last night.
Today 14/3/05 they have joined Keith & Charlie in France for what one wonders - could it be to restart working on the new album.
The Stones are scheduled for 1 weeks work on the new album starting today.
Once again stonesdoug plus other well informed sources lay the route down almost a week in advance
of it happening.
Strong information that firm news about whether the next tour will be starting in America in August rather than Sept 2005 will be confirmed by 31/3/05.

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