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Jukebox Jury
Posted by: beatbabe ()
Date: January 13, 2009 01:41

I have read several places about the Stones' "notorious" appearance on Jukebox Jury. Does anyone know if any of this footage still exists?

Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: Sohoe ()
Date: January 13, 2009 02:19

Don't know if anything still exists from the JBJ.

Keith wrote this piece in Melody Maker July 1964

I'd like to forget about Juke Box Jury says Keith Richard

All right, so Juke Box Jury wasn't a knockout. Now everybody's had a go at us, I'd like the chance to reply.
I think the whole programme's very limited for a start. We all sat consciously knowing there were five of us, and we had a few seconds each after each record.
We weren't great and that's a fact. But the records they played us! They were NOTHING! Don't misunderstand - they weren't bad records, but there didn't seem anything to say about them.

It wasn't that the singing or guitars were out of tune on any particular record, but they were all records with nothing much about them. We were lost. And I think it came across.
We were all lost except for Charlie and maybe Mick. I agree we didn't come over well, but it wouldn't be much different if we did it again, quite honestly.
It's the way the show's run that restricts you. Juke Box Jury doesn't suit the Stones.
I'll say one thing for our show on Juke Box, though. I'm sure that's what helped us reach number one. If nothing else, it kept our image up.
People thought the worst of us before they saw us. When they finally at Juke Box Jury, it was a confirmation that we were a bunch of idiots.
We don't care that much what people think. But I can tell you this: it's difficult to say anything sensible in a few seconds, especially with unspectacular records. But I could tell things were not going well on the show.

Having a number one hit's a good feeling, but we're not all mad about it.
I'd hate everybody to think that just because we've made the top spot this time, we'll have to do it every time we have a single out.
All the Stones agree that as long we get in the top ten, we'll be very happy.
As it happens I think 'It's All Over Now' is the best single we've done, and I'm glad to say the group improves every time it makes a new single. At least we think so.
I like the sound on this new one more than I did on anything before.

Glad Mick wrote a bit last week about the Paramounts. We all think they are good and deserves to make it.
Wayne Fontana has a good group, though. Give them the right material and they'll be there.

It's all very well people have a go at the rythm-and-blues thing and saying it's not authentic.
But there's a lot more good come out of that scene than many people allow.
For instance, the trad boom didn't do much good for the real thing, did it? People only got interested in British copies of the real thing.
Now in R&B, people are digging British groups - and if you look at the chart you get big names like Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, Bo Didlley and Tommy Tucker.
That's what's really pleased me about it all. If our stuff has got people interested in R&B by some of the great American stars,we'll have done some good.
I personally reckon that this can be built up. The next step for groups like ours could be do more gospel. Pop music tastes are changing, and I don't see why we can't get people interested in such people as Solomon Burke.
I don't think he's selling very big, but I'd like himn to, because he's great.
People who knock the R&B scene don't give it enough credit for interesting people in something they'd never heard of.
I'm fed up of people calling us non-authentic. Why can't we play what we like?
Who's laying down the rules?

Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: Sohoe ()
Date: January 13, 2009 02:38

...and a few comments on the Stones appearance on JBJ:

Eileen Quinn(Manchester 18):How the Rolling Stones had the nerve to appear on last week's 'Juke Box Jury', I'll never know! I've always looked on JBJ as being a sensible discussion of records by normal, intelligent people. Why the sudden change?

Pat Hodgson(London S.W.2): Why does Elvis Presley come in for so much criticism although he never hits back? He has every Beatles record, and has said he's looking forward to meeting the Rolling Stones. Yet both groups have criticised him unjustly on 'Juke Box Jury'. Elvis has nothing to fear from them, so he can afford to be polite - but why can't they?

Russell G. Forgham(Winsford, Chesire): The Rolling Stones on 'Juke Box Jury'? To misquote Sir Winston Churchill - never in the course of human history has so much drivel been spouted by so few in front of so many!

Barry Langford(JBJ producer): I feel that more than a little of the criticism which has been levelled against the Rolling Stones' JBJ appearance is unjust. It has been suggested that they slated everything, but before they went on I gave them instructions to be completely honest and frank.
They said for instance, that they acknowledged Elvis as the greatest ever - but that they didn't like his present choice of material. Valid comment, surely. And it's significant that all their votes, hits and misses, have subsequently been proved right.
One other point. The Stones' arrival at the studio was delayed two hours because they were besieged by fans. When they eventually reached the set they had to go on 'cold' without any warm-up

David Baldwin(Pontypool, Mon.): I disagree that the Stones on 'Juke Box Jury' were a disgrace, as the NME's 'Alley Cat' said. The Stones spoke their minds and waht they thought.
When the Beatles appeared on the same programme they voted everything a hit so as not to spoil their public image. The Stones know their following is much more stable and cannot be altered by a few true words. Well done, Stones!

Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: Deltics ()
Date: January 13, 2009 02:44

It's a miss!

"As we say in England, it can get a bit trainspottery"

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Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: Sleepy City ()
Date: January 13, 2009 10:20

Does anyone have a list of the records they reviewed on the show?


Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: still ill ()
Date: January 13, 2009 18:44

Sleepy City
Does anyone have a list of the records they reviewed on the show?

''Good Times Bad Times''by Terry Rawlings and Keith Badman lists the following..

Nashville Teens-Tobacco Road
Dusty Springfield-I Just Don't Know What To Do with Myself
Ray Charles-My Baby Dont Dig Me
Christine Holmes-Play Me A Song
The Searchers-Someday We're Gonna Love Again
The Everly Brothers-The Ferris Wheel
Freddie And The Dreamers-Just For You(via filmclip)
Elvis Presley-There's Gold In The Mountains(via filmclip)

Wymans ''Rolling With The Stones''confirms(or maybe just repeats)the last 4 in that list

No other reference i have lists any songs

It's just a shame Uk tv,especially the BBC, at the time(and for a while afterwards) had such little regard for the value of keeping film,and not constantly recording over it.I'm sure if the show had been broadcast on US tv the footage would still exist

Re: Jukebox Jury
Posted by: beatbabe ()
Date: January 14, 2009 00:31

Thanks for the info. folks. You guys sure know your stuff.

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