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Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: The Sicilian ()
Date: April 3, 2011 07:52

Today it is called suicide by cop. The Angels were hired for security. So who is to blame? In todays world, every shyster lawyer would be suing the Stones.

Bottom line is he pulled out a gun and now he is fertilizer.

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: Doc ()
Date: April 3, 2011 09:01

Sad that he has no headstone to mark his grave.

According to Wikipedia, sufficient donations were received after the screening of the film to pay for a headstone.

This guy came to a show with a gun, the reaction of the security crew probably would've been the same if he had been white, yellow or any other color...

The gravestone makes me kinda ironic. This grave had no stone put on it for over 30 years so I believe "In Memory Of" instead of "Loving Memory" would have been more accurate.
People who loved the guy would have done something earlier.

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: brianwalker ()
Date: April 3, 2011 13:16

geez. I come here because I thought you guys knew everything.

The Angles roughed up Hunter when he stepped on a speaker or something. One of them pushed or punched him. Thats when he pulled the gun. There is more video of Hunter at the concert but the Stones won't release it. He brought the gun because he was at the concert earlier and saw the Angels roughing people up. . She was a big Jagger fan and he wanted to take her to see the Stones.

Obviously he shouldn't have brought the gun, but had the Angels acted like human beings the gun never would have been an issue. After stabbing him they also stood on his head for a while and woulnd't let anyone near him to help him. I can't believe people are taking their side. Personally i wish he would have shot a couple of them ( the gun was loaded ) and got away. I wish Sonny Barger ended up with a hole in his throat many many years earlier. But hey I can't stand guys who think they are tough guys because they ride motorcycles and win fights when its 5 to 1 in their favor ALL THE TIME. But thats just me.

I also hate the Angels because they had Marty Balin on the ropes and didn't finish him off. Because of that we all had to endure his 80s music. They can all go to hell.

I was with you up until the last line about Marty Balin. So much for crediblity.thumbs down

Its called a joke.

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: rooster ()
Date: April 3, 2011 17:39

The Hell's Angels beat the crap out of innocent white people all day long. That's part of the whole Altamont legacy. To say they killed MH because he was a black man with a white woman is quite a leap in logic.

MH brought this gun because he was with a white woman and knew he would need it as protection? Remember, this was San Francisco in 1969! This was the center of the hippie-peace-love everybody universe. This was not in Mississippi.

Remember, we are all speculating about motives and everyone's thought process. But a criminal court jury, who heard what real evidence there was to hear from actual witnesses, found the Angel, Not Guilty.

You or I don't have to like it or agree with it. I'm just sayin the jury was in a better position to judge this, than we are, with our pre-concieved notions of what transpired some 40 years go.
if one study the history of north america...espsc the sixties...i wouldnt trust the court to much....but racist?
Thats so hard to say....ther was many black cats(or should i say panthers at that fest...)walking around...mind you i never saw so many coloured folks(smirk)......
at a stanes show(and i saw a lot!)just dont forget it just was a heavy period...for everybody...all the hippies all the hope and the flowers...apartheid just vanished foo 5 years! That and the mood of the times...makes one wonders....there was not more casualties....stupid to say i know but i think the show was much better than hyde park...anyway god bless that poor guy...and his blondie

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: jpasc95 ()
Date: April 3, 2011 18:28

...there was also ku klux klan hanging around with a precise goal...

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: melillo ()
Date: April 3, 2011 19:41

nice , mixed feelings on whether he should have been killed or not, he did pull a gun though

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: LeonidP ()
Date: April 4, 2011 05:33

nice , mixed feelings on whether he should have been killed or not, he did pull a gun though

just to be clear, i certainly don't think he SHOULD have been killed. I think they could have definitely subdued him without the stabbing. All I am trying to say is once you take a gun out, all bets are off - you can't get a guarantee on how others will react once you go that route.

Re: Meredith Hunter documentary
Posted by: treaclefingers ()
Date: April 4, 2011 05:54

duke richardson
wrong. they certainly would have done the same as they did to Hunter if he had been white. He pulled a gun! plus the Angels were mad as hell anyway about hippies, etc.
they beat the hell out of some white people, apparently..the one who had a gun happened to be black...

no YOU'RE WRONG. they were picking on him because he was with a white girl. Back in those days, that was one of the MAIN reasons to hurt a black man.

So because your black, dating a white girl, you know you're probably going to get picked on, so bring a loaded gun to a concert policed by Hell's Angels. smileys with beer

I'm not saying it's fair, because it's not, but if it's not safe going jogging at night in Central Park, then don't the fvck do it!

A little self-preservation can go a long way.

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